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Car insurance research paper

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Why companies are using 'blind auditions' to hire top talent. Judges on NBC's The Voice have their backs to the stage. The Voice/YouTube. Anyone who suspects they've been turned down for car insurance research, a job due to their race, sex, age, socio-economic background, or educational pedigree knows how unfair and frustrating it is to be discriminated against for against abuse, something that has nothing to do with your capabilities. But unfortunatel y, hiring managers - who typically get between 85 and 124 resumes for any given entry-level job opening - do it all the time. Car Insurance Research? Three entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to remedy the problem. They developed software that allows candidates to research paper blind audition for a job, meaning employers know nothing about the the job seeker's ethnicity, gender, age, or educational background when they review their application and decide whether to invite them in for car insurance paper, an interview.

Big companies like Dolby and essay Mozilla have already signed up. It all started when Petar Vujosevic, 35, Kedar Iyer, 35, and Ashray Baruah, 28, met by chance in 2012. They quickly learned they had one thing in common: all three had trouble making the car insurance paper, career moves they desired at some point in their lives because of implicit biases associated with resume screening, Vujosevic tells Business Insider. At the time, Vujosevic was working as a freelance advertising strategist in Holland, Iyer was a strategist at ad agency TBWA/RAAD in Dubai, and Baruah had just quit his job as a web developer in history essay paragraph Dubai. Upon meeting and discussing the fact they had all been victims of car insurance paper biased hiring, they decided almost immediately they wanted to do something about it - and that's how GapJumpers was born, Vujosevic explains. It came from our desire to analyzing make hiring more about actual skills than keywords on a resume, Vujosevic says. Ashray Baruah (left), Kedar Iyer (middle), and car insurance paper Petar Vujosevic (right). Courtesy of Petar Vujosevic. GapJumpers, which launched in June 2014, is a software platform that helps remove hiring bias through blind audit ions.

Our platform is a lot like the song lyrics essay, reality TV competition show, 'The Voice,' Vujosevic explains. The judges have their backs turned away from the talent, and they decide whether to proceed to the next round based on the contestant's vocal skills - not their looks, not their race, not their gender. The judges are not biased or influenced by anything other than the skills. Car Insurance Research Paper? A blind audition in the job search context means that applicants are first judged on their skills, not on where they studied, where they grew up, or whether they are male or female, he explains. GapJumpers asks each job seeker to anonymously solve skills-based challenges to essay prove they are qualified and car insurance paper capable of doing the job they're applying for. The software then strips each job applicant's resume and application of thesis animal abuse details like their name (which could reveal sex, race, and/or ethnicity), graduation year (which can give away age), college (which tells the employer what type of paper school you went to), and write options address (which could drive them to paper make assumptions about your socio-economic background). The tool helps job seekers who might otherwise be overlooked, perhaps because they went to community college, or because they're a woman seeking a job in a male-dominated industry, for instance. GapJumpers also assists companies in finding the very best, most diverse group of talent, which they might have missed out on due to unconscious bias, says Vujosevic. Essay? Blind auditions, of course, are not a replacement for face-to-face interviews. They are simply a first step in the process, and a better way to prepare applicants and employers for those in-person interviews, he adds. Research? They make the quality of skills the first impression and point of car insurance paper reference, instead of the resume.

Since launching last year, he says he has seen a significant increase in awareness around the role of unconscious bias in car insurance paper the workplace. For example, Google has started sharing its workforce demographics publicly. Google says, All of our efforts, including going public with these numbers, are designed to essay logos help us recruit and develop the world's most talented and diverse people. More executive leaders are acknowledging and research trying to address the problem than ever, says Vujosevic. And they should. The Washington Post's Joann Weiner reported that global companies with at least one woman on history structure, the board have higher average returns on equity, lower debt ratios, and car insurance research better average growth, according to a study of more than 2,000 global companies by the Credit Suisse Research Institute.

She also highlighted a Gallup survey of American retail and hospitality businesses, which found that gender-diverse retail and hospitality companies have better financial outcomes than those dominated by one gender. Weiner cited a Scientific American article by Katherine W. Online Resume? Phillips, professor and senior vice dean at car insurance paper, Columbia Business School, saying p eople work harder, are more creative, and are more diligent when they work with or around a diverse group of people. For these reasons, and others, GapJumpers already has seven clients on board - including Dolby Labs, Sendgrid, Chegg, and Mozilla - and is currently running live pilots with another six. It has an additional eight companies on the pilot waiting list that will be allowed on the platform in the coming months. Write? Companies pay an annual subscription fee, which ranges from paper, $5,000 to $40,000, for analyzing song essay, the use of the platform and for access to GapJumpers' candidate network. Research Paper? Some companies only thesis animal pay for research, use of the platform to host blind auditions; others pay for write options, both screening and sourcing. If a company makes a hire using GapJumpers, there's no additional success fee, which many recruiters charge. GapJumpers is free for job seekers.

Of course, blind auditions aren't beneficial to everyone. Some job seekers want hiring managers to see where they went to school, for example, which could help them land interviews and jobs. But in the big picture, GapJumpers aims to help solve one of the biggest problems with interviewing, and car insurance paper seems to be making progress. Vujosevic says the company recently analyzed data from history structure, 1,200 blind auditions and learned that 54% of those who participated were women, while 46% were men. About 58% of those selected to an interview after the blind audition round were women, and 68% of research paper those who ended up getting hired were women. They also found that there was a 15% increase in the number of paragraph structure community college graduates who got to the in-person audition round by research starting with a blind audition, compared to the number of community college graduates who land interviews by applying for essay paragraph structure, jobs the traditional way. The biggest hesitation of employers, and biggest barrier, is that many companies know that improving diversity numbers takes a lot of effort, time, and commitment.

And that is car insurance research true, says Vujosevic. So with GapJumpers, we try to give you a way to essay start improving diversity with a small, managable behavior change : instead of looking at resumes, give applicants a blind audition.

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Essay: The Unexpected Origins of Gandalf and the Dwarves. Note: The following essay was written by car insurance research paper, guest author Ewelina the car insurance research, Wonderer. The U nexpected Origins. – J. Research? R. R. Tolkien’s inspirations for Gandalf and the Dwarves – by Ewelina the Wonderer. Well, it began as you might expect – with long-forgotten languages J. R. R. Tolkien was so deeply fond of. Among the numerous sources of his linguistic inspirations, which attentive travelers are likely to encounter throughout the familiar Middle-Earth landscape, one language in particular had its share in analyzing lyrics essay, creating one of the most recognizable wizards in the history of contemporary literature – Gandalf the Grey. “Many are my names in many countries, he said. Mithrandir among the Elves, Tharkun to the Dwarves; Olorin I was in car insurance research, my youth in the West that is forgotten, in the South Incanus, in the North Gandalf; to the East I go not.” – Gandalf, “ The Lord of the Rings.

The Two Towers ” According to Middle-Earth’s linguistic legendarium, Gandalf translates as Elf-of-the-wand (or cane, or staff) – a name which was given to him by the Men of the North who, intimidated by his mysterious appearance, extraordinary skills and unnaturally long life, assumed he belonged to statement against abuse Elf-kind rather than the world of Men. A grave mistake indeed considering the fact that Gandalf was originally… a dwarf! Tolkien ’s inspirations focused mainly on early Germanic literature, poetry and research mythology, which were his chosen and much-loved areas of expertise. A collection of poems in one of these languages known as Old Norse , a North Germanic language spoken by inhabitants of Scandinavia and their overseas settlements during the pathos logos, Viking Age (VIIIth – XIIIth century), became an undeniable background not only for research the character of Gandalf the car insurance research paper, Grey but also for other familiar Middle-Earth heroes like Durin, Dwalin or Dain. Research? This collection of poems was known as “ The Poetic Edda “. One of the how to options, Old Norse poems, titled “ Voluspa ” (“ Prophecy of the Seeress “), presents the creation of the world and its coming end in the words of a volva , a shamanic seeress, addressing Odin – member of the ?sir (a pagan pantheon of car insurance research paper Norse gods) – who was a symbol of war, victory and death, but also of ethos wisdom, shamanism, magic, poetry, prophecy and the hunt. His most famous son, Thor , a hammer-wielding god known as the protector of mankind, master of thunder, lightning and storms, was also associated with oak trees – a likely inspiration of Thror, Thorin’s grandfather, and the famous oaken shield as well. Thor’s Oak was a sacred tree of the Germanic pagans, located somewhere in Hessia, in Germany. Like other sacred trees and groves it was believed to be linked to Yggdrasill , a gigantic ash tree which was the heart of Norse cosmology.

Its branches extended far into the heavens and its three enormous roots originated from the wells Ur?arbrunnr and paper Mimisbrunnr, and from the history structure, spring Hvergelmir. Wondrous c reatures lived within Yggdrasil, including a dragon – Ni?hoggr, which gnawed at its roots trapping it away from the paper, world; and four magnificent stags: Dainn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and Dura?ror, chomping at car insurance research paper, its branches. Dainn and Dvalinn also reappear in Norse mythology as dwarfish heroes, but here, in the context of the holy tree, it is believed that the car insurance research, four stags were either a symbol of seasons, moon phases or winds – with Dainn and Dvalinn being the calm ones and Duneyrr and Dura?ror – the heavy ones. Yggdrasil was also home to ethos logos an unnamed eagle, perched on car insurance paper, top of the ash tree, with Ve?rfolnir – a hawk sitting between his eyes; and Ratatoskr – a squirrel running up and down its trunk, passing news and gossip from the eagle to paper the dragon. Ratatoskr passing news from Ni?hoggr to the nameless eagle living within Yggdrasil. Artwork by Daniel Lieske. Thor’s Oak, like many other pagan holy trees, was destroyed during Christianization. According to paper the legend, it was cut down in the VII th century by an Anglo-Saxon missionary, Saint Boniface (Winfred), with a little help from some strong, mysterious wind. The timber from the tree was used to create a wooden oratory. Saint Boniface chopping down Thor’s Oak. Dwarves , or Dvergar as they were called in Old Norse, were one of ethos ?sir’s many creations – entities deriving from rocks and earth, acknowledged for their craft, metalwork, wisdom but also greed.

According to car insurance research “ Voluspa ”, dwarves originated from three primary tribes, led by Motsognir – their first ruler, secondly by Durinn and finally by Dvalinn – the discoverer of rune writing. And while the character of Dwalin plays a minor role in “ The Hobbit ”, Durin the Deathless remains one of the most important dwarven heroes in Tolkien’s mythology, being the eldest of the Seven Fathers of the online resume, Dwarves and the founder of the legendary kingdom of Khazad-dum. Even though the research paper, word Dvergar is car insurance research, etymologically related to research Dwarves , the early Norse concept of thesis animal abuse Dvergar was far different from the car insurance research, concept of dwarves in online resume bank, other cultures. According to some scholars the ancient Norse originally described the paper, Dvergar as human-sized, but the structure, spread of car insurance paper Christianity led to diminishing both their mythic and analyzing lyrics religious role as well as their stature. Their skin color was described as pale, like a corpse, and their hair color was black.

The Dvergar were often called black – a term relating to paper their hair, beard and eyes, granting them another name – Svartalfar – meaning Black Elves . In contrast, to statement against describ e black skin, Old Norse used another term – blue (blar) . One of the Dvergr bore the research, nickname of Blainn – The Blue One , who may have been an inspiration for write Balin, Thorin Oakenshield’s companion in “The Hobbit” and the Lord of Moria from “ The Lord of the Rings ”. [Another possible source for Balin’s name comes from the research paper, legends of online bank King Arthur, discussed in more detail later in the essay.] In addition, Dain and Nain, dwarven rulers closely related to research Thorin, derived their names from Dvergar famous for their pale skin and corpse-like appearances – Dainn ( The Dead One ) and Nainn ( The Corpse ). In comparison, the name Dvalinn had a much more lively meaning – translating as The Unconscious One . Many Norse texts imply that Dvalinn is the ancestor of car insurance research all Dvergar and his name stands for paper any or every Dvergr – calling female Dvergar “ the daughters of Dvalinn ” and research the sun – “ the game of Dvalinn ” (since it was deadly to any Dvergr who had to dodge it every dawn). Car Insurance? Norse mythology also mentions “ the drink of ethos logos Dvalinn ”, also known as “ The Mead of Poetry ”, a beverage which granted its drinker the skills of a scald or a scholar. Dvergar depicted in car insurance paper, a 19th century edition of “Voluspa” (1895) by Lorenz Frolich. Considering all of these facts it is more than apparent that “Dvergatal” (“Catalogue of Dwarves”) , an integral part of the “ Voluspa ” poem, became a perfect catalogue of song lyrics essay dwarfish names for car insurance paper Tolkien’s Durin-folk, granting them to heroes such as Fili, Kili, Bifur ( Old Norse: Bifurr ), Bofur (Bafurr), Bombur (Bomburr), Nori (Nori), Dori (Dori), Ori (Ori), Gloin (Gloinn), Fundin, Thror (?ror), Thrain (?rainn ) and essay paragraph structure of course Thorin ( ?orinn ) Oakenshield ( Eikinskjaldi ) . Tolkien came to regret his use of Old Norse names, referring to it as a “rabble of eddaic-named dwarves invented in car insurance, an idle hour” but decided to use Old Norse in “The Lord of the car insurance research paper, Rings” nonetheless, as an explanation for the origin of the language of car insurance Dale. “A rabble of eddaic-named dwarves invented in an idle hour” – J. R. R. Tolkien. Artwork by Dwalinroxxx. Numerous Dvergar names contain the syllable alf , from Alfar ( Elves ). Thesis Statement Animal? Thankfully, Norse texts do provide us with a distinction between these two races and research paper the presence of alf among dwarven names seems to serve as a form of statement animal abuse title – stating that its bearer was a source of good luck but also meaning a guardian or a deity. The best example for the aforesaid is a familiar Dvergar name – Gandalfr , the Old Norse forefather of Gandalf the Grey, Middle-Earth’s tireless guardian and Thorin Oakenshield’s source of good luck indeed. Gandalf’s Norse name, meaning Cane-elf , is identical to its translation in Middle-Earth. E ven if Gandalf wore a dwarfish name along with his grey, battered robes, his roots were far more godly and mysterious.

Tolkien himself described Gandalf as an Odinic Wanderer – for Odin often wandered through Midgard, the World of Men, as a mysterious old man, dressed in billowing robes of dark blue, with a long beard and a traveler’s staff. The “ Ynglinga Saga” records that he visited “ distant lands on his own errands or those of others ”. “For aid? It has seldom been heard of that Gandalf the Grey sought for aid, one so cunning and so wise, wandering about the lands, and concerning himself in every business, whether it belongs to car insurance research him or not.” – Saruman about Gandalf, “The Lord of the Rings. The Two Towers”. Odin, the Wisdom-Seeking Wanderer by Arthur Rackham (1911). The Wanderer was a relentless seeker and giver of wisdom, but he had little regard for online communal values such as justice, fairness, respect for law and convention. He favored strong-willed outlaws but also warrior poets, distinguished by car insurance paper, their intelligence, creativity and competence in how to write, the “war of all against all”. Most shamans, to whom Odin was a divine patron, had to undergo a ritual of death and rebirth in research paper, order to acquire their powers.

Odin underwent exactly such an ordeal, just as Gandalf the Grey died in a duel with the Balrog of Moria and was reborn as Gandalf the White , eclipsing the former head of his order, Saruman. Odin was accompanied by many symbolic animals. Thesis Statement Animal? S ometimes he would ride an eight-legged horse named Sleipnir , described as the best of all mounts – just as Shadowfax, Gandalf’s steed, lord of the Mearas, was the best mount of king Theoden’s stables. Odin riding Sleipnir. Concept art by Michael Kutsche. Odin was also aided by a pair of ravens, Huginn (“ Thought “) and car insurance Muninn (“ Memory “), which flew over the universe and brought him valuable information from the thesis animal, World of Men – a possible inspiration for Carc, Roac and their kin of ravens from the Ravenhill near Erebor, serving king Thror and, later on, his grandson. Odin/Wotan with Huginn and Muninn, by John Howe. This depiction of Odin – as the mysterious Wanderer – was one of the main themes of Richard Wagner’s “ Der Ring des Nibelungen” (“ The Ring of the Nibelung” ) – a cycle of four epic operas, loosely based on the Norse sagas, involving a magical ring, a shattered sword, a powerful dragon and some greedy dwarves.

And as much as Tolkien enjoyed the Wanderer’s concept of Gandalf’s origin, he despised comparing his work to that of Wagner’s. Gandalf, unlike Odin, is not the chief of car insurance research all gods or a shape-sifter, he’s not brutal and pathos logos cares not for treasures. The Wanderer in the Metropolitan Opera’s interpretation of research paper “The Ring” tetralogy. The Wanderer and Siegfried. It’s also worth mentioning that one of the dwarves from “ The Ring ” cycle, bearing the name Mime, from Old Norse Mimir or Mim (“ The Rememberer “), may have been an research paper inspiration for Mim , one of the car insurance, Petty-dwarves of the First Age whose fate was entangled with that of Turin Turambar’s from “ The Children of Hurin ”, just like Wagner’s Mime, equally untrustworthy and research paper bitter, finds himself dependent on Siegfried, a young and fearless human hero. Siegfried and Mime. Mim captured by Turin Turambar and his men. Paper? Artwork by Steamey. But Gandalf’s physical appearance was mainly related to a painting by car insurance paper, a German artist and poet, Josef Madlener, called “ Der Berggeist ” (“ The Mountain-spirit “), which Tolkien brought back as a postcard from his holidays in Switzerland. It shows an paper old man, with a white beard, wearing a wide-brimmed round hat and a long, red cloak, sitting on a rock under a pine tree.

He is talking to a white fawn that is nuzzling his hands and he has a humorous yet compassionate expression. How To Write? Tolkien preserved this postcard and wrote on the paper cover in car insurance, which he kept it: “ The origin of analyzing lyrics essay Gandalf ”. “Der Berggeist” by Josef Madlener (1881-1967). It is more than likely that “ Der Berggeist” was in fact a portrait of Rubezahl , a mountain spirit of the Krkonose Mountains , a mountain range located in the north of the Czech Republic (where he is known as Krakonos ) and the south-west of Poland (with Liczyrzepa or Waligora being his Polish names). He was a subject of many legends and fairy tales in German, Polish and Czech folklore, in which he was depicted as a capricious giant, gnome or spirit, the research, lord of the weather and master of the wild hunt, acting unexpectedly or playfully, sending lightning and online thunder, fog, rain and snow from the research paper, mountain below, even while the sun was shining. Like Gandalf, he was often described as an old man with a staff, sometimes wearing a huntsman‘s outfit. According to research paper Polish folklore he was killed many times and his symbolic grave can be visited in car insurance research, the village of Szklarska Poreba. Rubezahl’s statue in Krkonose Mountains. The list of inspirations for Gandalf seems an endless one.

Some scholars claim that Gandalf derived from Vainamoinen , a wise old man and a central hero of a Finnish epic poem “ Kalevala ”; who – like Gandalf – had immortal origins and departed on a ship to the lands beyond the mortal world. Gandolf , an evil overlord, and Silverfax , a fast, white horse, were also one of the paragraph structure, characters of a XIXth century fantasy novel, “ The Well at car insurance research, the World’s End ” written by William Morris, well known to both Tolkien and his very good friend, C. S. Lewis. And of course there’s another wizard, whose fame still eclipses that of Gandalf’s – Merlin , the powerful magician from the Arthurian legends. Merlin’s origins, unlike Gandalf’s, were far from being angelic since he was said to be a cambion – an offspring of a mortal woman and a demon father from write options, whom he inherited his magical powers like shape-shifting and unnaturally long life. Car Insurance? Among numerous descriptions of analyzing song lyrics essay this character one of them seems very familiar – that of an old man with a long beard, short and hunchbacked, in a torn woolen coat, carrying a club. And yet this shabby sage, unlikely as it seems, was the chief advisor of king Arthur, just like Gandalf offered his council to Thorin, Aragorn, Theoden and other important rulers of Middle-Earth. “ Gandalf was shorter in stature than the other two; but his long white hair, his sweeping silver beard, and his broad shoulders, made him look like some wise king of paper ancient legend. How To Options? In his aged face under great snowy brows his eyes were set like coals that could suddenly burst into fire. ” – “The Fellowship of the car insurance paper, Ring” “Merlin” by Alan Lee.

Tolkien must have enjoyed the legends about king Arthur and his knights of the bank, Round Table. Research Paper? In 1925 he published a scholarly edition of XIVth century romance “ Sir Gawain and the Green Knight ” and – though only published this year – he had begun a poem titled “The Fall of Arthur” in logos, the 1930’s, but probably abandoned it around the same time he was writing “ The Hobbit “. King Arthur, like Thorin, relied mainly on twelve of his best and most loyal knights: Lancelot, Gawain, Geraint, Gareth, Gaheris, Bedivere, Galahad, Key, Bors de Ganis, Lamorak, Tristan and Percivale, although some texts also include Agravaine, Sagramore and car insurance research other less known warriors. Gawain, Gaheris, Gareth and online resume bank Agravaine were Arthur’s nephews, just like Fili and Kili were the sons of car insurance paper Dis, Thorin’s sister. Sadly, Tolkien’s descriptions of the individual members of Thorin’s Company were short, robbed of memorable details, so establishing further connections between the knights of the research, Round Table and any particular dwarves from “ The Hobbit ” would seem a far-fetched supposition. Research? Yet some similarities between both stories – Arthur’s and Thorin’s – remain open for discussion. Arthur was the first born son of Uther Pendragon and the heir to the throne of essay pathos ethos Britain, just as Thorin was the first born son of Thrain II, inheriting his rights to the throne of Erebor. Arthur claimed the crown by pulling out the Sword in the Stone in which it was buried by car insurance, Merlin; a deed which could only how to write, be performed by the rightful king of paper England. Merlin led young Arthur to the sword himself, just as Gandalf supervised Thorin’s quest for Erebor in its early stage. Merlin advising Arthur – as portrayed in “Idylls of the King” by Gustave Dore (XIXth century).

And while Arthur never fought a dragon in research, his time, he did dream of one: “And as the research paper, king lay in his cabin in the ship, he fell in a slumbering and dreamed a marvellous dream: him seemed that a dreadful dragon did drown much of his people, and he came flying out of the west, and his head was enamelled with azure, and his shoulders shone as gold, his belly like mails of a marvelous hue, his tail full of analyzing song essay tatters, his feet full of fine sable, and his claws like fine gold; and an hideous flame of car insurance research fire flew out of his mouth, like as the land and water had flamed all of fire.” – “ Le Morte d’Arthur” by online resume bank, sir Thomas Malory (XVth century) In the car insurance, end, Arthur was betrayed by resume, one of his most faithful knights, Lancelot, who robbed him of the treasure dearest to the king’s noble heart – his wife, Guinevere . Car Insurance Research Paper? Lancelot, like Bilbo after he stole the Arkenstone, was exiled from king Arthur’s court, but returned to save the queen from her execution at the stake. And as Arthur pursued him in order to have his revenge, Mordred, his illegitimate son, took this occasion to take over essay pathos ethos, the rule of his kingdom. Arthur and Thorin are therefore forced to face their final battles shortly after the betrayal of their valued follower, defending their rights to car insurance paper their own realms, surrounded by car insurance paper, enemies who were cunning enough to strike when the kings were most vulnerable. Mordred and Arthur me t on research, the battlefield of Camlann, Mordred was killed, and thesis against animal abuse Arthur mortally wounded.

According to Malory’s “ Le Morte d’Arthur ” Guinevere is research, later on buried in the same tomb as Arthur, just as Thorin was buried with the Arkenstone after the Battle of Five Armies. Essay Paragraph? Arthur’s nephew, Gawain, is one of the many casualties of the battle of Camlann, just as Thorin’s nephews, Fili and Kili, die by their uncle’s side in research, the shadow of the Lonely Mountain. And if Gandalf was Middle-Earth’s Merlin, and car insurance research paper Thorin Oakenshield – its king Arthur , then we must mention one more figure – sir Balin le Savage , also known as the Knight with the Two Swords , who – according to Merlin’s council – would become Arthur’s best and bravest knight. Paper? He’s described as “a good man of his hands and of his deeds, and paragraph without villainy or treachery and without treason”, like his Tolkien alter ego, yet he meets a much more tragic end than Balin from “ The Lord of the Rings ”, since he is mortally wounded by his brother in a dramatic duel, which results in paper, their deaths. There is also one more extraordinary theory about Gandalf’s origin – the secret of king Bladorthin . “From that the talk turned to the great hoard itself and to the things that Thorin and Balin remembered.

They wondered if they were still lying there unharmed in the hall below; the spears that were made for the armies of the great King Bladorthin (long since dead), each had a thrice-forged head and their shafts were inlaid with cunning gold, but they were never delivered or paid for; shields made for warriors long dead; the great golden cup of Thror, two-handed, hammered and how to options carven with birds and flowers whose eyes and petals were of jewels.” – “The Hobbit” by car insurance research, J. R. R. Tolkien. In the early draft of ethos logos “ The Hobbit ”, the wizard, who would later become the legendary Gandalf, bore the name of the aforesaid Bladorthin, whereas the name of Gandalf was originally given to the dwarven King Under The Mountain, the final hero known as Thorin Oakenshield. According to most translations, Bladorthin was most probably a Sindarin name meaning “ The Grey Country ”, a translation not so different from Gandalf’s elvish name, Mithrandir – “ The Grey Pilgrim ”. Tolkien seemed to like this name from a linguistic perspective, but somehow found Gandalf as a name more fitting for the character of the wandering wizard. The “Chief Dwarf” became known as Thorin , a name meaning “Bold One” , or “Darer” , and paper ultimately a more fitting designation for the King Under the Mountain than “Staff Elf” had been, while the wizard was able to essay utilize the car insurance, appellation to abuse better effect. And so the name Bladorthin was relegated to a great, long since dead king, a ruler of a realm or a city situated most likely near Erebor, with which he traded – Esgaroth, Dale, Rhun or Dorwinion perhaps, making him a human monarch rather than an elvish one. So which of these theories is true – a mountain spirit, an ancient hero, an angelic wanderer or a demon sorcerer? Perhaps we shall never know. But we must remember that Gandalf, like no other Middle-Earth character, is car insurance research paper, entitled to some secrecy and, elf or dwarf, a king or a wandering pilgrim, with or without a staff, kind or fearsome, shall always remain the Disturber of Peace, for “tales and adventures sprouted up and down all over the place wherever he went, in the most extraordinary fashion…”

Gandalf the Grey, by John Howe. For more on Tolkien’s inspirations: [1] J. R. R. Lyrics? Tolkien, Douglas A. Anderson, “The Annotated Hobbit: The Hobbit, or There and Back Again”. [2] Humphrey Carpenter, Christopher Tolkien, “The Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien”. [3] Marjorie Burns “Perilous Realms: Celtic and Norse in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth”. I must just add that I think no author consciously bases their characters on research paper, one or two sources… it is Archetype. The Archetypes are there, in our collective unconscious, constantly recycled by new stories, new characters, while their essential symbolic nature remains the how to write options, same. Still, in Tolkien’s case I have no doubt he was very conscious of what he was doing. He knew his Edda and the Kalevala, the Mabinogion and car insurance Le MOrt d’Arthur cover to cover and in the original languages and he drew upon these sources from the resume, very beginning when Earendil the Seafarer sprang from the twilight of his genius unfolding loosely based upon John the Baptist ;-). The above essay is a very thorough collection of paper literature Tolkien used to fuel his inspiration, very interesting to read and the pictures are beautifully chosen. True. Song? The best example from this essay is king Arthur being betrayed by Lancelot for his queen with Thorin betrayed by Bilbo for the Arkenstone.

The motive of the betrayal of the most faithful friend or follower for one’s greatest treasure is so common in research, literature I wouldn’t state a firm opinion that the idea of Thorin/Bilbo/Arkenstone originated from the Arthurian legends. But it’s nice to think it may have had #128521; I just wonder what feminists would make of how to write paralleling Guenevere and car insurance paper the Arkenstone #128521; Even if authors mainly use Archetypes as basis, in pathos, Gandalf’s case I feel that Tolkien really based his character heavily on the stories of Merlin, Odin and research the Dvergar as noted in the essay. Awesome work here I enjoyed the read. Excellent! I love the way you’ve put together all these details. Thank you, Saralee #128578;

I knew the origin of the dwarven names out of the Voluspa and some of the other sources Tolkien used to essay paragraph create Gandalf and Durins folk…about a connection Thorins to Arthur I was thinking sometimes but did never realize how much similarities they have indeed…Thanks for the excellent essay, Ewelina, much to car insurance research paper think about further.. Not that many common elements, but it’s a nice thought #128578; In the statement against abuse, end Thorin turned out to be a much more likeable hero than Arthur – since he forgave Bilbo. Arthur’s last words were not about car insurance research forgiveness. Thanks for reading #128578; Not to be nitpicking but the dwarves werent the creation of the Aesir, they sprung from the jotun side of the family tree.

For the Norse mythology, the race of dwarves was born with worms of the history structure, flesh of the paper, giant Ymir, who was killed by the first three deities exist (Odin, H?nir and history essay paragraph Lodurr). These same gods were also the research paper, first among the Aesir. The Dvergar were created from the song essay, dead body of giant Ymir, killed by car insurance research paper, Odin, that’s true. Statement Against Abuse? But they were probably created by the gods – “The Voluspa tells an origin of dvergar, which are created by the gods in car insurance, the shape of humans. Alternatively, it might be read dvergar created the shape of humans. Thesis Animal Abuse? The text is car insurance paper, unclear (…)” – “Then all the Powers went to the thrones of fate, the sacrosanct gods, and considered this: who should form the lord of the dwarfs. out of Brimir’s blood and from Blain’s limbs?” Thank you for a very comprehensive overview, of so many contributing inspirations. Even being familiar with the Norse mythology, it’s enlightening to online read another’s interpretation. Car Insurance? I’ve not seen some of your accompanying art renderings, which was a pleasure also.

Yes, the images are very inspiring so you can just imagine Tolkien admiring them and his thoughts unraveling… A great essay! The history of Thor’s oak is thesis statement abuse, fascinating, and something I never knew. Paper? You did a great job interweaving everything, especially the connections between Arthur and Thorin. Christopher Tolkien will be releasing additional translations that Professor Tolkien did. Hopefully he has ‘The Fall of statement Arthur’ on the slate to be published someday, Thanks for a lot of great research. I also love that Gandalf stemmed from Dwarvish roots. I think they published ‘The Fall of Arthur’ this year… Thank you very much for you kind words.

It was a real joy to write this article. Car Insurance Research? I’ve found out many new things myself #128578; And perhaps “The Fall of Arthur” will bring us new topics for discussion about the Middle-Earth and Arthurian legends similarities. Article very interesting and well done! I’m an Italian girl heathen and Tolkien fan, I know I can only appreciate this work of yours. Happy also to have discovered this blog! Wonderful essay!

It never came to car insurance my mind that Gandalf could have something to do with Krakonos! Totally blew my mind! Thank you so much for this explanation and thoughts. Have something to ponder about #128521; You can imagine my reaction when I’ve found out! I’ve visited Karkonosze Mountains only last year – I’d have paid far much more attention to the statues of Krakonos then! #128578;

I knew about Rubezahl (Krakonos) from my childhood. My grandparents were from Silesia and told me about car insurance paper him being the guarding spirit of the country. I must admit Gandalf watching over the Shire – especially in the first movie – the resemblance hits home with me. It’s interesting to online resume bank see how Tolkien just took the things straight of of the car insurance paper, Norse myths in the beginning, and then refined his literary creation process so much… In his early writing, the borrowed elements were raw. It’s nice to have this document about the Dwarves and their mythological origins. At university, both of animal abuse my thesis were on Norse topics. One particular chapter was about Tolkien’s… Elves.

Now I wish I had focused on car insurance research paper, the Dwarves, because they are so dear to thesis against animal me #128578; But, from the academic point of view, it is very interesting to car insurance research see where exactly the history, writer took his Elves from and car insurance research which traits exactly he chose to develop… In a way, now, I have the feeling that Peter Jackson and his team went to that level – continued Tolkien’s work and refined the race of the car insurance research, Dwarves.

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an essay basketball All online transactions are done using all major Credit Cards or Electronic Check through either PayPal™ or Moneybookers™. These are safe, secure, and efficient ways to make payment online. Basketball is among the world’s popular sports (Ramen 3). Basketball refers to a sport played by two teams whose main goal is to shoot the ball through the rim placed horizontally while following to a set of rules. The teams comprise of five players and it is played on a marked rectangular court having two baskets on all width ends. Research Paper? The regulation basketball hoop comprises of a rim or basket attached to a backboard (Wissel 20). The rim measures 18 inches in diameter and how to write options is 10 feet above the ground. The teams score a goal by aiming the ball through the net in a regular play.

A scored goal earns two points to research paper the shooting team if the shooting player is close to the rim or is touching basket. A goal can also earn 3 points if the shooting player aims the ball through the basket while behind the three-pointer line (Ramen 30). For a team to win a basketball game, it needs to have many points than their opponents at thesis animal abuse the end of the car insurance research paper game. A tie, especially when the two teams end in a draw, is broken by adding extra time (Wissel 6). The ball advances in the court either by bouncing while running or walking, or by passing from one player to another. The term dribbling refers to the advancing of the statement abuse ball while running or walking. However, it is against the rules not to research dribble the ball while moving, to double dribble, or to carry it (Wissel 45). Double dribbling refers to holding the ball with both hands then continuing dribbling. How To? In basketball, many violations are “fouls.” An example of fouls includes disruptive physical contact or personal foul penalized to an offensive by research awarding the opponent player a free throw to if he is fouled during the paragraph structure shooting process (Ramen 56). Certain violations of the rules such as unsportsmanlike conduct are punishable by issuing a technical foul assessed against bench personnel, team or players. Technical fouls earn the opponents a free throw.

During a regular game, the ball must be within the court. If a team sends the research paper ball out, it loses possession to their opponent. The ball is ethos logos out of the court if it dashes over car insurance paper the borderline or is in contact with a player outside the court (Ramen 67). This is different from other sports such as volleyball, tennis or football where the ball remains, or player remains inside provided any part is in touch with borderline. Players with the history essay ball should not step with both their feet without dribbling, as this will be a violation referred to car insurance as travelling (Ramen 40). The player’s hand cannot be directly below the ball while dribbling, as this will be an infraction called carrying the ball. Another rule of basketball is essay pathos logos that the ball cannot be struck by car insurance paper the fist or be kicked (Ramen 31). History Structure? If a team gains control of their opponent’s side or front half court, it should not return the research paper ball to research their side or backcourt and be the first to possess it. Violating these rules leads to a change of the shot clock if the committed by the defense or loss of ball possession (Ramen 67). A basketball team comprises of five players as mentioned above.

The five players include point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center (Ramen 56). The rules do not limit players to car insurance paper certain locations. However, evolution of basketball from the 1980s made players assume certain locations and roles. The point guard should be the fastest team member, and is responsible for organizing the attacks of the team. He does this by making sure that the right player has the ball at the right time (Wissel 87). Car Insurance Research? The shooting guard creates mainly long-range shorts and watches the opponent’s last player on paper the defense.

The small forward member of the team is majorly responsible for scoring points through dribble penetration and cuts to the basket. He also rebounds and plays actively. Power forward plays invasively having their back to history essay structure the basket and when on defense he plays under the basket or against car insurance the opponent’s power forward (Ramen 54). The center often uses his size and height to score and statement against animal safeguard the basket when on research paper defense. However, there is no rule that limits the players to these descriptions. There are four quarters in regular basketball game, and each takes 10 or 12 minutes (Ramen 67). In college basketball games, the game uses two-twenty minute halves. Statement Against Abuse? Extra time should take 5 minutes in all games except in high school, where it takes four minutes. Teams need to change sides after the first half of the game. A typical basketball game might take approximately 2 hours excluding the time when the game is research inactive. At any given time, the court should have ten players, 5 from both sides.

Despite substitutions being unrestricted, it can only online resume be performed when the game is stopped (Wissel 51). Additionally, teams must have a uniform comprising of a jersey and a pair of shorts. For identification purposes, the jersey should have a unique number in the team printed at car insurance the front and back. In some instances, the jerseys have the names of players, sponsors and team printed on them. In conclusion, regulation basketball hoop comprises of a rim or basket attached to a backboard. Thesis Statement? Violating the rules of the game results in a change of the shot clock if the committed by car insurance paper the defense or loss of thesis statement against abuse, ball possession. Basketball teams comprise of five players, which includes the point guard, shooting guard, power forward, small forward and car insurance research paper center.

A typical basketball game might take approximately 2 hours excluding the time when the game is inactive. Ramen, Fred. Basketball: Rules , tips, strategy, and safety. New York : The Rosen Publishing Group, 2007.Print. Wissel, Hal.

Basketball: steps to success . Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2004.Print.

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essay times A more apt assertion than “college as America used to understand it is coming to an end” is that America as America used to paper understand it has already ended. Higher education, both the idea and tangible manifestation, is not the same as it was forty years ago. But neither is the United States, or the world, for that matter. Expecting the current collegiate crowd to pathos logos undergo an undergraduate experience like that of their parents is to put campus life in a formaldehyde-sealed, shrink-wrapped bubble, immune to the cultural, socio-political, economical, and technological changes of the past four decades. College used to be not only a privilege but also something to look forward to as Rick Perlstein points out in “What’s the Matter with College.” Today’s students, the baby-boomers’ babies, are jaded by the time they enter college, now an expectation. According to figures on the National Center for Education Statistics’ website, the 18 24 year old population rose 15% between 1995 and 2005, prompting a 33% increase of the number of full-time students. NCES predicts that this number will increase an additional 13% by the year 2015. Because today’s American college education is mostly the car insurance paper norm, graduate school enrollment has also skyrocketed, rendering the lyrics undergraduate degree itself unimportant if one wishes to become a significant and successful component in the consumer culture in research which this generation is saturated. Growing up in the fast-paced New York City prep school circuit, I was educated among peers who knew what Ivy League school they wanted to resume bank attend by car insurance paper, the age of twelve. Competition was fierce and is becoming even fiercer.

It’s hard to determine the source of the car insurance paper ever-prevalent competitive nature: is it the fourteen-year-olds negotiating for an extra two points on car insurance research paper an exam like their lawyer-parents or the parents who make their kid practice the trumpet or glockenspiel for two hours a day starting at the age of bank five, hoping to guarantee acceptance at research Ivy League University X, regardless of SAT scores and GPA, when the time comes? College has changed because high school has changed. You can blame the essay Internet or televised violence or whatever but it’s unreasonable to expect that the paper college experience of previous generations can prevail in analyzing song a country that’s no longer as hopeful or innocent. We don’t have a common cause. Paper! We’re not fighting, united, against a draft for essay a war we don’t believe in. Paper! There may be some (or a lot) who don’t believe in the war, but we’re not united.

That’s not to say that we don’t care; we do. It’s just that as a generation, we care about write options, a cornucopia of causes. One student wants to save Darfur, another is a gay-rights activist fighting for gender-neutral housing, and another is trying to protect migrant workers by kicking Coca-Cola off campus. We do have movements and there are people trying to do what’s right but there’s no primary, umbrella cause that has gripped every student across the country. Today, colleges make headlines because of shootings, not protests. This is research, a collegiate generation that watched Columbine and online bank September 11th on their 70? high-definition, plasma televisions. Car Insurance Research Paper! We’ve grown up with the world, both good and bad, at online bank our fingertips from our wireless laptops. We are the car insurance paper product of the consumer culture America has become.

Student life is no longer an thesis animal abuse, American centrality because rather than steering culture, we feed it. We absolutely adore our iPods and cell phones and retro converse sneakers and designer jeans. We are a generation rooted in irony and cynicism, raised by technology that has trained us to dismiss the once present value inherent in the idea of college: that it’s a place to transform, to learn, and to grow into our adult selves who will, someday soon, be calling the shots. We come, see, and conquer, and often don’t consider how it affects others. Paper! We’re emotionally stunted because we spent our formative teen years replacing a large percentage of our peer interactions with instant messaging, isolating ourselves and arriving at college with a heightened sense of individuality, perhaps, but not much sense of community. Against Animal Abuse! Technology is the only thing we have in car insurance common we’re fragmented across all other arenas: religion, culture, politics, economics.

We’ve misinterpreted Mr. Rogers’ message and thesis statement animal have taken the concept of “special” to new, unimagined levels. We’re hardcore individualists and it’s near impossible to car insurance paper find cohesion in a population of people who think that they’re different from everybody else. The application process itself encourages the notion through its predominant, overarching question: “What makes you so special?” We arrive at college already incredibly individualized and aware of bank who we are (or who we think we are, at least), prompting us to try harder to preserve our individuality, the feeling that we are each a special, unique snowflake different from car insurance research paper, all others, than to online resume become a part of something bigger and more powerful. Most of us prefer to be separate from our peers rather than unified. College campuses and research the students they house have lost their place as this nation’s focal point because, as disparaging as it may be, college is now a waiting room for the real world. It’s not that everyone’s miserable and structure spends four years isolated from their peers but that they know that this is not the end of the line.

That there’s a lot more waiting for them and expected because the world is different. We’ve seen the world change before our eyes and are far too cynical to believe it’s going to stop. And because we’re so individualistic, it’s hard to effect positive change. We may each think that we’re special in our own way, but not very many of us think we can change the world all by ourselves. So we recede to our respective corners of the ring, fight our own battles, inner and paper outer, and continue to online bank devote our energies to our continuing self-discovery, perhaps over-emphasized and over-developed. We spend our undergraduate years waiting to take control of an ever-changing world as a generation mostly fragmented. And while forbearing college generations may have stood united, the truth is that we are very much divided, prompting college as American used to understand it, to fall. “What’s The Matter With College”: A Rejoinder. College is known to be a citadel of learning.

It could as well serve other purposes to different people depending on one’s perspective. Therefore a person could either ‘pass’ through college or have College ‘pass’ through him or her. Although a lot has been written in the past about students and college life both past and present, but none of those articles ‘wear a crown’ of criticisms as to be compared with what Mr. Rick Perlistein wrote in ‘what’s the matter with college.’ I agree that every author has its own style of writing and it is evident in each piece of his work. The same way college life experiences in the 70’s and now have been portrayed in car insurance research writing in so many different ways by so many different authors, across the pages of so many different print media’s. However a reader may find differences and similarities in the opinions of these authors about college life experiences then and now including the one written by Perlistein which is how to, an in dept analysis of car insurance how college life in America is coming to an end due to essay logos its being less critical to car insurance the nation than it use to be a generation ago. Peristein in the article summed up college life experiences as it affects students in the late 60’s and 70’s and how those experiences has made them better students and an enviable generation. Resume! This is against research paper, the back drop of today’s generational colleges and what it offers. Pathos Ethos Logos! Although the article did not address major issues-like standards of research education and learning achievements as it concerns colleges in the 60’s and today’s colleges, rather it dwelt on the social transformation offered to students through college life experiences as they transit through it. However, one could argue from the how to write standpoint of car insurance Mr.

Perlistein as he viewed college life then which actually shaped his belief about today’s colleges loosing its central place in the broader society as being real and true. The picture painted by Perlistein about history essay, students and colleges in the 70’s is in car insurance no doubt incomparable to today’s college and lyrics essay students. I quite agree that in the 70’s, according to Perlistein that student’s and the structures in research it; make up colleges which tend to be the heart and soul of politics. Bank! In as much as every adult should have a say on how he or she is governed, by participating in politics, I never knew that college students of the 70’s shouldered such huge political responsibility to the point that they became the bedrock of modern politics.-that is good to know. This actually explains the research intensity that comes with student’s body elections in colleges then in the 70’s. Car Insurance Research Paper! Research shows that a whole semester could be dedicated to such game of politics and little or no attention paid to studying during such election period. Now I understand the involvement of the 70’s graduate in today’s politics more than any other generation.

My discussion with Matt, a close friend, a product of the 70’s college and the head of a small group here in south bay-Los Angeles working as one of the small political front canvassing support for Barrack Obama- who is seeking for Democratic Presidential nomination come 2008 actually confirmed my fears. He relived his college days experience for me in a short story and crowned it up with ‘that is why I am a politician. Consequently, the car insurance anti war movements in colleges then in the 70’s thrived beyond expectation. The tendency to online bank affect societal change socially bore heavily on car insurance research paper the shoulders of analyzing essay these people who called themselves students. They sacrificed so much in other to alleviate the social change that society needs as against their own self goal attainment.

Therefore, is it not interesting to note that a generation of students-70’s college students is known to paper be trendsetters especially and only culturally? What an achievement! Most of us benefited from this infamous ideology. More so, Perlistein mentioned about the structural makeovers colleges got then in the 70’s. He attributed this to the economic boom then, but one thing he mentioned which is quite interesting is the idea that ‘between 1957 and 1967, the number of college students doubled.’ Meanwhile is this an indication that 70’s colleges turned out more graduate professionals as compared with today’s colleges? While there are reasons to lyrics be concerned and also applaud the car insurance research achievements of the 70’s college students with regards to their role in the society then, today’s college and students by many measures are actually faring as well or better than the car insurance research paper 70’s students. Car Insurance Research! Therefore it is how to write options, pertinent to say that college as America used to understand it is not coming to an end, rather it is blossoming beyond Perlistein comprehension. No wonder Perlistein’s views about today’s college students are ‘mauled’ with skepticism and frustration-with due respect sir. Come to think of paper it, if getting into write options, college becomes one’s innate desire as a way of succeeding in life, which I know truly confront many of today’s college student. Then it is debasing to say the least that college students with such big viable dreams could be branded dissidents and labeled noisy as the case with the car insurance research 70’s college students.

Yet it seems to be alright as agreed by Perlistein. What then do people call a person who is excited and going to the ‘circus’ to have fun? Nevertheless, college life experiences then in the 70’s is online resume, still the same with college life today except with few distinctions which has to do with generational time gap, modernization, and technological advancement, new breed students with better focus as well as job market place competition. These distinctions are generational exceptions with regards to time which separate the world of the 70’s from today’s world. Car Insurance Paper! College students in the 70’s, acts out movie scripts written by societal norms, produced by online resume, the students themselves and directed by the schools they attend. Research Paper! The movie set becomes their dorm lounge. Yet their reward does not speak volumes in terms of success like that of real actors and history paragraph structure actresses rather it comes, based on car insurance research paper hard work and one’s ability to essay pathos ethos logos scale through the hurdles of graduation if at all it is car insurance research, possible. Therefore if we say that college in the 70’s is better in cultural setup, we mean that school is ‘fun.’ yes school is fun both then and thesis animal abuse now, although then in the 70’s, it is a creed recited by every student.

Having fun had an upper hand in the life of the car insurance 70’s student and that is what defined college education in the 70’s. Perlisten wrote ‘school was fun.’ There is research paper, nothing wrong in having fun in school. Car Insurance Research! I am a big advocate of the popular saying ‘all work and no play make jack a dull boy.’ But should fun define citadel of write learning? Even so, when fun in colleges cease to be in full swing just as it is car insurance, today, should it be seen that college as it used to online resume be is research, coming to an end? No of course! It is just a generational gap problem. Again, does modernization have a hand in this issue? Maybe yes, what of online bank technological advancement? Oh good idea, for how else do one explain the role and research paper importance of write modern educational gadgets like computers and car insurance paper internets in today’s college student life.

The evolvement of technology from the car insurance paper 70’s to what it is today, speaks volume about the difference in 70’s college students and car insurance today’s college students. If at all technology mean anything in this issue, it is absolutely an ‘abracadabra’ to the students of the 70’s. They really missed out on this, no wonder instead of them surfing the internet and doing educational research work, they are busy partying and inviting artiste to the campus to perform. These generation of fun loving students accounted for the decline in the number of graduate professionals that would have filled the job vacuum in an ever growing economy. Although 70’s experienced an increase in the number of registered students, but survey showed that fewer students graduated. what happened to the rest? Surprisingly, those that graduated did so in areas not so competitive and which is considered less professional, for history structure example majoring in car insurance paper linguistics as oppose to medicine. The so called graduates of the 70’s college education were no less important to the nation and the economy. The ignorant attitude of the American college students in the 70’s, contributed immensely to the shortage of how to write professionals in areas like Medicine, Engineering and Information Technology etc. This resulted in American ever increasing need of professionals in those fields mentioned earlier. Eventually, the economy resorted to the ‘importation’ of these professionals from car insurance research paper, other countries in other to fill the vacuum. Out sourcing of jobs which started in options the 80’s, although it has stopped is research paper, a direct consequence of the inability of the car insurance paper 70’s college students to meet up with the ‘professional manpower’ of Americas growing economy.

If all is well with the college of the 70’s with all these lapses and it did not come to an end then, therefore, somebody should tell Perlistein that college is not coming to car insurance paper an end now instead it is history essay paragraph, getting better. Interestingly, today’s college is a new experience inspired by research, the desire to learn and perfected by how to write, the numerous competitions out there in paper the job market. How else would one explain to Perlistein that the world today especially when it comes to thesis statement animal college and research learning is no more about car insurance, fun? It is now a world driven by the desire to be self reliant and having money to car insurance meet one’s need. This can only be achieved with a good college education in a recognized field that allows one to online resume bank compete in the world of money making by getting a good job. Having fun in college instead of trying to achieve these feats, which 70’s college students did, amounts to one writing an ‘obituary’ in his future. Today’s college students avoid politics as much as they can, but do more of studying.

They have relinquished the title of car insurance paper ‘social reformers’ and options have back slide in terms of research paper championing cultural trendsetting. Instead they have challenged themselves to setting educational goals and reaching self actualization. As an advocate of the popular saying, ‘children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.’ I have stopped imaging and started believing in Perlstein word puzzles that college in the 70’s use to have social ‘boundless verve’ a panacea for how to failure because having fun or socializing in car insurance research paper college is not a recipe for goal accomplishment. Therefore I will be stuck with the reality that if not for today’s college students and what they have to offer, our future looks bleak and unassuming. Finally Ronald Reagan and brown in politicizing education then in the 70’s, insist that they value college either as a moral training camp or as a mere structure respectively; however that is where their agreement ends. What followed next becomes a testimony of how politics as a cankerworm ate deep into our college education system in the 70’s by coarsening unsuspecting student who ought to be pursuing their dream and finalizing arrangements on online resume how to solidify their tomorrow into research paper, a nasty game of politics. What did the students get in return, nothing but their final grades at the end of the whole saga? This is the one reason why many students in the 70 ‘passed through school’ but did not allow school ‘to pass’ through them? According to Perlisten ‘good colleges were social- mobility prerequisite then’ so what? The question remains what did the students achieved.

Nothing but fun! What Perlisten stated, did not justify the paragraph learning standard of colleges then. Remorsefully in car insurance research paper contrast, the same Perlisten wrote ‘it does not mean that all of them graduated.’ Why not? What happened! So it is not a priority to pathos logos graduate from college then. I guess it is a priority in car insurance today’s college system. Lyrics! I now know why today’s colleges are better and is not coming to an end as against the notion that ‘college as America used to understand it is coming to research an end.’ Who is essay logos, going to be the judge?

You I guess. For dedicated parents living in America, there is car insurance, no goal they truly want more for their children then for them to have a lifetime of success and to history essay paragraph be happy. Most children have to grow up constantly listening to their parent(s) lecture about maintaining good grades and going to car insurance research college. Paper! To children, this was just their parent’s harassing them. But to car insurance paper parents, it’s them instilling the voice that constantly echoes in the back of research paper their heads. For the most part, children plan to go to college right after high school. Some vow to become doctors. Others may decide that teaching will be their passion. Car Insurance! Their ambitions are endless. But somewhere between puberty and college, their minds change. With the influences among our children and with the essay ethos growing population of technical schools, children veer off the road to college.

Unfortunately, because of this decision, not only is the future of car insurance paper our lawyers, doctors, teachers, and a plentiful amount of other careers in danger, the road to a one tracked mind world has already been set to be paved. Although electing to go to a technical school rather than a traditional college is not a bad decision to make, it does have its drawbacks. When responding to inquiries about technical schools, recruiters make sure they express how much money can be made once the program is animal abuse, completed. However, what they don’t express is that the classes that have been taken and car insurance paper the certificate that is earned have no bearing on a transcript when it comes to college. So if a decision is made to go back to school, whether during the essay time of the program or long after the program is completed, it’s back to paper square one. A strong knowledge in a specific task can make your success in that field easier but a continuous knowledge of everything will serve a better purpose and can give more opportunities for endless experiences. In today’s society, many careers do not enforce the requirement of a college degree.

Everyday on T.V. Statement Animal Abuse! they advertise how easy it is to car insurance paper start a moneymaking career and boasts about online resume bank, how it cuts out research, years of time spent learning in school. It suggests a quick and essay pathos ethos easy fix to society’s financial problem and with the economy’s status and the price increases, who could blame a person for research wanting to find an easier way to thesis statement make money fast? Most people have obligations that cannot wait for years while a person works on their college degree. Nevertheless, many careers cannot risk the hefty time cut that technical schools make toward their education. Car Insurance Paper! Would anybody feel comfortable putting their life in essay pathos the hands of a doctor who only took a sixteen month course on car insurance a couple of specific tasks? Would it be ok if an elementary teacher only had a few months of training on a specific subject but no training or experience with children and against animal their endless needs? Or how about entrusting a criminal lawyer who saw a flashy commercial and decided to cut their time in school to car insurance earn money fast? Experience does not start on the job; rather the classroom and slashing class time would be like drawing conclusions without all the facts.

The conclusion may be right, but knowing all the facts can rule out other possibilities and turn that “maybe” into “it is”. It’s the reassurance most people need. By no means am I trying to diminish the importance of technical schools that have been slowly integrating into mainstream. Their education has resulted in some of the best workers around and has given people the opportunity to gain financial freedom without the long wait. Nevertheless, in doing this we’re slowly brainwashing people by enticing them with their fast learning, easy money motto. Not only is history paragraph, college a learning experience for independence and maintaining balance in life, but also a guarantee that the car insurance research graduate has had extensive training both physically and mentally in their chosen career and also other aspects of life. With the popularity of technical schools rising, one must acknowledge the consequences. If more people keep feeling forced to avoid the experience a traditional college gives us, what will become of our future doctors, our lawyers, and all the other careers that can’t be condensed to sixteen months of how to write schooling? Moreover if we keep going in the direction we’re headed, it may bring us back to car insurance paper a method long forgotten…the barter system. Is the college experience less critical to the nation than it was a generation ago?

College as a higher education institution is critical to car insurance paper the individual student and to the nation as a whole but, the car insurance research “college experience” is online resume bank, of much lesser value than it was in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Today, the college student is research, more competitive; career focused and has a different agenda for their education than they had in the past. Students now are taught by the very nature of the college admission process that they must compete with grades, SAT scores and many other individuals to be admitted to the college of their first choice. Students have been groomed from car insurance research, a very young age with the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” that many have been focused on their life’s aspirations for many years prior to stepping foot on campus. Students seem to almost grow up quicker and have many more life experiences prior to college age. They read books in high school that were once required reading for college and research paper this puts them ahead of where previous college students were at the start of their college experience. They have the chance to go abroad on school trips and have life experiences that were once reserved for resume bank the college student. Car Insurance Paper! Students in song lyrics essay the 1960’s and 1970’s led more sheltered lives prior to college.

Theses student’s life experiences with politics, taking action for a cause and car insurance paper new found freedoms, began when they left the confines of essay structure their homes and arrived on a college campus. Students today have much more information available to them via the internet and 24 hour cable news reports and are informed and aware of the world around them at a much younger age. The students from a generation ago had a more limited amount of exposure to car insurance paper the world’s events. Their parents had more control over the amount of structure information one received from radio, television and newsprint. Good or bad the children of today are exposed to a constant amount of news from all areas of media. Today’s students have already had opportunities to join and car insurance be part of how to many causes such as Relay for Life or MS walk and car insurance research do not have to wait until they are out of the house and on a college campus before becoming part of a cause.

So to answer the question, “Is the college experience less critical to the nation than it was a generation ago?” I believe the answer is car insurance research, yes. The competitiveness of high school students to achieve high grade, win scholarships and choose lucrative careers for themselves all before they even graduate is much higher than that of the past generation. Generations past were allowed the luxury of their trip to car insurance research paper college for song the “experience” and take the time to find themselves, discover the world around them and choose a life’s path without the competitive pressure that today’s students face. In a sense, incoming students have already experienced a large portion of their lives or had more life experiences than their counterparts had in the 60’ and 70’s. I also think that because this generation has grown up with the news all around them for car insurance paper so long that going off to college is not the sense of major discovery about the world that it once was. There are no great political items that had been kept from ethos logos, them that would make the need to picket and protest a necessity.

I also think that this generation does not have that burning desire to research paper cause waves or stir up trouble on campus. I think they are focused and how to write goal orientated and are on campus for a specific reason and have goals and research objectives for their lives that take greater preference over the doings about the world. So, whether it be right or wrong, or just plan disheartening to those who truly went to write options college for the “college experience” I think that the days of the college campus being a hot bed for social issues big and small has come to a close. The hipsters and hippies have destroyed college for my generation. Now to be fair, I do not completely blame them for the deterioration of the college experience. Research Paper! They had such a great time in college–sitting the sit-ins and walking the malls, creating, discovering, writing poems, smoking–that they have taken the experience that was once remote and discrete and projected in saturation to our entire culture. In receiving, we must be grateful, and grateful we are. Our generation has accepted the hand-me-downs of the hippie aftermath and written thank-you cards in the form of reviving the art of car insurance research homemade granola making and car insurance resurrecting folk-rock music as homage. We are able to discover previously banned books, independent films, innovative music and controversial conversations.

They have enabled us to receive quality education, to live freely, to discuss, to discover, to create without question. But as nice as the hand-me-downs may be, any youngest child will attest that they are not always appreciated. Write Options! The youngest-child generation of college students is responding similarly. We’ve lost the motivation to be innovative, to discover on our own, because at times, it seems as it has all been done for us 40 years ago. Generations before us have paved the way of creative discovery by seemingly ending the road with construction of technologies and cultural freedoms that simultaneously shrink and paper expand our world. Whenever a question arises, the Internet in all its glory waits with open arms to coddle us with answers. Our culture has been both blessed and cursed with an explosion of information, entertainment and possibilities for creativity, thankfully made possible by those who attended college a generation ago.

With this emerging ease of exploration–an onslaught of information and ideas handed out like blinking trinkets slapped with sponsor logos at concerts–we have lost the idea of discovering for ourselves. If this were an episode of pathos ethos “History’s Mysteries” on the History Channel, I’d say the lost passion of discovery in college students is lying in car insurance research the dust in the basements of limestone university buildings. On the essay ethos back-end of the research paper Renaissance, Romanticism, Realism; beatniks, hippies and dot-comers, our generation has relied on others to develop ideas. We simply master their creations, quite well, if I may. We can create facebook and paragraph structure myspace with their technology to end up finding each other, but we are often left in the dark when looking for ourselves and discovering new ways of thinking. Car Insurance Research Paper! We’ve hit a growth stunt in creating the self due to the bright reflection of the research paper culture. We are not likely to car insurance discover the next ideologies, poems, paintings, medical breakthroughs, and how to write options solutions for world peace without some thought growth-hormones. Unlike what some may believe, the problems that lay at the feet of the nation today are matters of importance to our young minds. We are not as apathetic as the research stereotypes portray. Unfortunately though, we do not take a stand as those who protested on the malls and sat the sit-ins did before us.

By now, we have resigned ourselves to the fact that we are not necessarily in control of the online volume of our voices. With so many to research paper be heard, is one really much more important than another? We attempt to make a dent in din, but the conflicting opinions and growing number of venues–each wonderful attributes in thesis statement animal the freedom of speech and acceptance of differences in research paper all people–make it more than difficult for our generation to have a unified voice. While we can follow the news in resume bank free newspapers handed out in the Starbucks on campus and discuss our thoughts and car insurance research paper feelings on the issues in Intro to history essay paragraph structure Poli-Sci, we know that the car insurance world moves too fast with too many decibels for us to essay directly impact what is research paper, happening right now. Modern students must prepare for a global environment that acts similar to the neighborhood soccer star who could always tally more juggles than us or the kid with the perfect SAT score. From this day forward, the world will always be a step ahead. We have inherited the obligation to discover a way to work in this world by creating a solution to history paragraph structure the technology that crafted our thoughts and life as we know it.

The generation before us, the pioneers of creativity with booming imaginations may have invented the Internet, but we are left to research master it. Taming the goddess and online resume beast that is the technological world will not be an easy feat. It is not important now that we have discrete solutions to research problems that are developing in our world. In its quick-witted nature, exact solutions are impossible. Car Insurance Paper! There is paper, not one right answer for online resume bank any question. (Just try googling your name–the Internet does not even agree with who we are, unless we are Lindsay Lohan. Research! But then, even that is paper, debatable: super-star or super-screw-up?) The world is full of challenges that are still awaiting creative elucidation.

We are in the unique position as college students to rely on our professors to teach us how not to paper rely on the technology their generation created. In their dorm days they learned how to resume bank be creative, how to research paper discover, how, in essay paragraph structure fact, to learn. Car Insurance! In a world that no longer allows for textbook answers and step-by-step procedure, they can help us revert back to a thinking that existed in a world without technology as a cross to bear. We must continue the tradition of essay pathos discovery on car insurance paper a college campus, preferably taught this vanishing art form by those who perfected it. Our professors went to college in the ’60s and essay paragraph ’70s surrounded by the magic air of the edge of a cultural revolution. Who better to teach our lost generation such important ideals that are imperative to developing minds as we totter on our developing future?

It is here in the mess of technology that makes up our world and college campuses that our professors may be able to give us the car insurance principal lesson of learning. While they are busy teaching us why a Russian Cherry Orchard is important to a political climate that is not our own or how pH levels effect the oxidation of guaiacol by catalase, they are also imparting upon online, us the real reason we still go to college: that we learn is more important than what we learn. In our future, our majors, GPAs, and campus activities will not necessarily matter. What we discussed will be less important than how we discussed. Abandoning the ideas of technological developments will allow us to see a bigger picture than what even the wide-screen monitors can hold. As we reach for research discovery that does not hinge on the Internet, we will regain the sense of free love, free ideas and free discovery, as our professors did before us. The only place this can happen is on a college campus. It is the against abuse only place these hippies with their great ideas still truly exist. And I would like to give them a real thank-you card one day for showing our generation that there is a world beyond the World Wide Web. If they are lucky, I may also throw in a batch of homemade granola.

Students of the American Nightmare. I’m a young woman from a well-educated, upper middle class Caucasian family in the Northeastern United States. Car Insurance Paper! I’ve lived in the same three-story suburban house my entire life, taken tennis and horse-back riding lessons. History Essay Structure! I play classical piano and sing. I got a combined SAT score of 1500 and car insurance paper applied to a total of three colleges chosen primarily on statement against animal the basis of family history and the “prestige factor” (Harvard, Princeton, etc…). I don’t stand out in any statistics and no admissions offices are scrambling over themselves to fill the “upper-middle class Caucasian woman” quota… so I guess you could say I’m that faceless college student that we’re all competing against, the research overachiever that threatens us with their well-rounded resume and impressive GPA. I’m everyone’s worst nightmare, just like every other college student with their original ideas and their up-‘n-at-’em attitude are incentives for making my own college. experience a living hell. Mr.

Perlstein asked, ‘What’s wrong with colleges today?’ I reply that the research rat race mentality has poisoned the intellectual atmosphere of our nation’s universities and turned “college” into research paper, just another cog in the societal machine that rushes us into our graves on essay ethos logos the 9-to-5-shift assembly line. Instead of being leaders of our national culture, the college-age. cohort has been demoted to the bottom of the corporate ladder, and as college students we’re all battling for the next promotion. The summer after graduating from high school is usually when college stops being an exciting prospect. Forty-something year old family members inevitably whine, “Oh, to be young and in college again,” or “I would kill to be a freshman in college one more time.” You also receive plenty of warnings about the inevitability of gaining 15 pounds, bad mornings-after, the wailing siren of procrastination and paper subsequent all-nighters.

By the time September arrived, I was so nervous about everything related to college that I had backed myself into a corner: I was going to work really hard on my school work, not gain the freshman 15, strengthen my resume, start a new club, improve my leadership skills, and essentially avoid any mistake anyone has ever made in college. After all, there’s always Harvard Law. Interestingly, upon arriving at a prestigious woman’s college in an upscale Philadelphian suburb, I realized everyone was planning to work really hard and be thinner and leaner and meaner and get into Harvard Law, while simultaneously being good, sociable networkers and having fun on statement abuse the weekends. I was stung and confused and car insurance didn’t understand why it wasn’t easier to prove my worth as a human being when I was staying up until 4:00 am to finish calculus and ecology labs, going for days without speaking to anyone and paragraph structure eating meals in research paper the dining halls alone, not daring to analyzing look up and paper make eye contact for fear of striking up a. conversation and throwing off my tightly organized schedule. I just knew that if I didn’t stay one step ahead of options everyone else academically I would be unremarkable and research paper utterly unemployable. Hence, everything I did was devoted to sculpting a well-focused resume with adequate extracurricular range: I headed multiple clubs, participated in internships, externships, campus jobs, lab work, tutoring, volunteered for community service, and applied to scholarships during.

most of my free time. History Paragraph Structure! If this is college, who needs the real world? So by the end of my sophomore year, I maintained a 3.9 GPA, was a semester ahead with the amount of credits I had taken, and had secured exactly zero friendships. There was an underlying sense of apathy in everything I did: in every essay, at every political protest, with every music ensemble and paper club meeting, I felt the absence of any real passion. I felt as though I. was doing nothing for my own benefit; it was all for improving my resume, for “the future.” By that time I had begun to realize that something was significantly wrong with how I was approaching the song whole concept of “college”: I was behaving as if for car insurance paper these four years my quality of research life was of minimal importance compared to the wondrous expanse of real life that awaited me. after graduation, when I would be wearing a white collar, making all that delicious money. The agony, the research paper relentless self-torture would all be worth it once I landed a job at the big, impressive law firm with the two-story fountain in the lobby. At least that’s how I justified it to myself. Until I started to feel that someone was cheating me out of essay ethos logos enjoying life. Why was I not experiencing the car insurance research paper dynamic, perspective- changing force of college that I had heard so much about from my parent’s generation? Why was I not discovering myself, finding out what I wanted out of lyrics life?

Interestingly, this kind of education isn’t being encouraged anymore in the higher tiers of America’s university system. One step into the career guidance/major adviser/dean’s office and you’ll be up to your eyebrows in graduate school fact books, internship applications, and some guy coaching you on how to be yourself in an interview. Wait a minute, wait a minute! I want to shout. WHO IS MYSELF?? I don’t even know anymore. This is how college has become one more introductory step in crushing the car insurance human spirit, making nineteenth century warehouse factory jobs look like the solution to thesis statement against man’s alienation from himself. Car Insurance Research Paper! “Student” is just another occupation in a long list, and essay pathos if you can’t do your job well there’s a thousand other people just like you ready and willing to take your position. So much of the college experience has been reduced to a series of judgments: exams, applications, interviews. The weak students are consistently being weeded out, made aware of their inadequacy and encouraged to step aside for research the brighter individuals to continue up the ladder of success. The students that excel in the tests of online resume bank organization, memorization, professor-pandering and busy work are able to make it to the top of the class and car insurance paper move on ethos to the best graduate schools, lucrative careers and decision-making positions. Competition for these limited positions.

of success has gotten so fierce that college students have no time to question their motives for performance, or to discover how to live in a way most conducive to overall happiness. This beats down the human spirit of the individual student while simultaneously. estranging students from one another, completely destroying the symbiotic relationships that are so necessary to functioning academia. We must be willing to bravely critique each other, break down our theories and arguments together so that they can be built again, stronger and more resilient to the tests of time (and, dare I say, sexier to the society at large). Instead, we’re. encouraged to educate ourselves in preparation for jobs, not to research paper work together in preparation for the rest of research paper our lives. We should be working to car insurance build on to the expanse of song knowledge that we have obtained from centuries of rigorous academic thinking, not just rounding out our resumes. When I began college at the University of Mississippi in the fall of 2004, I did not expect too much change from car insurance research, my high school experience. Out of 150 people in my graduating class, 60 made the trek 160 miles north on I-55 from our private high school in Jackson, Mississippi, to Ole Miss. I felt more than adequately prepared for college work.

My high school courses were primarily Advanced Placement courses, and statement against animal I had earned over 24 college credits as a result. But when I graduated this past May, I realized how provincial my outlook was coming into college and research paper how much more nuanced and global my perspective was as a result of not only three years of studying English and classics but also three years of studying the ironies and complexities of resume my university, my state, and our world. In Oxford, Mississippi, many present conversations invoke the past, true to our spiritual guide William Faulkner who said, “The past is not dead. In fact, it’s not even past.” We are a town devoted to research paper remembering with narratives and analyzing lyrics essay photographs, with Confederate war memorials and Civil Rights monuments, with historical preservation districts and special collections rooms. These tangible reminders are equal parts “Lest we forget” and research paper “Lest we think we’ve come far enough.” True to thesis statement against animal the essence of these monuments and memorials, the forces of tradition and progress continue to play large roles in the lives of students at car insurance research Ole Miss and the broader university community. On one of the hottest days this past fall, James Meredith stood in statement the shadow of the very building he had been denied access in 1962 as a bronze monument was dedicated in commemoration of the fight he led for access for everyone to higher education. Rep. John Lewis gave a rousing speech; Morgan Freeman made some remarks; a choir sang “Ride on King Jesus” just as Leontyne Price performed in concerts. Beyond the paper grandeur and stifling heat of the occasion, I noticed a group of orange-shirted students in the crowd of sweating hundreds.

Their shirts read “Respect Mississippi,” the name of a newly formed student group aimed at addressing the essay ethos logos stigmas attached to the state and ending the de facto campus segregation. Their statement was more than appropriate – on a day when the community celebrated “progress” and car insurance research paper “freedom,” it was clear that James Meredith’s work must be continued. At that moment, I realized why fellow Oxonian William Faulkner said, “To understand the online resume world, you must first understand a place like Mississippi.” Only a few hundred feet from this Civil Rights monument, between the research paper Lyceum and the library, stood the statue of resume bank a Confederate soldier with his back forever turned to the north. Car Insurance! In that very space flanked by online, memories of Civil Rights and Civil War, both Union and Confederate soldiers received treatment for their battle wounds over a century earlier. And this fall, in celebration of research paper football, tents with lavish spreads of food, gentlemen in seersucker suits, ladies in too-high heels, and cups brimming with toddies as potent as the heat will make that same space a storm of Southern drawls. There are layers and layers of car insurance seemingly paradoxical narratives on the campus, infinite instances of car insurance paper irony.

But, as Faulkner noticed, so is the rest of the world. Over time, the paper same poets who have sung the greatest accomplishments of our human race often have mourned our deepest cruelties. College is an opportunity to read, to learn, and to paper investigate these very complexities that make human life interesting, difficult, and rich. How To Options! The opportunity to encounter the unanswerable, to struggle with the unjust, and to articulate what is valuable makes college matter. The opportunity to express dissent with civility in a classroom or around campus makes college matter.

Though I, as much of my generation, am exposed to car insurance research paper massive amounts of history essay paragraph information, I am often discouraged by the void, vapid popular political discourse. We live in the age of the car insurance research paper illiterate presidency; a time when political speech is reductive and polarizing rather than well-informed and consensus-building. The success of the “us” versus “them” mentality of the current administration, which has held office for the entirety of my high school and college education, has only fueled my drive to understand and use language judiciously and correctly. Words like “troop surge,” “evildoers,” “stay the course,” “weapons of mass destruction” have been beaten senseless, bled to death. Language has suffered; it is our duty to reclaim it and to revitalize it. Otherwise, our ideas and communities will fail to communicate meaningfully. At Ole Miss – and throughout the statement against animal abuse South – language had to be reassessed, reclaimed, and revitalized from racist and bigoted to car insurance paper respectful and inclusive. And as the language changed and the racial diversity of the campus changed, certain long-revered symbols had to go.

The Confederate battle flag, which was frequently waved by fans at athletic contests, is no longer allowed at such events. And “Colonel Reb,” the official mascot until 2003, no longer is present on the sidelines. Online Resume! These changes were particularly important at Ole Miss considering its position as the state’s flagship university and its reputation among Mississippians as an intellectual and car insurance cultural leader. Ole Miss realized exactly what Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott said: “To change your language you must change your life.” In college, we converse with ourselves, our neighbors, great thinkers of the past and present, cultures and ethnic groups different from our own, and ideas that urge us towards reevaluating our own perspectives. Ideally, those conversations make us more humane individuals – respectful and gracious; quick to consider before acting; reasonable and just. Over my three years in college, some of the world’s sharpest minds and most influential voices have come to campus and talked with us students. King Abdullah of Jordan brought to the forefront of research paper my mind the need for developing interfaith dialogue among the many world religions. Car Insurance! He pointed us to his reasoning in the Amman Message. Salman Rushdie talked about language’s effects on identity and the ability of art to make the universe wider and resume more wondrous for others.

Samantha Power urged us to be neither indifferent nor uninformed concerning the history of genocide and current atrocities. The names and car insurance ideas continue on and on, and online so do the car insurance research paper conversations and people they have shaped. In Oxford, we all walk in Faulkner’s shadow as well as in the presence of great contemporary writers like Barry Hannah, Beth Ann Fennelly, Tom Franklin, and car insurance research paper Ann Fisher-Wirth. We are a community built on car insurance paper creation as a means of progression; we are a community invested in people and their stories. We are a community of online students well-versed in the past and traditions and equally committed to cultivating fresh ideas and new solutions. Paper! We are wordsmiths and statement against animal abuse worldsmiths. I’ve heard several people say, “If you stay in Oxford long enough, the world will come to you.” I must agree. The world has come in bluesmen and foodies, poets and storytellers, rock stars and royalty, preachers and protestors, actresses and modern dancers, photographs and medieval manuscripts, quilts and hand-carved drums, live oaks and car insurance research paper Japanese magnolias. That’s why college matters: the world stretches out its hand to meet you; it’s your chance to online bank take and car insurance paper shape it. Dealing with Overcrowded Universities.

If you think that the battle is over once you get your acceptance letter this spring, think again. Transferring juniors who thought that they had bid their community colleges a fond farewell are finding themselves back on too-familiar campuses when they aren’t able to get the classes they need at car insurance paper their university. Instead, students like Jenna Young say that they are frustrated when other CSUN students get priority for registration because they have more units. “It’s so ridiculous,”; said Young, Moorpark. College transfer student.”; In order to be a full time student and keep my health insurance, I have to research go back to Moorpark College to take two classes, because I only got into two classes that I needed at CSUN. In my experience transfer students are not a priority. According to the CSUN Institutional Research Department, Young is write options, one of 86.8% of undergraduate students, which transfer to CSUN from car insurance research paper, a community college each year.

The students are ready to dive into university life, but find themselves still attached to history essay paragraph their junior colleges instead. However, Erik Forbes the Dean of Admissions said that should not be the case. According to Forbes, enrollment is growing each year by 2.5 percent however; CSUN gets more funding. from the government to fund more buildings and hire more staff to accommodate the increase in enrollment. As of Fall 2006 the student to teacher ratio is 23 to 1 at CSUN. CSUN is not overcrowded at all. stated Forbes. On the contrary, that hasn’t been the car insurance research paper experience of some CSUN students, especially students who have recently transferred in from community college. Just because they received an acceptance letter and paid their tuition, it didn’t guarantee that they would get into the classes that they needed.

Most classes fill up fast, with long waiting lists. Some majors are so over crowded that some students said that they deliberately transferred to a university under a different major, just so they can get accepted to paragraph their college of choice, later switching back to their original major once they are accepted. Every semester there are more and car insurance research more students having to scrabble to get into classes. “I always have more students wanting to take the class than seats,” said Cathy Lynne Costin, professor of anthropology. “The problem is there are never enough seats for the demand.” Getting housing accommodations is another problem that students are faced with. Against Animal! At UCSB there is a major problem with getting students’ housing on research and off campus. “Housing is not guaranteed and online resume is based on lotto”; said Walter Boggan, UC Santa Barbara transfer representative. “It’s extremely important to apply early for housing, not just at UCSB but at every university.” Every administrator, faculty member, and student has their own opinion based on their own personal experiences at their university. However, one thing is for sure if you are planning on car insurance transferring to a university make sure that you come prepared and that you follow your counselors and teachers advice. “It’s extremely important that you see a counselor at the beginning of song lyrics every semester, Christiana Albarez, transfer advisor at Moorpark College. “Students need to know the transfer agreement that their college has with their transfer university.

Staying on track with your classes and knowing the required prerequisites for your major is essential. There are over 34,500 students that attend California State University Northridge as of Spring 2007 and the number of enrollment keeps on growing. I’m not sure that I would have put the time or thought necessary to write this essay had it been offered during the time when I attend college. I’ve read Perlstein’s essay several times since I was notified about this essay at the beginning of July. Only now at the beginning of paper August have I committed myself to sitting down and organizing my thoughts into a manner that others might follow. The reason for my hesitancy to address this issue stems from my anger at being judged from afar and being asked to defend myself. When Perlstein asks “What’s the Matter with College?” I read “What’s the Matter With College Students?”. Essay! The institution ceases to exist without students, and research paper so, since I am among those who allow colleges to exist, I see this essay as a direct challenge to who I am as a person. “Is the essay pathos ethos college experience less critical to car insurance research the nation than it was a generation ago?” It is patently absurd to define the “college experience” when you consider the plethora of bank diversity among individuals attending college today.

This was obviously not so in the 1960’s, and there is no common denominator for comparing the events of the car insurance paper ’60’s with the events of today. The world is a strikingly different place than it was in statement against animal abuse the ’60’s. The fact that a generation ago a gubernatorial campaign was centered not upon the education of college students but upon car insurance research paper, their behavior indicates two things to me: 1) the lack of integration of technology most are connected with today and 2) a political scam to direct the nation’s attention away from more pressing concerns. In the latter regard, politics has not changed so much. As far as the essay first is research, concerned, however, technology, most notably, the Internet has revolutionized the abuse way people absorb life. It allows the opportunity for rapid communication through e-mails, instant messages, and the uploading of pictures. The inherent downfall of rapid communication is paper, that it is structure, not a forum for all types of communication as thought should be put into research paper, some messages. We must put more time into options, our messages because our audience has expanded and become much less precise.

In order to car insurance research paper produce a message that leaves a profound mark, a mark that will not be easily reversed when the next generation of leaders comes around, college students must accept the online resume role that money plays in car insurance paper society. Nurturing ideas based on intellectual merit is only the first step because ideas cannot put food into the stomachs of starving children or medicine into the system of analyzing essay individuals ravaged by a disease that has yet to find a cure. Car Insurance! It is not enough to understand material at an advanced level and discuss this understanding with colleagues. Ideas must be presented in a manner that incites action. Being aware of the analyzing lyrics commercial potential of ideas when one begins college allows one more time to ponder which action is best to take. Along those lines, Perlstein mentions the Internet’s affect on students in car insurance paper that most experience their “first forbidden book” and bank such before experiencing college. Car Insurance Paper! Experiencing more of life before attending college allows one to discard unwanted paths before traveling too far down them. Conversely, one may explore avenues already traveled in more depth once granted the freedom that college offers.

If the write Internet allows individuals access to research paper more information, then “Why aren’t people paying attention to thesis statement animal the campuses?” Perlstein asks. In the 1960’s, college was an asylum for eighteen-year-old boys assigned a number to car insurance research paper protect freedom thousands of miles away from their home. There was hardly a person who didn’t know someone who was fighting in Vietnam, or who wasn’t hoping that their brother, son, friend, sweetheart didn’t get drafted. Naturally, college campuses would be a central place for political activism. I don’t know anyone who is fighting in car insurance paper Iraq. But I can recall at least two marches that took place locally in Sarasota last year while I was attending school. It would have been around this time that the forum would have been flooded with e-mails as people voiced their opinions regarding the status of the war. Activism no longer occurs solely on paper college campuses or with regards to only American problems. People are aware of the crises that plague the online world at a younger age and because of the influence of the media more people are becoming involved. Research! Since campuses are no longer asylums, people are looking to themselves for answers. A collective effort from write, individuals of all ages and backgrounds creates a solidarity that perpetuates action.

Because colleges are more integrated into society, more people can become involved in putting their beliefs into actions, and college students can extend the car insurance work they’ve begun in ethos logos their undergraduate years after they’ve graduated from college. So is what college students experience truly less critical to the nation? Perhaps for research paper some students, college is no longer a break from society. However, assuming college no longer is a drastic break from society allows students to resume bank channel restless enthusiasm into concrete action. Higher education is no less based on intellectual merit because students are conscious of how they are going to apply their knowledge. I will grant you that the car insurance college experience is different but not that it is pathos, less critical to research paper the nation. The next leaders will come from this generation. Our college experience is different because society is rearranged differently. The battles of the ’60’s are not our battles.

Although there are aspects of society that demand reform, if college continues to be a radical break from society as we know it, the time it takes graduates to adjust to how to write options society again is car insurance research, valuable time lost. A four year hiatus from society creates apathy in response to the problems of society. We cannot advocate making love and not war when the threat of essay ethos logos deadly STD’s ravages so many. The adage that ignorance is bliss rings true in most circumstances. Car Insurance Research! Because of our increased awareness of resume bank life outside of our claustrophobic sphere, we must accept responsibility for our actions and look forward to a long-term solution that is in car insurance research paper the best interest of everyone involved. Jim Morrison said, “There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. Essay Pathos Ethos! It’s got to happen inside first.” An institution cannot be responsible for liberation.

It must come from within. College matters because it still offers that opportunity for car insurance research paper growth, for liberation. By serving as a stepping point rather than an escape from song essay, life, college possesses an ability to influence individuals to imagine and take action. It is not enough to imagine the paper world the way one would like. How easy when detached from society it is to become trapped in one’s imagination so that it appears as if action is futile. Perhaps college campuses are not the focus of the nation’s attention. That has not deterred individuals from taking action.

We’re not going to wait around for society to notice what we’re doing. We don’t need acknowledgment from the media to confirm our accomplishments. Essay Ethos! We’re moving forward. There’s no need for imitation. We’re creating our own style, and we’ll add our signature as we go.

If You’re Not a Part of the Problem… Last April, while sifting through my college acceptances trying to make a decision, I tried to paper picture myself on paper each campus, which I imagined as vibrant places with intellectual vigor, constant conversation, and people with contagious passions. I ended up choosing Dartmouth College, which is a terrific place for me and which does have very passionate people and a lot of thriving intellectualism. I love it there. During my first spring at Dartmouth I took a course in Recent US History where the professor showed us a film entitled “Berkeley in the Sixties,” about the antiwar student movement. I saw students staging a massive sit-in in the administration building being dragged out by policemen. I saw hundreds and hundreds of students surrounding a police car trying to take away one of the more vocal students.

These kids were all our age and were doing all of research paper these very bold things. I believe that college, at how to write its core, has never changed. College has always been the first time away from home, a time to car insurance research try new things and to meet new people, and history paragraph structure a time to cultivate and research paper discover your intellect and your passions. In his article “What’s the Matter with College?,” Rick Perlstein argues that college today, however, is nothing like college of yesteryear and that the explosive college experience no longer exists for today’s student. So what happened? It seems most obvious to say that the college experience has changed because students have changed. Essay Pathos Ethos Logos! In his article, Perlstein describes our parent’s generation as a bunch of radical, passionate, independent, free-thinkers who took college campuses and the nation by storm in car insurance research paper contrast to the high-achieving, overworked, grade- obsessed drones of today. I agree with this. Thesis Statement! We are much different. But that is hardly our fault. I would argue that students have changed because the way that they are parented has changed.

If our parents parented in the same way that they were parented, maybe college students today would be just as zealous as before. My parents always talk about how when they were growing up, they pretty much raised themselves. They don’t recall their parents being concerned if they were smoking or drinking and their every move certainly wasn’t monitored by cell-phone surveillance. Parents didn’t push them into a million after-school activities or do their homework for them. The independence that they experienced forced them to make their own decisions and to become self-sufficient at an earlier age. Moving out of their parents’ house was really moving out.

After college they weren’t likely to live at home again. Nowadays you hear more and more about thirty-somethings still trying to find their way. This hovercraft parenting of today extends to the college process itself. Paper! Applying to logos college has become a family affair. Parents take their children on college tours where they go around the country visiting dozens of possible schools for their kids to apply to, asking the same questions about SAT scores, recommendations, and how this school will help their child in the long run. Parents push their student child to apply to upwards of ten schools with a good representation of “reaches”, “targets”, and “safety schools”, just to car insurance research be sure that their child will end up somewhere. Essay Ethos! This phenomenon alone shows sharp contrast. My parents remember each applying to about three schools and never going on a college visit. My mom’s best friend chose three schools to apply to on the basis that none of research paper them required an admissions essay.

This process really just turns college into a prize for a game that has been played for eighteen years. It is dominated by soccer moms and dads out to gain a competitive edge. Once kids win the car insurance paper prize–admission to the school of their (or their parents’) dreams–they feel that they have arrived and have reached the end. As a result, a culture has emerged in which the bright, passionate, committed high schooler turns into a slacker college student whose whole life had been dedicated to getting into college. They feel as though they are finished and car insurance paper can finally just relax. Colleges are filled with these kids who the how to write admissions office had thought would make great contributions to car insurance research their campus but instead end up just blending into the crowd, working for the grades and partying and how to write making the campus climate less than exciting. College has become the endpoint. It is the last step before the real world. College has become a controlled environment in which 18 to car insurance research paper 22-year-olds can see what the real world might be like before actually venturing off into it.

We get to see what it’s like to online resume bank live away from our parents, to choose what we eat and when we go to sleep, to work on our own time, and to be accountable for our actions–without the added pressures of paying bills, actual grocery shopping, or, for many, having a job. Forty years ago, college was the real world. College was a time to challenge the system and to come up with new ideas and new passions. Now it’s a place to teach young adults how to become a part of the system and to cultivate practical passions that will serve them later in research paper life. Depressing, yes, I agree. At Dartmouth we describe this safety-netted pseudo-real- world as “The Dartmouth Bubble,” which we are all blissfully happy to float around in for four years. Write Options! The shocking thought is paper, what is going to happen after this bubble breaks and we have to finally live in the real world. A common phrase around campus is “There’s always grad school,” which, I think epitomizes what is wrong with college today. College is simply a bridge between your parent’s house and the real world–a bridge that has been carefully selected by your parents (or the essay pathos US News and World Report) for the purpose of paper placing you in a position that will ease the transition for you.

But I’m not blaming the decline of the explosive nature of college campuses on parents. After all, it’s not the parents’ fault that the way that they were raised is no longer relevant in society. It’s society’s fault. The world we live in is an age of heightened security and thesis against uncertainty. Because of this, parents need as much assurance as possible that their child will be safe both while living at paper home and after. Security comes in all forms: giving your child a cell phone, knowing who his friends are, knowing if she is pathos logos, drinking or smoking, and, of course, knowing that he is in a place where he can not only practice being an adult before actually stepping into car insurance paper, the real world, but also one that will propel him into research, a life of car insurance research security afterwards.

If the world hadn’t become so scary, if liberalism hadn’t declined, and options if a million other cultural changes hadn’t taken place causing parents to parent over-protectively, causing students to be blinded by grades and car insurance paper the future rather than the promise of intellectual cultivation, then yes, Mr. Perlstein, we could be going to college not just college. Bank! But don’t blame us. Research Paper! It is not us who destroyed the college experience that you created, you did it yourselves. The Stepping Stone Between Childhood and essay logos Adulthood. “I’m not an car insurance research, adult. I’m still just a big kid with some adult responsibilities!” This feeling runs through the mind of every college-bound teen at least once. Rick Perlstein’s article “What’s the Matter With College?” studies how the college atmosphere has changed, but these changes do not alter why college matters. College teaches responsibility and accountability like no other educational system can, and it exposes students gradually to life expectations, while providing a safety net of guidance and support to prevent failure. One of the main attributes that a college education instills is a sense of responsibility. Responsibility is one of the chief concerns that arises with age.

The older one gets the more responsibilities he or she carries; yet, most college bound teens are not familiar with true responsibility. Honesty and accountability to their parents perhaps, but certainly the responsibility of paying taxes, or keeping up with finances, or even of essay paragraph maintaining a job is unfamiliar to teens. Research Paper! College offers teens the thesis against abuse ability to learn to live up to adult expectations, while still providing a safety net that does not exist post graduation. It is this part of the atmosphere surrounding campuses that makes the college experience so important. The college atmosphere, like many other aspects of society, grows and paper changes with the people that construct it. When Rick Perlstein attended college, the atmosphere reflected the need for an outlet from the strict social norms of the analyzing song essay surrounding society. A college campus was it’s own “city-state” complete with stimulating dorm lounge debates. Car Insurance! It represented a backlash against society.

College was a place where people discovered films, books, articles, even plays with which they previously would not have come in contact. These forbidden fruits allowed the students to experiment with the unfamiliar and explore their budding interests. Now, these students are adults raising their children and analyzing sending them off to college. Their experiences in college have impacted the style in which they raised their children. There are now students like Hamilton Morris, who experimented with the previous generation’s forbidden fruits before he even entered the college campus. Research! In his article “What’s the car insurance Matter With College?” Perlstein described, “You used to have to go to college to discover your first independent film, read your first forbidden book, find freaks like yourself, who, say, share an interest in paper Lenny Bruce. Now, for even the most provincial students, the statement Internet, a radically more democratic and diverse culture – and those hip baby-boomer parents – take care of the car insurance paper problem” (Perlstein 5).

This has changed the demands placed on the college atmosphere. The atmosphere, whatever it reflects, consistently serves as an intermediate stage or middle ground between childhood and adulthood. It is a coming of age period, during which teens experiment with their interests and responsibilities. Without the college years teens would unfairly be expected to make the animal leap from their happy-go-lucky high school years directly into the world of adulthood. College is paper, akin to thesis animal abuse a practice round. It eases students out of the protection of youth and into the world of adulthood, while still providing the safety net of teachers, advisors, even the clearly defined expectations. Car Insurance Research! Turning a paper in late, while more serious than in high school, is not as problematic or as costly as paying a bill late. The college education system gradually places more responsibility and expectations upon the students, while simultaneously offering an atmosphere ripe for ethos exploration of the unfamiliar. Paper! What other system can offer this atmosphere or these experiences?

Without college teens would be thrown into a world unforgiving of against mistakes where second- chances are rare. They would be set up for failure rather than success. Perlstein is correct in saying that college has changed since he attended, but so has the world. College campuses cannot be expected to serve their important purpose of preparing students for adulthood and the trials ahead while remaining relics of previous eras. In the car insurance research paper past year I realized that my greatest sorrow will be to have lived in a time saturated in such apathy that even the small minority which has created all of the change in human history can not be churned up out of the depths of market culture. Economic competition, not intellectual freedom, has a hold on educational communities and it is online resume bank, not letting go. In The Trouble with College Rick Perlstein identifies why college matters to most people: cold, hard capital. Every American loves it, which is why high school civics teachers have to spend so much time reminding students of research its central importance to history essay a democratic society. Interestingly enough, the aims of democracy, like diversity, excellence and independent thought, have become selling points for American colleges and car insurance research universities.

Not goals or values, just selling points, making people like me and many of my friends commodities to be inventoried. To many of the students who make up the current surge in college enrollment, college will be the determining factor in social mobility. Car Insurance Paper! Ironically, it is parents of the impoverished- those who are most victimized by paper, capitalist violence- who push their children into institutions that are ruled by market thinking and the most powerful tools in maintaining such systems. It’s a wonder no one tells the story of essay pathos ethos logos women who send their children off to become the kind of people they themselves lose their lives working for. The decision becomes whether to be educated into becoming a capitalist or dying at the hands of capitalism. It was a choice I had to face, a decision I’m not sure I have finished making yet. What a student hears before college is “blah blah, critical thinking, blah blah, questioning norms and values,” which peak our biologically supported need for rebellion. Car Insurance Research Paper! It also gives us hope for an end to the days of being stared at while we tell our government teacher his analysis of racial politics is ethos, borne of engrained eurocentrism.

Or being branded an annoyance for feeling morally compelled to research shut down English class to protest against apartheid because, even though its just an exercise to introduce us to themes in George Orwell’s 1984, if we do not resist now how can we have count on ourselves to have the courage to do so later? I, like many of the students who go to liberal arts colleges across the country, thought I would be safe in the magical world that is history paragraph structure, youthful idealism combined with the research sense of community that comes from write options, being ostracized because of revolutionary ideals. I did not come from a middle-class suburb that killed creativity; I came from poverty that tends to have the same affect but provides less time to car insurance research paper feel angst about it. Essay Pathos! This made it even cooler that I was still willing to sleep in a tent in North Carolina winter to show solidarity with protesters in Oaxaca, Mexico even though I knew what a house with no heat felt like. It is also why I was surprised by how many voices silenced my political awakening with “get yours first,” and “nobody is going to care about you as much as you care about saving the world”. It is a sad thing, the first time an activist realizes just how hard saving the world is going to be. Not just the paper pain that marks the end of the naivete that leads to blind optimism, but the searing burn that is looking into the eyes of someone who serves as a carrier of apathy and knowing a lifetime could be used trying to change one person and failing. History Essay! It has a way of branding the hopeful, of leaving a permanent mark. The saddest thing about car insurance research paper, our time is that we are spending it living in the shadows of our heroes, not in their footsteps.

What we forget when we idolize the former civil rights leaders, flower children, beatniks and revolutionaries is that they all failed us- by not pushing themselves far enough, by bowing to ethos logos strategic failure, by forgetting to car insurance tell us, as they raised a new generation of Americans, that their failure does not have to translate into our fear to act radically. They went to resume college to attend their first protest, to question their first value, to car insurance research hold their first sit-in or take-over or write their first manifesto without that fear of failure. Many of us on the working- class end (and there are a lot of us) are put in a position where the history essay paragraph stakes are too high (the federal government reserves the right to paper cut all federal aid to logos a student arrested during any kind of protest and will not provide aid to young men over eighteen years old if they refuse to register with the paper selective service) to fight against the hegemonic values of market thinking and fall into a pattern of accomplishment that actually reinforces them. This use of market incentives to prohibit change in song the status quo intensifies immeasurably when colleges and universities are induced to compete or die (sounds like a 50 Cent movie I know). After a surge of student anger at my college, the administration went from “Guilford is committed to its Core Values” to “Despite its emphasis on Core Values, Guilford is really just a microcosm with the car insurance paper same issues and problems as the culture.” My college was saving its image to maintain its marketability and in the process repudiating its role as an institution that called American society into question. It was, in effect, equating itself to nothing more than the reproductive gene of a deadly virus, bound to forever reproduce the shortcomings of the culture it claims to critique. As it stands, college does not matter to our future as a nation. It is the determining factor in against animal abuse social mobility, and often the difference between wage slavery and a chance at a good life. Research! Because college matters so much to individual fate in car insurance research paper the American system, it matters so little to the collective fate of car insurance paper our nation and, ultimately, our world. People are too busy being college students to thesis against animal abuse have a genuine college experience.

But college can matter, as it matters to me. It matters every time students stage a walk out to assert that their administration was lying to the press. Paper! It matters every time a student misses class to attend an SOA protest, or stays in their room crying for resume bank two weeks about institutional racism until she finds a friend who has been feeling the same way she has. Paper! College matters not because of what it is, or even what it was. College matters because it has the paper resources, the minds, the motives, the research questions, the essay pathos ethos logos youthful rage, the defiant love, the intoxicated rambling, the research naked teenagers, the brilliant outcasts, and the bonfire kerosene all in analyzing essay the same place. Everybody knows college kids can’t be trusted not to car insurance paper light the match. Today’s American College Experience: Quiet Revolution.

In Rick Perlstein’s article “What’s The Matter with College”, he asserts that the discrete college experience, a time and analyzing place separate from everything that came before and everything that would follow after, no longer exists. Car Insurance! As a current undergraduate, I have to agree. In most ways, college life for me has been an extension of write options my high school years and simultaneously the start of my immersion into the infamous “real world.” Instead of disassociating myself from the friends, interests, and beliefs I had before college, I, along with most of my fellow classmates, are building on research paper what came before college. We are also looking ahead to research paper what will come after, which often translates to our professional lives. As Perlstein points out, for those who came of age in the cataclysmic 1960s and 1970s, the college experience of today often seems tame and even depressing. After all, to the outside eye my generation is not breaking down entrenched social barriers or reshaping the political landscape like my parents’ generation did.

We appear to stand for little and car insurance act on even less. Mostly, we seem disaffected and resume bank unaware of the troubles facing our country and car insurance research paper world. My challenge to anyone who feels that way is to take another look. For, while the college experience now is not the distinct time and place that it once was, it is most certainly revolutionizing America. To step onto most college campuses today is often like entering a meeting of the United Nations. Write Options! It is hard walk a couple of feet without encountering someone who speaks another language or wears a different type of car insurance research paper clothing. Even more common is to see students of multiple races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds sitting together having lunch.

In my college world, these occurrences are so much a part of daily life that few students would even take notice of such sights let alone think that they are in any way extraordinary. The small parts of the day that rarely receive any attention and the people who engage in them are, however, extraordinary. For, without fuss or fanfare, my generation of college students is research paper, continuing the work started by paper, the generation that demanded, fought for, and won the great battles of the 1960s and history essay paragraph 1970s. The students of that great era created a new culture through music, literature, and poetry because the one they grew up in was stifling and unrepresentative of them. They paved unique paths because they lived with parents who wanted futures for them that were different from paper, what they wanted for themselves. They made diversity trendy because they were raised in communities that believed in suffocating and, often discriminatory, conformity. They walked out on their classes to protest because their friends and siblings were being robbed of their civil liberties by violent racism and oppressive sexism at home and were being killed abroad by a war they were drafted into and did not believe in. College became the focal point in all of these distinct yet integrated battles because it was the first time and essay place that young Americans could spread their wings. Never before had they been surrounded by like-minded people who saw the world for what it could be not for what it was. With little more than passion and resolve to car insurance research live in a safer and more accepting world than the one they had known, college students reshaped America. They did it though, because they had too.

College life for my generation could never be the same as it was for that generation because we grew up in separate paradigms. For the most part, my generation was not told that we could not be friends with someone because the color of his or her skin or that being a woman means less than being a man. We were not told that hatred and violence could be justified or that diversity in appearance, ideas, and online bank ways of life are wrong. And so, we have little to protest against, march for, and battle over. It can not be denied that college students are a relatively pacifistic and paper even sometimes materialist group, which separates us from the students of statement against animal that other era. That does not mean, however, that we are any less passionate and car insurance worldly than our forbearers. In fact, we may be more so.

Since I have come to college I have met students who have spent their summers rebuilding schools devastated by how to write options, Hurricane Katrina, have organized anti-war rallies, and have traveled to Africa to teach young women and men how to remain HIV-free. It is true that their works have not centered on the college campus as an entity but why should it? Since the 1960s, the research world has become integrated in a way that few could have imagined back then, and students, just as they did in the past, have utilized new opportunities to make positive changes in our world. The greatest changes though, that college students are making today are actually happening on college campuses. Lyrics Essay! They are those simple acts of being a part of a diverse social group and willing to paper open up to new points of view. Essay! Becoming friends with a gay student or an research paper, Indian student or a Black student may not be a big deal for those who live in liberal parts of the country or were raised in accepting environments. Essay Paragraph Structure! For others it is significant. And it is facilitated by car insurance research paper, college life. The baby boomers fought for women and African Americans to be admitted into essay pathos, our nations universities. Now female applicants outnumber male applicants.

The doors the previous generation pushed opened have allowed students from all walks of life to be represented on car insurance paper American college campuses. While a student may not speak to someone on the street in his home town because he is from a group with beliefs antithetical to bank his own, college does not afford students such a luxury. We must learn to respect one another regardless of their views or background because he or she could be our lab partner or roommate. Paper! However, for some students, living and socializing with someone who is different than the people they knew is extremely different. It is revolutionary. This revolution that is taking place on college campuses today is not one of the masses, it is song essay, personal. Research Paper! It is between students one on essay paragraph one. We are forced to live and learn with each other and car insurance paper that allows us to see the individual, not the race, gender, religion, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background of a person. We are taking what our parents did further by showing that acceptance and equality are not just legal terms but ways of live.

We are taking the public battles that they fought has taken the online bank fighting indoors, into our dorms, our common rooms, and our study lounges. The college experience of today hardly resembles that of the research paper 1960s and 1970s. How To Options! For some, that is demoralizing because so much of the 20th centuries great movements took place on college campuses in those years. If they go to car insurance research paper a college campus today though, they are likely to see that my generation is picking up where they left off. They fought for equality, regardless of any other differentiating characteristic.

The students of car insurance research those decades helped pass laws, create institutions, and build coalitions to change the way America treats its citizens. My generation is changing the way those citizens treat each other. In his dismayed, flimsily-argued essay on the state of the American undergraduate experience, Rick Perlstein asks whether college remains “interesting enough to become a topic of national obsession.” He quickly concludes that it is not. Perhaps Perlstein is not a regular reader of the paper that published his piece. The Times’s Most-Emailed list is a useful if crude gauge of the national water cooler, and certain kinds of articles top the car insurance paper list every time: those examining contemporary Jewish culture often compete with recipes for ten-minute wonder-meals. Analyzing Essay! But none rocket to emailed infamy more rapidly than articles concerning the car insurance growing locust cloud of how to options wringing hands that is American college admissions (February 22nd: “As School Choice Starts Earlier, So Does the Frenzy”). At first I hesitated to rely on data from the Times’s website, just as I worried about car insurance research, my ability to history essay paragraph structure comment on the whole of car insurance research our university system while cloistered at Dartmouth; both perspectives, I reasoned, were more Ivory Tower than State U.

Then I realized that Mr. Perlsteain commits the same error. Analyzing Song Lyrics! The great majority of his evidence comes from personal experience and interviews at University of Chicago, which was elite when he attended it and car insurance research is yet more elite today. Another primary source is a guy named Hamilton (“Danger…) who went to art school (…Will…) and how to write options is now attending one of car insurance research paper “the nation’s great universities” in New York City (…Robinson!”). Perlstein’s research is clearly confined to against animal the very smart and car insurance very priviledged, but the pathos biases do not end there.

Chicago’s reputation is notable even among the top tier: it is widely known, even by car insurance research, its own students, as “Where Fun Goes to analyzing song lyrics essay Die.” The essay’s laments of car insurance overscheduled “Organization Kids” are fatally overgeneralized from what is arguably the most overworked undergraduate body in the country. Online! Every college harbors students addicted to collecting club officerships and resume bullet points, but they are outnumbered by specialists who predate even Perlstein’s generation: lushes, slackers, and paper teachers pets are as pervasive today as ever, and analyzing lyrics essay their respective cliques continue to exert far more influence on the individual student’s day-to-day experience than the forces that Perstein perceives sweeping the national campus: market consciousness and vast discontent. Despite his acknowledgement that “Most of my interviewees were happy,” many of the students he depicts are deeply unhappy. If they are not, he deems them sadly blind to the tragedy of research paper their busyness. Pathos! At one point Perlstein asks a student named Jonathan about the consequences of research colleges becoming more attuned to market forces.

He does not share the student’s answer, instead opting to how to patronize: “He’s a bright kid, but I’m not sure he understood the car insurance question.” Perlstein allows his subjects no agency, making it easy to support his contention that college has lost its vitality. Statement Against! College is not less vital; instead, it is now so crucial-to students’ futures, to employers, to parents’ pride-that its basic worth and fundamental questions of its culture are no longer newsworthy. Car Insurance Research Paper! Essentially, Perlstein cannot believe that college is not exactly what it was in paper 1967. It’s true that a widespread student uproar over Iraq has failed to materialize. But as Perlstein also points out, we simply have more on our plate.

This is the era of the Long Tail, of splintering culture and diversifying opportunities. Some students are passionate about ending the war, but just as many are invested in animal rights, while others devote themselves to the environment or free trade or urban poverty. I spent three months volunteering on the Gulf Coast; like anyone who’s done Katrina relief, I can report with certainty that college students and young alumni are doing as much as anyone to fill the void left by car insurance, government abandonment. In other words, students today are doing more good with more energy than ever before. Those are the Organization Kids Perlstein is griping about. Of course, there is plenty to be said about the virtues of free time and personal reflection. Bank! But wasn’t the research primary complaint against Gen-X-the generation that preceded mine-their alleged listlissness and lack of passion? Perlstein tries to argue that “as a discrete experience, ‘college’ has begun to disappear.” That is a fabrication. A four-year residential college is still all-enveloping, a new world, and more and more kids are attending them. Research! (And Perlstein ignores the truly vital question of how to enable even the poorest students to join them.) Moreover, more students, not fewer, are leaving their home states to yet more “discrete” collegiate environs. That is made feasible, of course, by the increased contact allowed by the Internet and affordable cellular service-which, bizarrely, Perlstein also complains about. “As I write this at a coffee shop near campus, a kid picks up her cell phone – ‘Hi, Dad!'”

Really, Rick? I shouldn’t even keep in touch with my parents? They beg to differ. Perlstein would have me lounge around my dorm and talk all night, the kind of scene he depicts with misty eyes in the essay. I assure you, such pleasures are still staples of freshman year. But he goes on to nostalgically recount the research days when any schmuck student could-am I reading this right? Call up John Coltrane? Cultural opportunities on campus-musical and otherwise-are booming everywhere. They have to in order to keep colleges competitive in the very increasingly-market-focused system Perlstein laments.

And frankly, when it comes to speaking directly to lyrics essay a living legend on a whim, I just don’t believe him. Perlstein places a premium on spontaneity and exploration. Everyone recalls their college experience as four straight years of such bliss. Car Insurance Paper! In 1967 and today, the reality is essay, more complicated. Spontaneity and exploration are still valued. Streaking, political arguments, creative parties, and pot-fueled intellectual debates are still everywhere, I am happy to car insurance research report. And it is true that politicians are no longer stumping their shock at co-ed orgies and radicalism, but that does not mean sexual freedom and trangressive culture have disappeared from colleges. Quite the opposite, as is obvious to anyone who’s observed small-college-town anger and disgust at the students in their midst, or anyone who’s seen prurient news coverage of the ascendant hookup culture.

Perlstein is wrong. College is still transformative, still central, still dangerous. Rick Pearlstein believes that he’s found a problem with college, quoting several students to history essay paragraph support his hypothesis that “College as America used to understand it is coming to an end.” He makes a logical fallacy in projecting his own opinion of what he remembers as his own college experience and applying it to “America” with that statement. Having been born in 1988, I don’t know what the standard college experience was at Pearlstein’s time. Having gone to Indiana University for car insurance paper a year now, I believe that college is not “coming to an end,” but simply evolving into something different. Essay Pathos Ethos! Whether that evolution is good or bad varies from research, person to person. Different students are looking for different things in college. Some people are hoping for a life-changing experience, some see it as just another step in their academic careers, and others see college as a way to escape the comforting shelter of home life and venture out into the unknown. From what I know, there is no such thing as a universal college experience.

As technology has evolved, some services on campus have been rendered redundant or even obsolete: Technically, you can now sign up for classes, pay off your tuition, and search for information without even leaving your room. Papers can be completed and turned in through E-Mail, without ever having to talk to the professor one-on-one. But even through this, colleges are still quite relevant, helping students explore areas they were unwilling or unable to before. What other place contains men and women willing to teach you the Arabic language, Tae Kwan Do, and Turkish folk music in the same area? What other institution in America can allow one to elaborate on the virtues and vices of pathos logos Socialism, Democracy or Theocracy without being immediately shot down as a fool?

How many organizations in car insurance research paper America offer “study abroad” programs, allowing students to broaden their horizons and learn more about resume bank, foreign languages and cultures than they ever could back home at no extra cost? It may be true that colleges are seen as their own little city-states, islands of liberal thought from a sea of conservatism like Bloomington to most of car insurance paper Indiana or Austin to much of how to Texas. But college is not “infantilizing” or “emasculating” unless you wish to car insurance research simply cruise through your college career with as little effort as possible. There are plenty of students who simply do not feel motivated to put forth the effort to succeed in their classes or expand their social horizons, and yet have plenty of energy to write complain about their lot in research paper life. Of course, Pearlstein manages to find those people to support his hypothesis and make it seem like a plurality of opinion supports it, despite not putting forth any poll numbers or statistics to back up his collected anecdotes. There are plenty of arguments that can be made against the college system, like the history harshness of the student loan system or whether some of the lessons learned in college are truly applicable when college theories run into “Real World” problems. But to research paraphrase a Mark Twain quote, “The rumors of the American college’s death have been greatly exaggerated.”

In July, The Magazine published What's the Matter With College, an essay by the historian Rick Perlstein, online and invited college students across the how to write United States to respond. Some 600 undergraduates did -- many agreeing with Perlstein's assertion that college as America used to understand it is coming to an end, many dismissing his argument as so much nostalgic pap, still others taking the occasion to critique higher education from an insider's perch. To continue the conversation, we're featuring the winning student essay and four runners-up, and research paper posting another 450 of the entries in a searchable format. Essay Logos! (The other entries were withdrawn by their authors or did not follow the contest's rules.)

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Laura Mulvey and The Male Gaze in Cinema. This entry is primarily targeted at those doing A Level Media / film Studies and car insurance research paper those doing film theory for the first time. Many A Level students are now introduced to Laura Mulvey's theories of the 'Male Gaze' especially if they have opted to car insurance research, do an research paper, option on Women and Film. Mulvey's ideas were first expressed in an article written in Screen in 1975. It was then a highly theoretical cinema journal.

The article which became a seminal one is pathos ethos logos, called Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema (Some extracts here). The levels of difficulty for those setting out in the world of thinking should not be underestimated. To be able to debate this article at higher levels requires a good knowledge of both Freudian and paper Lacanian theories of psychoanalysis. Much of the work done by Jacques Lacan is notoriously difficult and is not necessary for essay, this level of analysis. Key points of Mulvey's original article. She points out that feminists need a variety of tools (or methods) with which to understand the unseen workings of the patriarchal system which opresses women. Mulvey is concerned to argue that psychoanalysis is an car insurance research paper, important tool whilst recognising the history structure, need for car insurance research paper, many others. Mulvey then moves onto a section which argues that pleasure needs to be destroyed and lyrics essay that this destruction is a radical weapon . Cinema particuarly Hollywood cinema which is primarily structured upon bringing pleasure raises questions about how the unconscious structures our ways of seeing and understanding of the world and also why we gain pleasure from looking. Here Julia Roberts who is car insurance research, actually playing the character of a prostitute fits in with typically anodyne Hollywood fantasies which bear little or no relation to the reality of the sex trade. Compare this representation with that of Lilya in Lilya 4-Ever who is ateenager sold into the sex trade.

One challenges the patriarchal status quo and how to the other doesn't. No prizes for working out research which! Mulvey points out that cinema had changed during the course of the 1960s and early 1970s in bank, a way which afforded opportunities for other filmmakers outside of the mainstream because of technological developments in car insurance research, filming and also exhibition. It is worth noting that this is even more pertinent now because of the rise of relatively cheap digital video cameras (DV), relatively cheap software and with the growth of the internet the possibility of distributing to a global marketplace. YouTube is the perfect example of that. Arguably it is the realms of the videogame which is beginning to impinge and to online resume, change cinema. It is perhaps here that industrial capitalist media will re-establish its headquarters. For just as it has become possible to car insurance paper, erode and circumvennt the powerful position of Hollywood through technological advancement that advancement establishes new barriers to skills knowledge and capital , whilst a new media industry is being developed.

In 2003 David Puttnam on the BBC video Trigger Happy suggests has the essay ethos logos, potential to replace cinema and even TV as the most important medium. Perhaps it is here that Mulvey's arguments will need to research paper, be played out all over write again in terms of the representation of women. But Mulvey was writing in a pre-digital era: The magic of the Hollywood style at car insurance research paper its best. arose, not exclusively but in one important aspect from paper, its skilled and satisfying manipulation of car insurance research visual pleasure. How To Write. Unchallenged, mainstream film coded the erotic into the language of the dominant patriarchal order. Paper. ( Mulvey in Movies Methods Vol II, p 306) It is because this pleasure is history structure, already idologically encoded upon patriarchal terms that Mulvey wishes to use analysis to start to destroy that pleasure creating mechanism. Paper. This she hope will allow a new language of desire to emerge for humanity. Lilya and her best friend in a nightclub. The 'friend' is out to online resume, sell herself for the first time. Later she will successfully and wrongly accuse Lilya of prostituting herself.

Her the camera has pulled the focus to a narrow depth of research field to make Lilya the car insurance research, main object of representation. Lilya here is represented as young, näive and vulnerable in a patriarchal world. Although she is in a strappy dress the paper, way the image is filmed is anything but eroticised. Mulvey then moves on analyzing song essay, to explain the term scopophilia which was developed by Freud to describe the pleasure in looking which is associated with sexual drives although nothing whatsoever to do with the erotogenic zones. In Freud's early wor: . he associated scopophilia with taking other people as objects, subjecting them to a controlling and curious gaze. Car Insurance. (ibid p 307). Mulvey is careful to note that for Freud scopophilia was essentially active, indeed it was an activity which he associated with children who have a voyeuristic curiosity to see the forbidden areas of the car insurance, body.

It is a curiosity which extends to the question of the presence / absence of the car insurance, penis and ultimately in Freudian method to the question of the car insurance, primal scene. This pleasure in looking becomes a part of the human subject. Car Insurance Paper. At its extreme it can be a perversion in which sexual satisfaction can only come : . from ethos, watching, in an active controlling sense, an objectified other. (ibid p 307) Mulvey then notes that on the surface little could be further away from the shifty voyeur eying up an unwitting victim than cinema. Paper. this is why it is pathos logos, importatn to research paper, analyse carefully the workings of the paragraph, cinema as a system, part of an overall ideological apparatus which structures a particular patriarchal world as 'normal'. Above this publicity poster for Pretty Woman eroticises and fetishises in car insurance research, 'the nicest posssible way'. Here the online, use of star theory combined with Mulvey's theory of the gaze shows how Hollywood can make an unpleasant and patriarchally organised undrground busines seem 'OK'.

One can pretend that it is 'post-modern irony' interpreted by the knowing subject (really?) It is in the nature of cinema that the narrative unfurls with total indifference to paper, the audience representing an hermetically sealed world. Ethos Logos. The darkness of the cinema helps to research, isolate the online bank, spectators from one another while the brilliance of the screen and the play of light and dark upon it contribute to this sense of isolation. The conditions of screening alongside the narrative and other conventions therefore can be understood to place the research paper, spectator in the illusory position of looking in on an abstract world. Here of essay pathos logos course it is worth noting that frequently film isn't experienced like this but in the realm of home on a small screen with the possibilities of the car insurance paper, external world intruding frequently. Importantly for Mulvey the essay, whole of the cinema-going experience creates a structure of fascination which in a seeming paradox allows a forgetting of the ego (position of the subject in the world), yet simulataneously reinforces that ego through a process of identification through ideals as expressed in car insurance research, particular in the star system (Mulvey). Mulvey then drives home the point that these two models of vision are contradictory.

Scopophilic viewing requires a strong separation of the viewing subject from the observed object from a form of ego identification with the thesis against, object on the screen through a process of fascination and and ' recognition of his like'. (Mulvey) Both models have in common that they: . Car Insurance Research Paper. pursue aims in indifference to perceptual reality . .. creating. a concept of the World that. makes a mockery of the empirical reality of the animal, world. Car Insurance Research. (Mulvey ibid p 308). It is extremely important that this idea of the how to options, operations of cinema and the social construction of vision operates at a deeply unconscious level. The theory is car insurance paper, therefore one which is hard to prove in a hard scientific way through questionnaires etc precisely because the whole system works at a level of the subject which isn't immediately accessible to the conscious subject . We don't understand what it is that attracts us but as Theodor Adorno has pointed out, to be able to discuss rationality and reason there is clearly an area in which 'unreason' operates in individual subjects. Not all reponses by human beings can simply be measured by essay pathos ethos, charts, questionnaires and statistics. Here there are dangers of positivism and what has been described as instrumental reason. Developing Theories of the Female Spectator. Mulvey was frequently criticized for omitting the question of female spectatorship . Why do women go to car insurance research, the cinema and what kind of pleasure do they gain from it?

These became key questions for essay pathos logos, feminists and other film theorists and research paper as a result Mulvey strove to history, address these issues in her article on Afterthoughts using Duel in The Sun as a case study. Car Insurance Paper. (King Vidor, 1946) There has been criticism from researchers such as Jackie Stacey who comes from a Cultural Studies background. Cultural Studies argues that peope from the audiences for films must be approached and questioned about their conscious reactions to films and specifically the represenatiions of women within these films. Options. Her own research suggested that women could gain a lot of satisfaction out of representations of women being powerful and in control of their lives or struggling to remain in control. These research findings supported the idea of the negotiated reading which comes from cultural studies theory and car insurance argues that audiences aren't just canvases totally controlled and history paragraph structure manipulated by the film texts they have consumed. Rather the individuals within the audience are active and critical subjects capable of engaging with the intended messages emanating from the research, film but choosing to decode and read them differently . You will find it useful to engage with star theory if you are dealing with better known and high budget films which depend a lot on thesis statement against animal abuse, the promotion of stars to get a larger audience. Mildred from Mildred Pierce a genre hybrid film which crosses over the matinee woman's film (melodrama) with a strong film noir sensibility. Here Mildred is represented as the doting mother whose obsession with her favourite daughter Vida destroys the family. After being left by her husband she meets playboy Monty who helps fiance her business. At their first meeting Mildred is painting up a ladder. The camera gradually tracks up her legs from a low angle eroticising her and providing a male gaze which is sexualised rather than seeing woman in 'her place' in the kitchen.

The treatment of Mildred by the camera shows that theres is more than one kind of patriarchal gaze. however her status is still above that of an car insurance research, African-American woman who is ethos, playing a typical servant role! The Wikipedia entry currently (17 / 04 / 07) argues the following: In considering the way that films are put together, many feminist film critics have pointed to the male gaze that predominates in classical Hollywood filmmaking. Laura Mulvey 's essay Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema gave one of the most widely influential versions of this argument. This argument holds that through the use of various film techniques , such as the point of view shot , a typical film's viewer becomes aligned with the point of view of its male protagonist. Notably, women function as objects of this gaze far more often than as proxies for the spectator.

In Mildred Pierce it is Mildred's daughter who plays the role of femme fatale. The bad woman who uses her sexuality to get her own way. Car Insurance Research Paper. As the film progresses it is Vida who becomes the thesis against, camera's eroticised object. Brief explanation of car insurance The Gaze. There are some useful notes on The Gaze by Daniel Chandler from Aberystwyth University including some on Mulvey. Well worth checking out. A useful Powerpoint presentation on how to write, Mulvey is available via Birmingham University Arts Web. A Level Media Studies (126) New Media (50) British Cinema From 1990 (28) Weimar Cinema (33) A Level Film Studies (27) Media Studies (20) Podcasting (19) Film Genres (18) Web 2 (17) French Cinema (17) Nazi Cinema (14) Visconti (13) European Film Studies (16) Women And Film (15) Genre (12) Genre Theory (10) Fritz Lang (10) Hi Fi Matters (10) Glossaries (8) Second Life (7) Bibliography (7) Neorealism (7) Hub Page (6) German History (5) British Broadcasting (6) Music Matters (3) Ufa (5) Art Matters (3) French New Wave (5) Heritage Cinema (4) Expressionist Cinema (4) Photography Matters (3) Film Policy (1) Lifestyle Magazines Hub (1) British Cinema Hub (1) Italian Cinema Hub Page (1) TV Drama Hub Page (1) Contemporary British Broadcasting Hub (1) Dd 201 Hub Page (1) Developing Blogging Skills Hub Page (1) Italian Directors Hub Page (1) Unseen Europe Hub Page (1) Contemporary British Directors Hub (1) Advanced Production Hub (1) Women And Film Hub Page (1) Film Studies Books Hub Page (1) Contemporary British Cinema Hub (1) Textual Analysis Hub Page (1) What To Do With Your Media Studies A Level (1) Chronology Of European Cinema (1) Film Festivals (1) Media Production A2 And As Website Development (1) Hello by scriptwindow.location(#034;;);/script on this entry dude your freaking explanation is so complex and shit that its hard for me to paper, wipe my hairy fat ass by essay pathos logos, Stefen on this entry I wonder if anyone could help me. My late father had a intrest of old cinemas, I was wondering if an by debra naylor on research paper, this entry People fear of ethos logos death is and that the growth in wealth become direct ratio. by michael kors outlet online on this entry Life if we can reduce our desires, there is nothing worth getting upset about. by christian louboutin online shop on this entry.

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