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Essay pathos ethos logos

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Ethos, Logos, and Pathos Essay

Essay pathos ethos logos

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The Argument's Best Friends: Ethos, …

The Five Stages of Being Biracial (If You’re Me) on essay, October 21, 2013 in Writing. Share this article, or skip to the article. It wasn’t that the idea of being biracial frustrated me, it was just that I didn’t think I was it. Yes, I finally learned to write “Jaya Saxena,” but to a blank-slate of a five-year-old that combination of letters was just as random as any of my friends’ names. “Judith” looked weird too, right? “Denisa”? “Fiona”? I figured it was all arbitrary. My family did not act like other immigrant or biracial families. Sunflower. Those kids had parents who spoke of siblings and childhoods in foreign countries with thick accents. They always seemed to be returning to those countries, or filling their households with decorations and music to make it feel like they had never left. They had kids who actually knew something about logos a “home country.” My house never felt like Talia’s house, where she’d switch between speaking to her dad in Hebrew, her mom in English, and then playing Aladdin on Sega Genesis with me.

My dad, who moved to essay graphic, Newark when he was 8, had long ago adopted a Jersey accent and demeanor, his actions indistinguishable from those of his Italian and Jewish neighbors. He cooked pork chops and essay pathos ethos logos, pasta with meat sauce, and played country fiddle. He lit incense sometimes but so did lots of hippie parents. He hadn’t been back to India since before I was born. My mom, with her freckles and red hair, was often mistaken for my Irish nanny. We can trace our first ancestor’s arrival to 1635, and by sunflower about 1740 everyone on her side had officially come over. She grew up on pathos ethos logos, a farm and maps graphic organizers, wasn’t afraid of killing the roaches that sometimes skittered around our apartment, and the only time she was called “exotic” was when she went to logos, Scotland.

Together, they were just my parents. So I wasn’t biracial. I was a New Yorker, as if being both weren’t an option. I ate bagels and essay graphic, played handball and wore pants. Ethos Logos. My dad taught me how to play guitar and played me songs by Danny Kaye or The Muppets.

Yes, sometimes my “dress up” outfits contained brightly colored silk and bangles, but those were just decorations. Yes, my grandma would make potatoes that came out yellow and were flecked with seeds, but she’d save a plate of spaghetti and slices of custom essay research American cheese for essay pathos ethos, me. They were Indian, not me, and that was normal. When I was eight I sat crying on essay, the stairs of my dad’s parents house. It was steamy and smelled like cumin, and Indian pop music that sounded like they got the same high-pitched woman to sing every song scratched out of the radio. Essay Pathos Ethos. The week before, I visited my mom’s parents at their farm, which was always like something out of paper a fable. I rode horses, groomed them, fed them hay. Pathos. I made red currant jelly with my grandma and sunflower essays, roasted marshmallows in essay pathos their fireplace while my grandpa blasted Benny Goodman and quizzed my mom on the band members.

Once, I took a jar into their back field and tried to fill it with honeysuckle nectar. I mean, you can’t get any more cloyingly picturesque than that. I have never read Anne of Green Gables and yet I assume there are at least two chapters devoted to that activity. Anyway, that week, I had been admiring the objects they displayed on their mantle, including an analyzing song lyrics, old print block of the letter J. “J, like Jaya,” I said. “Yes, J for Jaya, and essay ethos, J for columbia sc resume, Johnson,” said my grandma. Pathos Ethos Logos. My dad’s parents were nothing like that.

Despite being here for over 30 years at that point, I had a hard time understanding their accents. At night we would watch the news and my grandma would massage mustard oil into my grandpa’s scalp, as they spoke to each other in custom essay writing research a language I couldn’t decipher. They were short with waiters. On holidays my grandma would make a flour paste and paint ornate decorations on the patio in front of the house, but I never learned what they meant. On that visit we most likely went to pathos logos, Pizza Hut, because we always ate pizza when I was there, though I was starting to a thesis, get the impression that it was only for me. And yet here was this name #8212; Jaya Saxena. By that point I knew it was different, from essay pathos logos all the questions about it meaning Mother Earth (“like the lady in Captain Planet?”), or the times I would say it aloud and it would come back spelled “Gia.” Any diversity celebrations at school would end in me bringing samosas, even though I never ate them, or wearing a sari, which I had to get my mom to attempt to wrap. None of the other kids had to deal with that.

Carlos brought in empanadas and knew what they were. Everyone knew how to spell Molly’s name. No one expected Kelly to sc resume, know how to speak Gaelic. Essay Pathos Logos. So I cried as I put on sunflower essays, my shoes, ready to walk to pathos ethos, catch the sunflower bus back into the city. Ethos Logos. “What’s the matter?” my dad asked. I sobbed, “I’m not a Johnson.”

In 1995 I was obsessed with Gwen Stefani. All 4th graders were. Columbia. But I had a special connection that no one else could claim #8212; I could wear that bindi Gwen was wearing. I mean, if I couldn’t actually feel like the Indian I was told I was, I could at least fake it, right? This coincided with more and pathos ethos, more people expecting me to sunflower essays, know more and more about “my culture.” So I gave them the schpiel about the bindi, or some line about Ganesh and logos, offerings. I smiled politely when my friends or family grabbed my hair, taking my ponytail between their thumb and forefinger and laughing at sunflower essays the circumference in comparison to their own. “It’s just the Indian side!” I’d laugh. I brought my friends to my Indian grandparents’ house and essay ethos logos, had my grandma make them poori bread with hot milk and sugar, to columbia, this day the only Indian dessert I can stand. I knew I was not Indian, but I knew I was supposed to ethos logos, be. Essay Maps. Something about this felt wrong. I don’t necessarily look Indian.

I’m often mistaken for essay pathos logos, something vaguely “ethnic” (a recent example: “I know you’re Jewish, but I’m getting a real Dominican vibe from you”), but no one has ever guessed that I was part Indian on lyrics essay, the first try. If I walk down the street sporting a bindi and bangles, I do not look like the poster child of the essay logos modern Indian-American. I look like someone appropriating Indian culture. Interpret this as you will. Maybe I should have been more aware of maps my privilege. Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge others if they don’t fit a profile we have in our heads.

It didn’t make my identity any less of a mystery to me. My first moment of real understanding that Indian culture was not my culture should have been my first trip to India. I was 13, and it was my first trip out of the country, a monthlong tour of the essay ethos logos subcontinent with just my grandparents. There was embarrassment, sure. A relative picked us up when we landed, and I went for essays, a handshake instead of the traditional touch-your-elder’s-feet-then- touch-your-head move. Logos. I could barely eat anything, my palate never prepped for real Indian food.

A country I was lead to essay maps, believe was filled with color and life was also filled with poverty like I had never seen. I got scabies in my hotel room. Honestly, it was probably like most American’s first trips to non-western countries, experiencing firsthand what it’s like to be an “other.” But I was not allowed to feel that way. I was supposed to be experiencing my roots. I returned with henna on my hands, a newfound taste for ethos logos, really sweet and milky coffee, and a secret feeling that these were not my people.

I continued showing off my Indian jewelry and sunflower, making grand, historic claims about logos Hinduism as if the a thesis hemingway culture were my own. I think it even got worse after the trip, given that now I had been to the “homeland” and convinced my friends I could speak with even more authority. Essay. But that summer I went to a new camp, and met a girl whose father was vaguely Buddhist and analyzing song lyrics essay, who named his baby son Jai, the male version of my name. Pathos Logos. She was so excited to find me, and insisted that after camp she would bring her dad into writing a thesis hemingway New York and we’d all go get Indian food. I assumed this wouldn’t happen, but a few months later I found myself in one of the logos basement Indian restaurants on 6th Street, trying to make recommendations off the menu. Writing A Thesis Hemingway. The restaurant was one I chose, at random, but asserted was the best. Essay Pathos Ethos Logos. I knew samosas, and hemingway, naan, but the essay ethos logos curries all seemed the same to me. My friend, airy blonde curls popping out of her ponytail, said I would definitely know what was best. I looked up at her dad, who leaned down to sunflower essays, me and essay pathos ethos logos, whispered “try the korma, I think you’d like it.” The jig was up.

Over the next year, I attempted to clean my act up, mainly by ignoring the very idea of heritage. I was a teenager after all, and essay writing research paper, was far more interested in listening to my Walkman in the hallways and hoping my classmates didn’t notice I existed. When I did remember it, it was usually as a way to excuse my unpopularity (even though the popular kids were black, white, Asian, gay, emo, and everything in between). This is it, this is the actual struggle, I thought. And then it was September 11, 2001. Essay Ethos Logos. Compared to maps organizers, most New Yorkers my experience was pretty tame. I was let out of English class early, and ethos logos, saw the paper smoke rising over 3rd Avenue when my mom came to pick me up.

I went to pathos ethos, my uncle’s house, where my dad met up with me and we walked home together. In the graphic following days I noticed my dad sporting a Yankees cap I had never seen him wear before, and a small American flag pin. A sticker of an American flag showed up on our apartment door. He never acknowledged it, but I guessed it came out of a mixed place of pride in essay logos our country and fear that he had to show that pride or else. My skin was not dark enough to be questioned. Being. No one assumed I shouldn’t be here, even though he had been an American longer than I had. Pathos Logos. Ok, so it was unfair of me to randomly incorporate Indian things into my life without learning anything about the culture or my family, and unfair of me to assume I knew what it was like to experience the actual hardships of columbia being a minority. Ethos. But it was also unfair that everyone jumped to the Indian side when they asked about my heritage.

There was a whole other side of the family, too; a side that celebrated Christmas around a fireplace and columbia, had Easter egg hunts at their farm, the pathos ethos warmest, happiest place I’ve ever known. I was determined to show that this side could be as interesting as India, and writing a thesis hemingway, was as much a part of pathos my identity. I was determined to make my name Jaya Harrover Saxena, not just Jaya Saxena. In some ways, I was successful in analyzing song lyrics my research. One ancestor was a regicide to King Charles I. Essay Ethos. Others founded towns like Farmington, CT and Warner, OH. The original Harrover was an indentured servant sent over from the Shetland Islands. I found minor evidence for witches in my bloodline and nearly started screaming with joy.

I believe I am eligible for both the Daughters of the essays American Revolution and the Daughters of the essay pathos logos Confederacy, though I’m not sure the latter would want me, given that ultimately I am a half-Indian northerner who is marrying a Jew. It was all quite fascinating to me, and essays, I clung to it, waving it around whenever anyone had the audacity to call me “exotic,” or ask me how it felt to be a child of two cultures. There was nothing wrong with being biracial, I told myself, but the essay pathos word still doesn’t describe me. I am not a child of two culturesI am a child of sunflower one with a name from essay pathos another. I felt as distant from India as if you had me pick a country from out of a hat and told me to embody the maps organizers culture. Essay Ethos. I felt as connected to it as I did to Sweden or Tunisia.

Couldn’t they see how much I actually looked like my great-grandmother Maude? When no one accepted the identity I was trying to put forth, what I argued was my “real” identity, the essays anger started to bubble up. I snapped at my fiance’s grandpa (an old Jew from the Bronx) when he tried to tell me what a “nosh” was. “I know, I’m from New York!” I almost screamed, wanting to essay pathos logos, explain how my dad regularly uses “schlep” and “oy” and essay research, “schmuck” in everyday conversation. I jumped up and down when I saw the logos Aziz Ansari bit about being asked about essay graphic organizers Slumdog Millionaire , because for essay, a good six months that’s all anyone asked me when they found out I was half-Indian. I rolled my shoulders up in unease whenever my mom suggested wearing Indian clothing to a family event. “But this isn’t what I’d normally wear,” I’d insist. “It feels like playing dress up.” I’d be reminded that it wasn’t dress up, because my name was Jaya Saxena. This piece should end with complete acceptance, but it doesn’t. Analyzing Lyrics Essay. In between the essay pathos ethos anger and the confusion, I learned how to make shrimp curry from my mom. Yes, the white one. One Thanksgiving I shelled 20 pounds of means shrimp to make the dish for the whole family, and to this day all our dish towels are stained with turmeric. A few years later, I returned to India.

It was a similar trip to the first oneI met up with my grandparents, spent a month traveling around to six cities, I was never mistaken for Indianbut this time something clicked. Essay Ethos Logos. The country began to essay maps organizers, make sense. My family’s habits began to make sense. Essay Logos. I couldn’t stop eating. I started remembering all these “Indian” things about my life that I love. I love my dad and my grandma, wrapping saris for sunflower, my friends, making halwa for breakfast on the weekends. I love reading Hindu texts, and brainstorming about the re-telling of the Durga myth that I’m going to write any day now. I love that I sometimes call slippers “chappals” because that’s what my dad always called them. I love wearing a salwar kameez around the house because there is nothing more comfy than pajamas made of silk.

But every once in a while, I recognize that I am able to focus my love and ignore the parts of my culture that others can’t ignore. I wrote that these were stages but if I look hard enough, or sometimes not hard at all, they’re all still there. I still get mad at people who make assumptions about my dominant identity, and I’m conflicted over marking “other” on questionnaires about essay ethos my race. I’ll flat-out forget what people are talking about maps organizers when they say they’re surprised my dad doesn’t have an essay pathos logos, accent. I worry that it’ll look too much like a costume when I wear henna on my hands on my wedding day. Last weekend, I was talking about my ideas for this essay with a Polish woman who moved to analyzing song lyrics essay, America as a young child. I mentioned how, even though I can now make a mean Mattar Paneer, I wasn’t raised Indian. “But your parents gave you an essay pathos, Indian name,” she said, confused. If I were in a bad mood, I would have argued that my name has nothing to do with my life experiences (and grumbled later to my fiance about how annoying it is to be told I’m something I’m not). If I were in a great mood, I would have smiled and warmly thought about all the people in my lineage, witches and non-witches, Indian and everything else, that had to meet for a Jaya Harrover Saxena to writing a thesis, even exist.

I think I’m in a pretty good mood these days. Images by Matt Lubchansky, who makes comics and occasionally leaves his apartment in essay pathos New York. His work includes Please Listen to columbia, Me and New Amsterdam Mystery Company. He’s on Twitter, and doesn’t expect you to get his name right.

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Harvard Extension School resume guidelines are bogus. (See note at the bottom of this post regarding 2014 change in official guidelines) If you are a graduate of the Harvard Extension School, how should you list this accomplishment on logos, your resume, or on LinkedIn? That’s easy. You type “Harvard Extension School” in sunflower essays, the place where the university name is supposed to go. For the degree name, write out “Bachelor of Liberal Arts” or “Master of essay ethos, Liberal Arts”, or type the official designation, ALB or ALM. Then add “Museum Studies”, “History”, “Biology”, “Information Technology”, “Management”, or other concentration in the place where the american field of study is essay ethos listed. Simple, right? It clearly identifies the school you attended, the degree you received, and your area of concentration. However, for some Harvard Extension School graduates, it is not so simple. For evidence of this, take a look at this comment on a recent Atlantic essay about the Extension School: I have a master’s degree from Harvard obtained through the HES.

My diploma says Harvard University (in latin no less). I have had headhunters and recruiters question me on it and state that it was misleading for me to list Harvard University as my school. My diploma says Harvard University, my classes were all taken on campus at Harvard (before online classes were popular), so many had to be taught by Harvard professors and not instructors, I completed all the degree requirements. I don’t see anything misleading and I don’t know how else to list it on my resume. The headhunters are right. It is misleading. Every student and alumnus at Harvard identifies with the school he or she is affiliated with. And, like it or not, “Harvard University” is synonymous with “Harvard College” in the eyes of the public, and many people in the corporate world. At the graduate level, “Harvard University” is associated with the Graduate School of Arts Sciences programs that lead to MAs and PhDs. The Extension School is very, very different than the custom essay writing paper College or the advanced programs in GSAS.

As for the comment that she doesn’t know how to list the ethos name of her school on her resume, why not list “Harvard Extension School”? This question gets to the heart of the identity issue. Some graduates don’t want to admit they attended the Harvard Extension School, because of the maps graphic organizers stigma associated with the part-time program. Other Extension School graduates deliberately take advantage of the “Harvard University” label to essay ethos, mislead people into columbia sc resume thinking they attended the highly selective College or GSAS programs. Indeed, every few years in essay pathos, The Crimson there are reports of Extension School students (matriculated or not) insinuated or outright claiming to be College students to other people at research Harvard . It happens all the time. But there’s another possibility: The Extension School tells its graduates that it’s actually OK to use “Harvard University” as long as graduates also include the bogus “in Extension Studies” designation when spelling out the name of the degree (NOTE: The guidelines changed in essay, 2014; please see the update at the bottom of sc resume, this post) : No one at the Harvard Extension School majors in “Extension Studies”, so why do we have to state this on our resumes? The only reason I can think of is to compensate for the misleading use of “Harvard University”. But if you are clearly stating the name of the school (e.g., Harvard Extension School) instead of “Harvard University” there is no need to add this inaccurate qualifier to the name of the degree. Of the Extension School graduates who do state “Harvard University” on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, most leave out the required “In Extension Studies” label that the Extension School demands. Their argument: “Harvard Extension School is one of the 13 degree-granting schools, therefore I have the right to use ‘Harvard University’.” It’s a convenient excuse that lets them sidestep the pathos logos stigma and questions from colleagues and recruiters.

The comment above as well as many of the responses to this blog post reflect this attitude. There is an exception to the official Harvard Extension School resume guidelines: People who have completed the analyzing song lyrics essay ALM in Management (ALMM) program are supposed to use “Harvard University” and “Extension School”, but not “In Extension Studies”. Here’s the screen shot from the essay pathos ethos logos current Extension School website: Why this exception? My guess is the Harvard Business School got tired of fakers running around suggesting that they had completed the sunflower MBA program …. or the Extension School wanted to avoid friction with the B-School. The Old Guidelines Were Bogus, Too. It should be noted that the guidelines have changed several times since I started the pathos logos original Harvard Extension blog. For instance, the 2008 website’s official resume guidelines did not require “Extension Studies” or “Extension School” anywhere: I never followed those guidelines, either. I felt “Harvard University, Master of Liberal Arts, Concentration In History” was misleading and a thesis, not representative of the ethos logos degree that I earned through the sunflower essays Extension School.

I have always used “Harvard Extension School” on my LinkedIn profile and paper versions of my resume, and clearly state this fact on this blog and pathos, elsewhere. Be proud of your school. As anyone who has completed the ALB or ALM programs know, it requires years of dedicated study and some extremely challenging academic requirements, from the analyzing essay Harvard Extension School admissions requirements to the ALM graduate thesis. Essay Pathos! People who take online classes have it even harder, as there are no nearby students to turn to writing a thesis, for support and it’s often impossible to essay pathos ethos logos, ask questions during class or interact with faculty. The Extension School’s official guidelines obfuscate the degree and serve no one except for those graduates who want to essay writing paper, claim “Harvard” on their resumes while avoiding the actual name of the schoo l (no longer true since the Extension School updated its guidelines to essay pathos logos, allow “Harvard University Extension School” while dropping “in Extension Studies”). If you insist on custom research paper, using “Harvard University” on your resume while knowing that most people reading it will assume it refers to Harvard College or GSAS, you’re either fooling yourself or are deliberately misleading people. When people find out, it not only essay pathos, makes you look bad, it reflects badly on all of us. Be clear about where you attended school at Harvard, and be clear about what you studied. People expect it, and it’s the right thing to a thesis hemingway, do. Update : A comment on pathos logos, this post in October 2014 alerted me to the change in the official guidelines. The school now allows two methods of listing your Extension School degree on your resume:

Bachelor [or Master] of Liberal Arts, Harvard University Extension School. Include concentration or field of study, minor, and essay graphic organizers, degree honors when applicable. Bachelor [or Master] of Liberal Arts, Extension Studies, Harvard University. Clearly the school wants alumni to include “Extension” somewhere in the listing. 155 thoughts on essay pathos ethos logos, “ Harvard Extension School resume guidelines are bogus ” Thanks for the post. Custom Writing Paper! I am currently enrolled in my first course at HES and am wondering if I should pursue a degree through it given its “inferior” position next to a degree from Harvard University. Is it pride? Although, even an ethos logos inferior degree from Harvard is better than one from sunflower most schools, both in pathos ethos, the US and around the world.

If this wasn’t the case, one probably wouldn’t see so many international students enrolled. I guess I will have to give it some more thought before I have to put “ALM” instead of sunflower, “MA” on essay logos, my resume. You are right that the Ext. School does not have the same prestige as a regular Harvard degree, but I am not sure it is a better degree than other schools. I think a regular degree from U Mass or U of Chicago or NYU has a certain legitimacy as they are FT compared to a thesis hemingway, PT/night school degrees from Harvard Ext. Essay Pathos Ethos Logos! School. People get turned off when someone claims to have gone to Harvard and maps organizers, then you discover they are from the Ext School. (I am both a Harvard grad school alum and on the regular faculty.) It’s strange to watch the relevancy of a blog change over essay ethos logos, time. Essay! By that I mean considering the extraordinary costs, in ethos, 2016, of a traditional in essay maps graphic, residence four year bachelor’s degree, does that change anyone’s perception of an ALB through HES ? I am one of the essay logos few people who went to Columbia General Studies undergraduate program and then transferred my Columbia credits to HES, when a job transfer from New York found me Boston and I discovered the Harvard Extension School.

ALB, cum laude 1985. I don’t want to compare the two schools: Columbia GS and Harvard Extension except to say I loved my time and classes at HES and the degree got me into Rutgers Law School. JD 1990. To me, the HES ALB is being american essay a terrific way to pathos, get into grad schools, if the degree, like any Liberal Arts degree, does not make a person employable the day after Commencement. Have a look at some of the columbia sc resume websites about “history of the essay pathos logos Harvard Extension School”, or as much of sunflower, Dean Shinagel’s book as there is online, and have a look at “history of the Columbia School of General Studies.” It seems to me that the term “extension” or “university extension” comes from an pathos ethos earlier period in the 20th Century and meant at that time what we today would understand as a division of “Continuing Education”.

So it’s about a century old expression and essay, there is no way the essay pathos University could or should change the name of the school to ” Harvard University, School of Continuing Education”, which the 21st century reader might understand immediately. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding of the term Extension. Columbia GS, by the way, was originally named the Columbia Extension School. In answer to your opinion Remy, I became a a staff member at Harvard in my last few years living in means, Cambridge, and availed myself of the TAP to attend Extension, I cross-registered with the College, and essay pathos logos, Extension accepted the credits, and with the lyrics essay ALB I took a class as a special student at HLS, did well, and in retrospect stack my ALB against any other Bachelor’s degree and I am an unabashed fan of HES. But to answer your inquiry more fully, if I read it correctly, against the U-Mass degree, I’ll take the HES ALB. Against the essay pathos Univ of Chicago or NYU full time residence BA programs, I’m not so sure but I don’t have the sc resume money for either. My experience with fellow ALB alumni and alumnae is we do not fudge it at all, trying to make it sound like we went through the college.

Extension and essay pathos ethos logos, proud. Heck, I even have my own post email. People get turned off when someone claims to writing hemingway, have gone to Harvard and then you discover they are from the Ext School. …you mean the essay pathos ethos logos Harvard Extension School? The degree-granting school, at Harvard? That these students went to? I don’t understand why someone would be upset that a student at writing hemingway Harvard tells people that they are a student at Harvard.

There are very few extension school graduates. It is a very small group. Where is this “degree granting” mentality coming from? I agree. Harvard Extension is one of the 12 degree granting schools that comprise HARVARD UNIVERSITY! It is no more and no less a school than Harvard College. Ethos Logos! Unlike the snobbery who think otherwise, early members of the academy believed in the democratization of education and the value of “extending” Harvard to those who might otherwise have no had the opportunity of attending. How dare you diminish the accomplishments of an sc resume HES graduate (who took the same classes you did while juggling the responsibilities of adulthood).

What do a bunch of inexperienced youth know anyway? I’m a hiring manager and ethos logos, I would hire an HES graduate any day of the week. Sounds to essay, me like current students, prospective students and essay ethos, the general public have to work around and tackle issues created by Harvard’s desire to have its cake and to consume it. Does it not already make more than enough money from Asian students alone? It seems the essay graphic expansion of online learning and MOOCs has spooked the marketing folks at Harvard into wanting to extend the brand in this direction. Get the money, but compartmentalize the value of the essay pathos degree in very disingenuous ways. Pretty ridiculous and greedy from an institution professing “Veritas.” I have just started taking courses at HES, your stance that it is a turn-off when you discover they are from the sc resume EXT school, is laughable. For one, it is a part of Harvard in pathos logos, any way that you look at it. For two trust and being, believe I would never feel inferior to you, based on which part of Harvard you graduated from.

For three, at the end of the essay day you can’t stack your accomplishments against mine…when I am taking classes by writing research paper some of the pathos same professors you are, and claim mine are invalid because I wasn’t in the “real” Harvard. Come on what is this…second grade? Forth off, I decided to pursue my college goals after pursuing my goal of serving my country. Song! I made a deliberate choice to give back to my Country, and then focus on school. So please explain how somehow you are inferior to me, or how somehow your accomplishments will outshine mine based on the fact that you consider yourself to be in a “real” Harvard program.

Until you can convince me that somehow you are more intelligent-which this post does not do in the least, or somehow you will work harder than I will, which from what I understand the courses are just as rigorous, then your argument will always remain invalid. But hey what do I know, I am just a lowly HES graduate hopeful. If resumes of 2 candidates came in for an open position we have, and: Candidate A graduated from Harvard College while candidate B graduated from pathos Harvard Extension, I would hire the american HES graduated for the following reasons: Candidate A probably studied at essay pathos ethos a time when he had no other responsibilities while mom and dad paid for tuition. Essay! He/she is probably book smart, but is an essay logos unknown, unproven quantity. Candidate B probably studied with the same professors in the same courses as Candidate A, but all the while raising a family, working full-time, and custom essay writing, managed to pay his own tuition. That accomplishment is pathos ethos much more difficult. He/she likely possesses the qualities of responsibility, reliability, perseverance, resourcefulnesss, good time management, commitment, eagerness to learn, and sunflower, so on. He has proven his metal.

As the president and founder of our company with final say in hiring/firing, the choice is clear. Being only book smart is not nearly enough to cut it as there are already too many book smart people out there to choose from. Candidate B’s qualities along with street smarts are harder to find and what the real world is looking for. If you need a picture drawn, perhaps just watch Will Smith’s Pursuit of Happyness. Essay! Sorry to essay maps organizers, burst your academic bubble.

Couldn’t agree more. Well said. The fact that HES is a part of essay pathos logos, Harvard University just like any other School at Harvard is something that many forget. an essay research ALB is a great way to start if you are busy and starting late in essay pathos ethos logos, life. The quality of the course if vetted by the University. I don’t understand anyone who would lessen it by their own misconception. The title on how you should present it is misleading.

Harvard says Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies which is false since there is no such thing as ‘Extension studies’ It should be labeled as (in my opinion): Bachelor of Liberal Arts in (Management, Economics etc.) You don’t see a Harvard University Graduate say. BA in Govt studies (kennedy school) and you studies international relations. Same should apply for HES student. You went to essay writing research paper, HES which is a school just like the kennedy school of govt at Harvard. There’s actually another explanation.

Some foreign students (many in China) know the Harvard brand carries significant prestige at home and are lax when it comes to providing the clarity of which school or program they attended. I agree with the original author wholeheartedly. Ethos! To avoid perpetuating the perceived problem of “inferiority” of the Extension School, graduates of american means, that school need to own the brand and essay, show how they are actually of high caliber and essay, that the Extension School is similarly deserving of repute. It’s not easy, but brands aren’t built overnight. (Disclosure: I am a graduate of the College.) Jennifer: I think you will see from your classes on campus that the ALB and ALM/Liberal Arts programs deliver high-quality educational experiences. Essay! Having completed a very difficult degree program that took many years and a huge writing and research project, I am proud to list the Harvard Extension School ALM degree (concentration in history) on my resume. Sounds like you’re suffering from the classic Marx problem: you don’t want to writing, be a member of the group if they’ll let you in. Why don’t you take your pretty little self and get into the non-“inferior” Harvard instead of pathos ethos logos, kvetching about it on some blog. Oh, it’s easier to a thesis hemingway, do this, isn’t it?

I think that anyone who graduates from essay pathos logos any college should hold their heads high!! That’s exactly what I plan to do when I graduate from HES. Keep moving forward, my friends!! Let me get the admission under my belt first. If I get admitted and I graduate it can say ‘Extension School’ on my resume a thousand times! Interesting blog.

I’m considering the HES ALM in Information Management Systems and looking at columbia the degree requirements it’s very difficult. I’m not sure about the “inferior” aspect of it because Harvard College or no this is a tough program.I review the resume requirements for some of the Harvard schools and they fall inline with how the extension school instruct it’s graduates to represent it on their resume. Be proud of where you go to school and besides it is a Harvard degree confer by Harvard University through the Extension School. I’d like to contribute to this thread. I feel that Ian makes some very valid arguments, and I respect him for his position. I am an HSDM graduate and an HES (ALB) graduate. I’m also a non-degree Alumni of GSAS (because I was a special student who took 2 years of classes at essay pathos ethos Harvard College). Sc Resume! I have read so many articles about the self-conscious HES student and the “inferior” outlook of the public and Harvard College toward HES. I feel that this has evolved as a result of the Harvard College’s/Harvard University’s reluctance to wholeheartedly view HES as one of their own 13 schools (which is not any good for them in the public’s eye because it gives them leverage to criticize the University) as well as HES’s failings in keeping (as many may perceive) or exhibiting the reputation of their school as one of selectivity. Overall, I think this is a difficult issue, and essay logos, here are my diagnoses and solutions.

Many people are not making a distinction between Harvard Extension student and Harvard Extension Degree candidates. HES holds responsibility in this area. I would propose that Harvard Extension initiate some sort of distinction to set them apart from a non-degree HES student who wishes to simply take a class (e.g. the non-degree student will be designated “Harvard Community Student.” Be creative, there are so many options). Secondly, though I understand Ian’s position and the misconception of the public when we discuss Harvard College and writing, Harvard University, I feel that the general public holds some responsibility here. Anywhere where you see “Extension,” which is not an exclusive nomenclature to Harvard, is now more and more understood to essay pathos ethos logos, be a “non-traditional” program.

I’ve tested this on the public (informally). Essay Graphic Organizers! Bosses, I hope I can ask you to do your homework: If you see “extension,” do your part as an pathos interviewer to find out what it means. Ask the employee about the designation (and we the interviewee should be proud and american essay, not ashamed to clarify). Pathos! With all that is lyrics said and essay ethos logos, done, HES is one of 13 schools of Harvard University, so technically we should not be bashful about using Harvard University so long as we have also make clear that it was through Extension Studies. And again, there should be no shame. Harvard University taps into every representative group on planet earth to graphic organizers, diversify their student population and to create leaders for each of their respective representative groups.

That is the essay logos Harvard way. And yes, I believe they do so with the american means essay “non-traditional” population as well–it is an asset for Harvard. Harvard Extension is essay a long standing Harvard tradition (read former Dean Shinagel’s book), and custom writing, as has been clear with my education at HES, there were and are many, many extraordinary nontraditional students that Harvard should be more than proud to have (or have had). Third, though HES has made admission standards more competitive, I would still turn the dial up a little more. I feel they must do so in order to attain the best minds from the non-traditional population and achieve/maintain/elevate both the public’s respect and the University’s respect. I’m sure there may be disagreements to essay pathos ethos, my post, but I feel that with these diagnoses and solutions, all 3 parties (Harvard University, HES, and analyzing song lyrics essay, the public) will essentially come to accept and solidify the position of pathos ethos, HES once and for all within Harvard. I find it harder and harder to see the essays distinction between the education be it traditional or extension. Here is essay why I make that statement, most syllabi are the same, the extension student has less available resources (reference library, other students, TA’s, Professors), a full time job, a family, and all the other fun things in life that don’t involve living in a dorm and eating in the student cafeteria. If I had to hire one of two applicants for my accounting firm and one said hire me because I got good grades in high school and was active in the community (real Harvard applicant), and the other said I have years of experience in accounting and will work for three months to song essay, prove myself to you and if you don’t like what you see I will leave (HES applicant) I would hire the latter. Why?

Simple, the essay ethos logos latter has shown they can complete a course of study, are working to better themselves and have decided to take on a great amount of additional responsibility. Everyone wants to be the Cheerleader, Quarterback, Class President etc. How many want to work at XXXX to learn teamwork, public relations, and other life skills to sc resume, help carve a path? Harvard allows this HES isn’t really Harvard attitude to exist by clearly changing how an HES graduates list the logos accomplishment on resumes. Perhaps in some weird way Harvard knows that by being so selective on traditional entry, and lax on HES enrollment that it can guarantee itself a windfall of being essay, students paying $2K per class and not have to recognize them as Harvard alums. “Perhaps in some weird way Harvard knows that by being so selective on traditional entry, and lax on HES enrollment that it can guarantee itself a windfall of students paying $2K per class and essay, not have to recognize them as Harvard alums.” That is an excellent point. It’s like the right hand is stealing from the left hand.

This makes no sense to me. I have never heard of any other school that has online degrees making anyone add this extension studies. Either you graduated from that school or you did not. Christine: It’s not just online students. Even if you complete all degree requirements in Cambridge, the degree is officially in “Extension Studies.” It’s ridiculous and insulting.

Why is sc resume this “ridiculous and insulting?” That only holds if you believe the HES to be inferior. It’s ridiculous and insulting that students who have completed very specific areas of study cannot have it listed on their diplomas, and instead are granted degrees “in Extension Studies.” This is the University and pathos logos, FAS that treat HES degree recipients as inferior. I don’t agree with it at all. Preach Christine! – It is a darn shame all about a name written on a resume. I feel Harvard University should put a end to it and fully accept students who attend all of their schools and stop nick picking.

I still have not completely decided to attend HES because of these issues. I am thinking in analyzing, the end I will most likely attend a school in essay logos, my state – Johns Hopkins University and be done with it period – end of story. I’d list Harvard University Extension School with pride, but then, in my circles, a “real” Harvard degree would imply a level of privilege outside the norm. Even if you had got through it on sc resume, scholarship. Pathos Ethos Logos! Harvard Extension on a resume pretty obviously points to it being a “night school” type approach, a time-honored tradition for ambitious working stiffs. Lyrics Essay! More at “I worked the factory line/front counter/flight line and put myself through management/law school at night, that’s how I got to essay pathos ethos, where I am today, nothing was handed to me.” Many a CEO or politician uses this neat trick, claiming working class and elite status at the same time. HES is one of the 13 Harvard University schools. As such, anyone that attended HES also attended Harvard University. Anyone that graduated from HES also graduated from Harvard University. HES students need to list their degree per the HES guidelines.

For what it’s worth, I have TA-ed 8 computer science courses at essay maps graphic HES. There was no way for pathos ethos logos, me to know if a student studies at the College, the Business School, etc. by analyzing song lyrics looking at the submitted work. In fact, most of the exceptional work came from non traditional students. “HES is one of the 13 Harvard University schools. Essay! As such, anyone that attended HES also attended Harvard University. Anyone that graduated from HES also graduated from Harvard University. HES students need to list their degree per writing the HES guidelines.” The problem is most of the people who say “Harvard University” on essay pathos ethos logos, their resumes *don’t* follow the HES guidelines, because they leave out the “Extension Studies” reference that the guidelines require. Right, but that could just be because of the sc resume shifting requirements on ethos logos, listing the degree.

It is maps graphic fairly recently that people were required to logos, put “Extension” anywhere on their resume. If you’re not avidly monitoring the HES website you wouldn’t know – and it’s darn hard to find the requirements on how to list your degree! Good article, and I understand where you’re coming from…however when I graduate from HES, I don’t see it as misleading stating the hemingway following on my resume/CV: School: Harvard Extension School – Harvard University. Degree: Master of essay logos, Liberal Arts. Major: General Management. The above states a fact — the specific school name is displayed, along with the university that the school is ‘governed’ by. In addition, my degree and major are clearly and essay, factually stated. Would these simple facts on a resume be considered misleading? John: As long as you are clearly stating the name of the school, the degree, and the concentration, there is pathos ethos nothing misleading. Essay! You included “Extension School”, an essay ethos logos important detail which many graduates deliberately neglect to include.

I also think “Harvard University Extension School” (per the essays official guidelines for the ALM in Management) is acceptable. Good luck with your studies! I am an Associate Degree Physician Assistant. I am looking for a Bachelor’s Degree completion program, which truly isn’t required in order for me to pathos ethos, continue to a thesis hemingway, practice. I would like to eventually obtain a Master’s Degree so I can teach at a PA Program later, should I choose to do so. I have recently come across Harvard Extension School and ethos, I’m excited to find a degree program that is american affordable and challenging. I have been discussing enrollment at Boston University with an logos admissions counselor, but their program can cost almost $10,000 more than HES!

Honestly, because earning a Bachelor’s Degree doesn’t and essay, won’t affect my ability to earn a living, as long as it comes from an accredited program, it doesn’t make a difference where I earn the degree. That being said, I would be proud to have on my resume Harvard Extension School. Saeed was dead on in his assessment and pathos ethos, I could not agree more with forming a distinction between a degree candidate and Joe Public taking classes. A Thesis! This is a GREAT suggestion! Wow. If you have to live in essay, this discussion for the rest of your life after graduation, then why bother go to Harvard in the first place? Just take your degree from Berkeley, or Georgia Tech, and writing a thesis hemingway, move on ethos, with life focusing on the education and getting things done. It looks like that Harvard people and recruiters are busy looking at how “exclusive” you are, instead of what you’ve learned. That gives a hint that there are a few losers that end up in Harvard College because of their parents money. Invest your effort somewhere else, where your school is a stepping stone to a better future, not the custom research paper summit that you’ll stand on.

Just an essay opinion. I know this discussion is based on HES, but do graduates from all the other schools within Harvard have to list which school they attended or simply “Harvard University”? If it’s the latter I feel like there’s a double standard here… Would you rather not get in? Because that is your other option. Hemingway! There certainly is a double-standard…and for good reason. Those students got into Harvard University while HES students did not (the admissions standards are dramatically lower). The fact of the matter is pathos ethos simply that HES students probably did not earn perfect scores (or anywhere near it) on their SATs, GREs, or other standardized tests. A major part of being a Harvard student is being surrounded by other students with.

Your comment speaks to the problem of why the HES designation is a problem for people. It illustrates a profound narrowness of experience, point of view and song essay, an ignorance of the HES population. Unfortunately, there are people in HR departments who share your problem and HES students know it. You make broad generalizations about what HES students lack in comparison to Harvard College students. You fail to understand that HES students are not fresh out of high school. They are grown adults (mostly working/ have children) who have had to put off education for a number of reasons, finances, health, family, work experience opportunities, and in the case of international students, sometimes war. Pathos Logos! Sometimes it is an issue of the economy changing, therefore additional education or completing interrupted education is necessary.

If you make presumptions that HES students are the HC “rejects”, you further the misunderstanding that unless someone has led a completely charmed life, there is something defective about them..or “less than”. HC, like most challenging schools does not admit adults into it’s freshman class. The only option for those who would have attended as a freshman, had circumstances been a bit different, is HES and being american essay, programs like it. Those of essay, us with great scores, great grades, no financial issues, legacy positions, and whatever else…who had circumstances happen.. Means! do not need your guesses about what’s “wrong” with them or why they are not “good enough”. HES candidates need to complete three graduate classes at Harvard from essay pathos their degree program (my employee’s example: Fundamentals of sunflower, Sequence Analysis, Medical Bioinformatics, Epigenetics) with a grade of B or higher in order to pathos logos, be admitted to analyzing lyrics, the Extension School. Ethos! That’s about a $10,000 application with countless hours of work to essay writing research paper, boot. As a Biopharmaceutical Manager in Cambridge, I not only want that candidate as my employee but I’ll also pay for essay logos, his/her part-time education. In certain areas, the distinction is pointless.

HES students have grit. Remarque, I am in total agreement with you. I’ve hired plenty of people, and those who worked full time while getting their degree are far and above better employees. More motivated, harder working, and well educated. Grit, determination, and intelligence. As a military academy graduate that turned down HC for columbia sc resume, my undergrad, I can tell you that there are many HES students that don’t fit your “bottom of the barrel” narrative, Eric. So far I have been extremely impressed with the essay pathos graduate level HES classes I have attended, and columbia, any HES grad should be proud of their accomplishments. Unfortunately, the snobby elitist mindset of people like you in the area has left many HES students and Grads feeling “inferior” to their Harvard colleagues.

Hopefully they don’t pay consideration to these petty jabs and focus on what really matters: the education. I don’t think you fully understand what you are saying here. Pathos Ethos! The extension school is essay organizers significantly more selective in essay pathos logos, admission and columbia, graduation than Harvard College. You are not distinguishing between all of the essay people that take classes, and those that graduate with degrees. The degree holders are a very small minority of the class takers. No it’s not, you literally just need $10k and you take the 3 classes, where as Harvard proper are the ones that decide based on specific criteria that are some of the essay writing paper narrowest in acadamia! Why take this so seriously??

Let them use it. No one cares. If you smart, it shows. We only live once. 1. One question mark. 2. Pathos! If you’re* smart, what shows? 3. We live only* once. As an essay maps organizers HES Graduate with my ALB, I agree that students should be sure to identify that their degree is from the extension school. Whether they do that by saying ‘Harvard University … in Extension Studies’ or ‘Harvard Extension School’ – I don’t see why it matters and who would be so petty as to get worked up about how exactly it is worded.

In terms of the undergraduate degree – only two schools at Harvard award that – obviously Harvard University only awards it under the essay ethos Extension School (where Harvard College’s mere name make that distinction clear). For the ALM or graduate degree, I agree that it becomes a bit more important to include the Extension School when listing it. While I have certainly seen graduates of the GSD (since that is the american means business I am in) list ‘Harvard University’ without listing the ‘Graduate School of Design,’ I think for graduate degrees it is important to note your school. But even so – it is pretty obvious that most extension school graduates work full time and would earn their degree on a part time basis after work which means it is pretty clear that they attended the Extension School. But again, it is a personal choice of each graduate how they want to list it, whether they feel it is misleading, and if that is a chance they want to take with a potential employer. Its not like it won’t come out eventually that – SURPRISE … they went to essay pathos ethos, the night school.

I think the constant debate and pettiness over how it is listed on resumes or on LinkedIn is silly. Ian Lamont is wrong. The degree programs aren’t “very, very” different from the essays day programs. It is OK to list your HES degree as being from Harvard. Get over your own self imposed stigma of not being part of Harvard and move on.

Thanks for pathos ethos logos, all of the information. I am interested in attending HES for being means, concentration in English. I had a questions regarding your thesis. Essay Ethos! Without the interruptions, how long was it for your thesis? I was thinking I would be able to essay research, finish it in a semester but it sounds like it may be longer. Can you start your thesis combined with your last class or do you have to wait for all of them to essay logos, be completed?

Renea: Thanks for your message. My thesis (in History) took more than 2 years to complete — I estimate more than 1,000 hours was spent on research, writing, revisions, etc. You can go to lyrics, Harvard Extended and scroll down to “My ALM Thesis Experience: Top Ten Posts” to see the essay pathos details. Note that my thesis was very labor-intensive owing to the huge amount of data I had to gather for essay maps graphic organizers, my computer assisted content analysis, so I suppose some people spend less time on their theses if they are using traditional methods of research. Essay Pathos Ethos Logos! But I don’t think it’s possible to finish it in less than a year, considering you need to find a thesis director and work according to their schedule and requirements. A thesis is not a long research paper — it really is much more structured. I would also suggest you ping the Extension Student online forum and ask other English concentrators how long it took to custom essay writing paper, write, review, and complete their theses. In my humble opinion, If the essay pathos Extension School is columbia sc resume one of the essay logos 13 degree granting institutions within Harvard , It is Harvard University. So by columbia sc resume logic , if extension school is a subset of Harvard, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with writing: ALM Information Technology. Are you misrepresenting your degree?

No. Your diploma says Harvard University on it doesn’t it. Essay! And secondly take an example of columbia sc resume, Columbia University , they have Columbia Video Network. I am sure you will not see this debate out there. Matter of fact, you will not see a debate at any of the 12 parts of Harvard as well.

To reiterate, I think it is perfectly fine if you decide to essay ethos, list your degree as: ALM Information Technology. I don’t know why people worry about the format of the listing of the degree. Writing Hemingway! It’s all about the essay logos quality you bring to the table. I think the issue is that most people in being american means, HES have the wrong idea why HES was created or are trying to ride on ethos, the Harvard brand. I’m not saying that is bad, but you don’t need all the fuss if you know or can show the sc resume value you can readily add. What you should worry about is adding enough value to essay logos, yourself to the point as to draw traffic on Linkedin or the attention of any hiring manager. Most companies in the field that i’m in care less if you got your degree from the Moon. All they care is can you keep operations running? Can you generate revenue?

Can you save their jobs? I myself don’t like the attention with the H word. Then you have to columbia sc resume, start saying “huh, Harvard but not really.” I just like the quiet of personal accomplishment. I list it as Harvard Extension or HES, but many at logos times HES gets lost in my resume or profiles. Most people that contact me don’t even see that. So, key is think more about the value you can add to american means essay, yourself or any environment. I agree that since HES is one of the 13 degree granting schools at Harvard University, you should be able to use “Harvard University”. That being said, you are not receiving an pathos ALM in being, Information Technology. You are receiving an ALM in Extension Studies. Afte reading all these discussions, I have a simple approach for essay, people who are wondering about HES versus HC. – HES is essay part of Harvard University if we look at essay pathos it rationally.

– It is not traditional because there are different ways fo someone to earn a Bachelors and it is made for mostly working and older people who don’t have the time to attend full time university. – The standard to get into HES is columbia not low and essay, Harvard would not want anyone to think that it’s easy to get into Harvard. Try taking EXPO 25 and tell me about it. The bar is high bt not the a thesis quality. Bottom line, you graduated from Harvard lets say with an ALB. concentration business management. HES is the working man’s pathway to a college degree with really high expectations and hard work. Essay Ethos! The typical HES student has to writing, not only work full time but also finds time to study and comple assignmnts.

Your resume reads: Bachelors in Liberal Arts in pathos ethos logos, Business Management – Harvard University. Why do i say Harvard university? In the registrar, while it specifies that you have an columbia sc resume ALM versus a BA, it is essay pathos ethos a Bachelors with a concentration. Your information is in writing research, the registrar ust like the HC graduate. If someone had to verify your credentials, they would have to contact the same registrar to essay logos, verify award.

There is no seperate registrar for HES. So to conclude, you graduated from sc resume harvard with a Bachelors or a Master (ALB or ALM), be proud of it. It was not handed to you, you earned every credit towards that bachelors/masters. In the big scheme of things, you’re a Harvard Alumni and privy to a lot of perks just like your regular HC student. Correction to my post above: The bar is high bt not the quality. What i meant to say was ‘The bar is high but so is the quality of the course’ I went to essay logos, Extension at the same time friends of mine went to Harvard College. The biggest difference?

I got professors at Extension. They got TAs. And, often, they were FLOORED at the professors that were teaching me. I would not want to list it as Harvard Extension School because, at least in the industry I’m in, there’s no understanding that “Extension School” is a college. To them it sounds like a GED course.

Explaining an ALB is a struggle too. Essays! But I always list Extension Studies on there and I make sure to essay, explain exactly the situation in every interview. In Boston I guess people get picky about Extension vs. the day program – once you’re out of Boston they don’t really care how you did it, just that you did it. So far as the debate goes, I just try to follow the rules laid out on the Extension site for listing one’s degree. It’s frustrating, because it seems like they’re changing every other year! I wish they would just settle on american means essay, something. I don’t want someone to say I was misrepresenting myself just because I didn’t keep up with the latest change in how we are to present our credentials. Son of a bitch! I just went to the website after reading this and they’ve changed it AGAIN! On your resume, the essay degree may be listed as either of the essay graphic organizers following:

Bachelor [or Master] of Liberal Arts, Harvard University Extension School. Include concentration or field of study, minor, and degree honors when applicable. Bachelor [or Master] of Liberal Arts, Extension Studies, Harvard University. For the ethos love of God, will someone just pick something and stick with it? I updated my LinkedIn last month based on writing hemingway, what was on the website at that time and already I’m not in compliance with regulations. Thanks Taffygirl. I updated the post with the new official guidelines. Essay Pathos Ethos Logos! It’s the third or fourth change I have observed since the mid-2000s.

After reading your blog, I have to disagree with your statement “I felt ‘Harvard University’, Master of Liberal Arts, Concentration In History” was misleading and not representative of the degree that I earned through the Extension School. To be clear, people who graduated with an ALB or an columbia sc resume ALM did not receive their degree from the Extension School; the Extension school is not allowed to award a degree directly through them like HBS. Harvard University awards the degree through the Faculty of Arts and Sciences administered by essay pathos the Extension School. Since most ALMs require a thesis directed by analyzing a faculty member from essay ethos GSAS or any other school except Extension, displaying “Master of sc resume, Liberal Arts, History, Harvard University” is perfectly acceptable. Ethos! Now if you are pursuing a professional degree that does NOT require a thesis facilitated by a Harvard faculty member, then putting “Extension School” might be appropriate—but then again, Harvard University is also accepted since the degree is awarded by FAS. I just found this blog post because I was researching the MLA credential after finding out about the HES with someone I brought into my organization here on the West Coast. The person listed MLA Harvard University in custom essay writing paper, Anthropology on essay ethos logos, their resume and application and may be terminated. Their situation is even more precarious given some snobby comments made about essay maps graphic, schools out essay pathos ethos, here like Univ. of Washington, because she “went to Harvard.” A friend who is CEO of his own company and being american means essay, has his PhD from MIT once said it best about why people hire from places like Yale and Harvard: “You’re not going to get fired if you hire a Harvard graduate and essay pathos ethos logos, it doesn’t work out.” Somebody with an american means MLA from HES did not have to go through the same admission process (no GRE, no letters of reference, no competition for placement, no regard to undergrad institution or GPA, etc). Yet this woman would openly tell people about essay pathos, “getting accepted to Harvard.” What a joke!

HES does not offer the same education either. Essay Paper! An HES concentration is essay not a formal major with structured lower and upper division courses that build up the education. I looked at HES classes and they are limited compared to what’s available to an admitted major. I also highly doubt that tenured professors at Harvard are teaching HES classes. Harvard College graduates should know how some HES grads are representing themselves, especially outside New England, because it’s making you look bad. I’m not saying an HES BLA or MLA is being means essay a cakewalk or doesn’t provide a good education, but it’s no more selective and pathos logos, academically elite than Worcester State (probably less actually).

B.B, while I understand the nature of your employee making disparaging remarks about paper, other schools, HES has Harvard faculty who also teach at Harvard College and at HBS as well. B.B, while I understand the nature of your employee making disparaging remarks about other schools, HES has Harvard faculty who also teach at Harvard College and at HBS as well. HES does have Requirements and places requirements for essay logos, those seeking admission. Be mindful, that a number of HC students take classes at HES, as do other Harvard school students. Think of writing hemingway, it as attending the summer school/winter school during undergrad. The courses are taught by the same faculty, you use the essay pathos library and analyzing lyrics, other resources although not all resources may be available, the course is rigorous, you don’t get the essay pathos logos dorm life and full “fall experience” not the coursework. Hahaha.

You hired someone and then decided to check out their credentials? The jokes on columbia sc resume, you buddy. But actually, why don’t you just admit it, you’re an ethos internet troll who has never hired anyone in your life. Analyzing! If you did do the ethos logos hiring, you would check before you hire. Columbia Sc Resume! You wouldn’t check the internet for essay logos, 5 minutes and then write a 3 paragraph post about HES on some random blog. B.B, And yet, what you call a “selective” school gave us George W. Bush, a “c” student.

How did he got to Harvard if Harvard is a “very selective school?” John, are you insinuating that an educational institution should be ashamed of conferring a degree on an individual that later became a President of the sunflower essays United States? Also, shall we compare G.W. Bush’s “c” to President Obama’s ____. Oh, that’s right. Pathos! He has refused/blocked access to his transcript. Why is that? Additionally, your grammar and punctuation are appalling. Sc Resume! It’s safe to pathos ethos, assume that Harvard’s standards were at least high enough to keep you out.

I don’t follow. Are you out to prove she lied on her resume? It doesn’t sound like she did. Can’t you just terminate her for being a bad fit? You are correct HES admission doesn’t require GRE.

They replace the requirement with first three courses, B or better. Sc Resume! GRE would have been easier. I also had to supply references, transcripts, essays, etc. As for tenured professors, they taught my theory classes, but classes such as mobile programming were taught by well-educated industry experts. Essay Pathos Ethos! Frankly I’d prefer it that way.

I’m in the program because it’s rigorous and relatively inexpensive, and a way for me to gain knowledge to analyzing lyrics essay, complete an ethos logos entrepreneurial project. And yet, I feel I can’t tell people where I’m studying because of this odd vitriolic reaction associated with my use of the “H” word. A Thesis Hemingway! I end up saying “I’m getting my masters at pathos logos night.” It saves me the aggravation of the essays Harvard-asterisk explanation that accommodates others’ insecurities. B.B.: If I were an employer and essay logos, discovered that one of sunflower, my employees had deliberately misrepresented educational credentials during the pathos ethos logos application process, I too would be very disappointed. Termination would be automatic at some firms. Others might let it slide. As for your statement “I also highly doubt that tenured professors at Harvard are teaching HES classes,” it depends on the concentration and the degree program.

I have blogged about this topic in Harvard Extension faculty and the Harvard Instructor requirement. Anthropology is one of the fields that had a strong “Harvard Instructor” requirement, but as I noted in essay, the other post the rules can be bent. Seems the policy of automatic termination regardless of the nature of the essay pathos logos misrepresentation is the easy way out. After all, no one is expelled from essays public school for cheating on one exam. The MLA degree offered through the pathos logos Harvard extension school is sc resume a Harvard University degree. What is the problem? I can’t believe that any employer would even consider terminating an employee just because they did their classes through the Harvard extension school. Pathos Logos! At the essays end of the day, it is still a high quality Harvard University degree. The Harvard Office of essay logos, Career Services actually has sent out letters confirming that the use of “Harvard University” for sc resume, HES degrees is valid. Better check it out essay ethos, before putting down your own school. As noted in essay maps organizers, the post, the pathos Extension School’s new guidelines state “Harvard University” is allowed as long as “Extension School” or “In Extension Studies” is included.

The Harvard OCS resume templates for Extension School students (see PDF) use “Harvard University Extension School” as well. It is not egregiously necessary to ever list Extension School or even Extension Studies on a resume…two legal experts have informed me on this seperately, both of them from Harvard Law School. Sunflower! This is pathos ethos not deceiving! Since HU grants the degrees not Extension. Using MA or AB is deceiving and essays, puntaive! ALM and ALB are representative of the actual conferred reality of the academically constituted degrees. Just as MFA or a BFA are distinct from an essay ethos logos MA or BA.

But if one is custom essay research requested to designate which specific Harvard school, then leaving out “Extension School’ or placing in FAS is irreresponsible, dishonest and ethically unsound. If HES costs were equal to the rest of Harvard, this would not be an essay pathos ethos issue at columbia all! In fear that the lower cost factor might irritate higher Harvard tuition payers, Harvard University offered clout-compensation. As a compromise the ‘Extension’ imprimatur was implemented and pushed to the public hilt. This was seen as tantamount to essay ethos logos, taking an columbia sc resume expensive book which has been reduced in price and tearing the upper right hand cover corner to pathos ethos logos, devaluate it a bit so as not to cause resentment by previous full price purchasers….that is all that is really going on analyzing song essay, here! It is for economic and consumer equity reasons.

Harvard is Harvard! All the way! The faculty and the course descriptions and pathos, syllabi are in essay maps graphic organizers, most all instances completely identical across the board in Extension and FAS. My attorney lists on his resume after his name: AB, JD, LLM, Harvard University. *n.b.,Extension degree holders are in no way ashamed of Extension, we just do not want to risk the descrimination that may potentially result from the uninformed ignorance by pathos logos others, ones who may withhold deserving employment opportunities, by grossly assuming a substandard Harvard education (as if that is even possible). Thanks….a proud Harvard ALM holder! I also have an ALM in Anthropology from Harvard University – all of the classes I took were taught by a Harvard professors and my advisor was David Stuart, one of the foremost Maya epigraphers in the world. My thesis was a rigorous process that I supplemented with fieldwork in Belize. Essay Maps Organizers! And after 17 years I’m still in touch with David and other colleagues in the field though I’m working in a different area full time and part time as a museum educator. Would someone please explain to me how HES is ethos “very very” different from actually attending the college.

I am currently taking a literature class via HES. The class is conducted by a Harvard professor, and I’m watching the same lecture and doing the same assignments as the students who are physically attending the lecture. The only difference I’m seeing is sunflower essays that I’m not sitting in pathos logos, the brick and mortar. I have more comments. Why would Harvard establish and essay organizers, promote an embarrassing and inferior program and put its own name to essay ethos, it? They wouldn’t. Harvard wouldn’t set itself up for embarrassment. I took the Critical Reading and Writing Comprehension test and writing hemingway, passed it.

There was nothing simple about essay pathos logos, that test. Sunflower Essays! The test does not determine admission; it determines where you can start. (And isn’t college supposed to be primarily about learning? You’re not there because you already know everything.) From there, a potential student has to take three classes and ethos, get a B or higher to writing, be considered for admission. Ethos Logos! When that’s accomplished, a person may apply for writing research, admission. To pass the placement test and then accomplish a B or higher in your classes is proof enough as to whether a person will be able to cut the mustard at Harvard. Essay Ethos Logos! They make you prove yourself, and not every Tom, Dick, and Harry can do it. Let me say up front that I am neither a Harvard grad nor an HES grad, but have been involved in the hiring process of recent graduates.

Biggest difference that I see between a Harvard grad and an HES grad? The years of preparation and excellence that went into a Harvard undergrad getting accepted and then getting through. People often want to talk about Harvard kids getting accepted based on privilege. This is a caricature. Don’t buy it. Writing A Thesis! These are kids that have been paying their dues since 7th or 8th grade–learning languages, participating in pathos logos, athletics, plugging away at calculus while most kids are playing video games. For me, a Harvard/Stanford/Yale/Princeton/etc.etc.etc. degree is sc resume as much about getting into the system as it is about going through the system.

Employers have the right to know the ethos difference between those who have fared well in rigorous classes (Harvard College and columbia, HES grads), and pathos logos, those who have demonstrated a particular mindset necessary to break into a very competitive system (Harvard College students who have won acceptance over a broad set of their peers vs. HES students). I don’t think that this devalues the achievement of graduating from essay graphic organizers HES–it’s just inappropriate to pretend that two people (one Harvard College, one HES) have both accomplished the same thing. You make an interesting point here. Up front- I am from a multi generation Ivy league family and pathos logos, a student at HES. You are correct about the kids who were born with high IQ’s, typically well rounded in multiple kinds of intelligences, and were likely healthy with no learning disabilities (yes, there are exceptions who had a lot of support to make it through), who were able to attend an elite college prep high-school acceptable to the HC admissions committee, who were self disciplined throughout high school. Your comments however, strike at the heart of why some HES folks get nervous about the sunflower essays distinction you make.

Many HES students were on track to apply to Harvard straight out of essay ethos logos, high school, but had to lyrics essay, work instead. Some spent years being critically ill. Some are intellectually gifted but had to spend more time remediating learning disabilities because prior to the 1990’s they were poorly understood. Many HES students have a “hardship” that disrupted their education. Not only pathos ethos logos, did they have to overcome the hardship, they also had to essay, find the courage to go back to school, and do it while working and maybe having a family. Once out of university and past a certain age, it’s very hard to get back in, often because colleges won’t re admit a student because they are concentrating on essay ethos, traditional freshmen.

I know the discipline a 13 year old has to have to do homework every night while playing a sport and being in organizers, an after school club, at an elite college prep program. I was such a 13 year old. But that level of discipline pales in pathos logos, comparison to what it takes an adult with much less energy, no parents to ground us, and life already having dealt us some bad cards that we have to cope with. I am very proud of the american people I know who went “smoothly” through elite college prep schools into essay pathos logos Ivy League undergraduate programs, finishing on time and then “taking over the world”. But, the stars don’t align for essay maps graphic, every intellectually gifted, well rounded, hard – working person in that way. So you are correct when you say “I don’t think that this devalues the essay achievement of graduating from sunflower essays HES–it’s just inappropriate to pathos ethos, pretend that two people (one Harvard College, one HES) have both accomplished the same thing.” Comparing mature, experienced adult learners who have already been through college prep programs, with inexperienced teenagers who come from from supportive backgrounds, with absolutely no responsibilities other than what they can do for themselves, and loads of energy, is comparing apples and sc resume, oranges. I alway wonder why people say things like “he’s a legacy, his family got him in”. Ok maybe that does happen. But a person also has to pass every class in order to stay. And what you are doing in your comments is essay pathos logos kind of the same thing.

Someone can get into Harvard, “even if it is HES”, and because you ASSUME HES students didn’t go to an elite college prep program when they were 13 years old (7th grade), they are not accomplishing “the same thing” while at Harvard as the other students. There is only one academic standard and either a student meets it or does not. Right? My academic journey includes skipping from first grade to writing research, fifth. Pathos Logos! It also includes a break I took as the result of PTSD following a violent crime that happened to me in my late teens. You want to tell me I haven’t accomplished as much as someone who wasn’t assaulted? I’ve got your dues right here.

OMG. I dont know who you are but I love you. Essay Writing Research! “I’ve got your dues right here.” I can relate to essay pathos ethos, your experiences…except.. I went to a community college. Eventually got my Masters but… whatever. My education is for me. My benefit.

Mine. You have earned your pride. Let’s stop caring about what others think of a thesis, us. You said: “Employers have the right to know the difference between those who have fared well in rigorous classes (Harvard College and HES grads), and those who have demonstrated a particular mindset necessary to break into a very competitive system (Harvard College students who have won acceptance over a broad set of their peers vs. HES students).

I don’t think that this devalues the achievement of logos, graduating from HES–it’s just inappropriate to pretend that two people (one Harvard College, one HES) have both accomplished the same thing.” Do you mean like George W, Bush? You may have a point. Let’s expound on this, shall we? Let’s compare G.W. Sunflower Essays! Bush’s “c” to President Obama’s ______. Oh, I guess we’ll have to table this discussion as “someone” refuses to essay logos, supply their credentials and loses by custom essay paper default. The years of essay ethos logos, preparation and columbia sc resume, excellence that went into a Harvard undergrad getting accepted and then getting through. There’s a saying that it’s harder gain admittance into Harvard (or Yale) than it is to graduate.

The hard part was already done years prior to receiving the coveted Harvard College acceptance letter. You also imply, and somewhat backup the above saying, that kids are playing the pathos logos game that is elite higher education. Is the 7th grader truly interested in columbia, learning Arabic or is he (or his parents/guardian) making him learn it in logos, order to pad his application? Once you know what they’re looking for (hint: they want a particular rising senior – the budding Pulitzer poet, the poor yet brilliant kid from diverse public high school, the graphic organizers suburban blond girl who wants to be the pathos next Hillary Clinton, the Asian math genius, the girl from Kenya interested in neuroscience) tailoring begins. i honestly dont care anymore. this is research never ending discussion. bottom line is, what is the salary range for essay ethos, graduate from MLA in software engineering concentration at HES, and what would be the graphic organizers salary range for masters from Harvard college? Well, the essay pathos ethos logos article places the issue with the students, but the students do not create the school’s policies. If I had to guess, I would say that since they are trying to start a new program in unexplored territory they probably want to use the prestige of the programs they already have established to lend credit to writing a thesis hemingway, the newer ones.

For Harvard, I would imagine that any of their programs failing would be very bad for their image. I’d be interested to essay logos, see how rigorous the coursework at the extension school is in comparison to the other schools. If it’s the columbia sc resume same coursework why does it matter? If Harvard is willing to put their name on these extension graduates who are you to object? Regardless of what any of us think, if Harvard tells the students they can present their degrees that way then the essay ethos logos students are in hemingway, no way being dishonest. If you want to point a finger at somebody (which is totally ridiculous by ethos logos the way) then point it at Harvard.

I came across this thread while looking at a GSAS program at the advise of being means, my masters supervisor and am frankly appalled. I am not sure I want to attend university with students so blatantly flustered by the very thought of pathos ethos, some undeserving cretan, in commencement alongside them, actually putting “Harvard” on their resume because they did their degree differently. If Harvard University awards the degree, then that person graduated from Harvard University. To claim otherwise goes beyond ridiculous and into offensive -both on the part of maps graphic, graduates and the university itself which puts its name on logos, the diploma. I actually really don’t agree with the thoughts you express in your blog.

It is true nevertheless that people who lie about the being means essay program they have completed are hurting the integrity of other HES students. Ethos! Unfortunately there are bad people everywhere, and not only at writing hemingway HES. But there is a whole difference between lying about the pathos logos program you have completed and analyzing, telling others that you attended Harvard University. I want to precise that I am very proud to study at Harvard Extension School, and I think their management program is incredible. I have no shame at all doing this, as I think it is a huge privilege we have to be able to study in such an incredible school as Harvard. That said, when you graduate from HES, you HAVE an Harvard degree, and essay pathos logos, you HAVE attended Harvard University.

It doesn’t mean that you have the right to misrepresent your degree on sunflower, your resume, but you have the right to say you are doing an Harvard degree and that you attended Harvard University! Otherwise, it is not the students that are misrepresenting what they do, but the school that is essay ethos misrepresenting what it actually offers: Students pay a very high price to pursue this program, and so it is their rights to benefit from it. Students from Harvard Business School or Harvard College are not better human being than ones from writing a thesis hemingway Harvard Extension School should, and HES students should not feel obliged to constantly demean themselves in case someone could think they attended the college or the business school. We are ALL Harvard students. Ethos! Above all I think that the song Harvard Community should be very proud of pathos logos, its Extension School program, because the reasons that led to the creation of this program are very noble. If besides this, the Harvard Community is sc resume ashamed to consider HES students as Harvard University students, then they should shut off this program.

Last but not least, when you say that you have a Master of pathos, Liberal Arts from sunflower essays Harvard University, and people understand that you are doing an MBA at Harvard Business School, I am not sure you are the one committing a mistake there! If they have a doubt they can check it up, as it is kind of pathos ethos logos, their job to sunflower, do so. Finally, I think that your blog is actually doing more harm to Harvard extension school students, as it is well referenced in google, than anything else because when employers search for essay ethos, Harvard Extension School on internet, they find your blog, and they end up thinking that Harvard Extension School students are liars. So I guess you probably did that blog to make you feel better about yourself, but by columbia sc resume doing so you are actually the pathos one who is hurting the most the HES community. Thanks for your long reply. I don’t agree with some of the writing hemingway things you said, but I think it’s worth exploring certain issues in more detail: It doesn’t mean that you have the right to misrepresent your degree on your resume, but you have the right to essay pathos ethos logos, say you are doing an Harvard degree and that you attended Harvard University!

I agree that graduating doesn’t grant people the right to misrepresent their degrees. Essay Graphic Organizers! Unfortunately, it seems to me that many (if not most) graduates of HES go out of their way to essay pathos ethos logos, use “Harvard University” (without mentioning “Extension School” or “Extension Studies”) as an attempt to get others to think they attended the College, GSAS, or the Business School. If this is their intention, it is a misrepresentation and it’s dishonest. Students from Harvard Business School or Harvard College are not better human being than ones from Harvard Extension School should, and HES students should not feel obliged to constantly demean themselves in case someone could think they attended the college or the business school. As I said at being means the bottom of my post, Extension School degrees represent serious study and graduates should be proud of their accomplishment. Essay Pathos Ethos! As for the comment about sc resume, “demean themselves”, could you clarify what you meant? When you say that you have a Master of ethos, Liberal Arts from essay paper Harvard University, and people understand that you are doing an MBA at Harvard Business School, I am not sure you are the one committing a mistake there! Usually the scenario that causes others to assume a Business School affiliation are HES ALM Management grads who state “Harvard University, Masters Degree, Business” or “Harvard University, Graduate, Management.” Would you blame HR staff, potential hiring managers, or colleagues for supposing that it’s an essay pathos ethos logos MBA from the Business School? I think that your blog is actually doing more harm to custom paper, Harvard extension school students, as it is well referenced in google, than anything else because when employers search for Harvard Extension School on logos, internet, they find your blog, and they end up thinking that Harvard Extension School students are liars. The only people who have to worry are actual liars, and columbia, it’s not because of logos, this blog — it’s because their misrepresentations will eventually be uncovered.

I have a question- HBS’ executive program gives participants of its programs ;Owner management programs etc; the privileges of being called a Harvard Alumnus. Most of which take anywhere from 1week to 2 years to complete. Explain why that seems to be more ‘ethical’ than an actual degree program? The difference I see is that some of those 1 week programs cost $10000 whereas an entire extension degree costs less. Harvard University is not Harvard College.

Harvard University has 13 schools: Business School – Divinity School – College – Extension School – Graduate School of Arts Sciences – Graduate School of Design – Graduate School of being means essay, Education – John A. Paulson School of essay pathos, Engineering Applied Sciences – Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health – Kennedy School – Medical School – Law School – Radcliffe Institute – and the School of Dental Medicine. So, anyone who graduates from any of these schools is a Harvard Graduate, he/she got their degree from Harvard University that is comprised or made of columbia, all those 13 schools. If in my resume I put: ALM, Harvard University, I am not misrepresenting my degree, the ALM is pathos logos only found at essays Harvard Extension and HR should do their job. A Harvard University degree is what it is, a Harvard University Degree, no more, no less. I appreciate that you answered my message. I see that we however have a strong disagrement. I know people at the Kennedy school, and also at the Medical school that tell others they attend Harvard University. There is no obligation to mention the exact school you are doing, which makes sense because beyond Cambridge, not so many people know that there are so many schools at Harvard.

Secondly, I want to say that from the beginning, in the classes I have been attending to, my teachers always refered to us as Harvard University students, and always aknowledge that we were actually pursuing an Harvard Degree, and many of them are Harvard College or Harvard Business School teachers. Furthermore, I know many students who are attending Harvard Law School or Harvard Business School who have done a degree at HES. The admissions committees from essay ethos logos either HBS and HLS admitted that HES degrees were as valuable as any other degree from Harvard. So I really wonder what kind of authority you think you have assessing that HES students are not Harvard University Students. Because according to the highest authorities at Harvard, they are. By assessing these elements, you lie as much as the persons you are denouncing.

The students that are misrepresenting their degree or who say that they attended HBS are liars. Be sure they will have to custom essay, pay the price one day or another. Essay Pathos Ethos Logos! But it is not your call to condamn them on this blog. When you say that “most” of HES students misrepresent their degree, first of maps organizers, all it is a lie, and it is an insult to the HES community. Most of the HES students I have met are very honest people, that had a very unusual journey in life. They see HES as a way to become better and to the the best for essay pathos ethos logos, the community. You should be ashamed of what you say and the way you present this community to others. You are actually as bad as the persons you try to denounce by doing so. Also, I understand why some HES students might be ashamed to paper, say that they have attended HES, when I see how people like you or other Harvard students talk about this program.

So the responsibility is on both sides. And the Harvard College or other Harvard students that criticize HES are the pathos disgrace of Harvard more than any other impostors. Essay! Because when you have the privilege to study at Harvard, you have the duty to become a leader for essay pathos ethos logos, the good of others. And when you are a leader, you know that you do good with others, not against them. The Harvard Community should embrace HES, not be condescending. Sunflower! The ones who are should not be at Harvard. Finally, we all know how so many students get into Harvard – with private tutors to do the SAT or the GMAT, with professors helping them to pathos logos, complete their application, and I am not even mentioning the ones who are the sons or the daughters of sunflower, some people with influence, money, or power. HES has been conceived to essay logos, democratize high education to american essay, the people who do not have access to it otherwise.

HES is the pride of Harvard, not the ethos logos other way around. By keeping a public record of the one who have betrayed the values of this instituion, you are harming this instituition, even if you try to make yourself or others believe otherwise. Would you keep a record of essay writing research, people that have done bad things or who have criminal records and who have attended HLS, HBS or other schools at Harvard? No, of essay ethos logos, course not. Once again, by essay maps organizers pretending to give justive on ethos logos, this blog, it is a way to discriminate some by giving them another treatment. So not only what you say is false, it is a lie, and by doing what you do, you are not better than the one you denounce.

You should delete that blog, because believe me, it is doing more harm than good to everybody, even you. The students that are misrepresenting their degree or who say that they attended HBS are liars. Be sure they will have to pay the price one day or another. But it is not your call to condamn them on this blog. … Finally, we all know how so many students get into Harvard – with private tutors to do the SAT or the GMAT, with professors helping them to complete their application, and I am not even mentioning the ones who are the song lyrics essay sons or the daughters of some people with influence, money, or power. So I can’t criticize Harvard students who misrepresent their degrees … yet it’s OK for essay pathos, you to sunflower, criticize Harvard students who cheat on essay ethos, their applications? The Harvard Community should embrace HES, not be condescending. I’ve been writing about this for years (see “The Extension School’s 88% dilemma”) and custom essay paper, publicizing the essay ethos logos great things about the Extension School and the accomplishments of people who have gone through the ALB and ALM programs. Unfortunately, it will be hard to be embraced by the rest of the Harvard community as long as we are treated as second-class citizens by the University administration (for instance, matriculated Extension School students are the analyzing song only students who are not allowed to cross-register) and students and graduates continue to deliberately misrepresent their degrees. When you say that “most” of HES students misrepresent their degree, first of all it is essay pathos ethos logos a lie … I don’t have proof.

So I crossed out “most”. But judging by the 2015 HEAA elections ( 50% of some two-dozen candidates did not use “Extension School” or “Extension Studies”) a large number of Extension School graduates don’t want to essay maps, acknowledge they attended the Extension School. I understand why some HES students might be ashamed to say that they have attended HES, when I see how people like you or other Harvard students talk about this program. I publicly and proudly list my Extension School affiliation on ethos, this blog, Harvard Extended, and on LinkedIn, and have done so for the past 10 years. What’s so wrong with you? Do you realize that you went to essays, Harvard University even if your school was the pathos Extension School? Why don’t you write a blog about custom research, Kennedy School students or the School of Public Health students who say to anyone who wants to hear it, that they went to Harvard University, or who say that they graduated from Harvard University without mentioning the ethos logos name of the school that they went to at Harvard? Are they misrepresenting their degrees? Why is that only Harvard Extension students have to sunflower essays, mention “Extension School or Extension Studies” every time they talk about where they went to school? Are you a Harvard University graduate from the Extension School?

If yes, then be proud to mention that you graduated from Harvard University. You sincerely need to know who you are and be proud of it. Why care about essay logos, ignorant HR? Very few of them even know that Harvard University has many equal school. Again, Harvard University is a big umbrella made of 13 schools, one of which is the Extension School. You talk about the Extension School graduates who are giving a bad name to writing research, their school, and you are more that right to do so, but I wish you could also talk about ethos logos, those Harvard College or Harvard Business School who participated in bringing the U.S financial system to its knees because of their greed just few years ago. Write a blog about them too, if you can. Stop your nonsense and accept who you are, if you really graduated from Harvard Extension.

If you get a moment please have a look at a reply that I posted today (29 Feb 2016) to the Remy duBois blog, which appears at the very top of the wall here. I am so proud of my Extension School experience and ALB I frankly wouldn’t trade it for a AB experience from the College. The education line on my CV reads: “Bachelor of Liberal Arts, cum laude, Harvard University, Harvard Extension School, Cambridge Mass 1985.” I would not pretend to have an AB from the College nor, as I noted above, would I prefer the College over custom writing research, Extension and that’s a fact. Heres one more point: The money! The cost of a traditional 4 year Harvard College AB costs what in 2016 ? Close to $100,000 I’d guess.

Is it worth it ? Not in my opinion. No way. Further, the pathos logos University has to stand ready to give boatloads of financial aid to each College student who cant pay his/her own way. Harvard must be mired in student debt. (Ive seen in college application guidebooks the surest way to an easy HC accept is check the box on the application that says: “I will not be applying for financial aid: which means of course, Mommy and Daddy are rich and they are going to pay the whole nut for me. We don’t need or want any financial aid. But given that the majority of HC students need financial aid from the University (with the tuition, room and board costs in 2016) and being american means essay, also noting as we are all fully awate: that there is NO University sponsored financial aid for HES students, (we all either pay the freight ourselves or get our own bank loans)….. THINK of essay pathos ethos logos, what a nice little cash cow HES has become for the University: HES $$$ is not capped off … there’s an sunflower unlimited enrollment at the start of every semester at (lets be honest) expensive tuition. Pathos Logos! Add the analyzing song lyrics essay distance learning tuition, …. vs finances at the College: Enrollment is capped off at essay logos the number of seats available in each incoming class and the cash flows in what must be a huge outflow of Harvard money for the College’s University-given financial aid to being means, the College’s students. I love this blog. Pathos Ethos! I plan to come back soon.

nobody cares. get over it. i didn’t list “extension school” or “Extension studies” anywhere in essay graphic organizers, my resume or linkedin. i don’t ever plan on. i’m a psychologist, self employed, and ethos logos, i can give two rats a$$e$ who bitches about it. my “harvard university” degree (people hardly read past the harvard part) on my wall earns me patients who would otherwise not pay 100+ an hemingway hour to sit and bitch to me about their lives. i worked my ass off for my clinical psych degree and i paid good money for ethos, it, i also attended the graduation ceremony with idiots who paid triple what i did for the same shit. this is harvards way of saying “you didn’t pay for sunflower, the title”. while 90g is pennies to elite kids, 30g was a TON for me. i graduated at the top of my class in city college and earned a measly 10g scholorship from an essay pathos ethos outside source when i got accepted into sc resume harvard for my masters in psych. Essay Ethos Logos! that was nothing considering i couldn’t afford the rest. so i deferred a year to being essay, work, and in doing so i learned about HES, yes please. thank you very much harvard, you saved me years of savings mountains of debts. i paid for my HES courses as i took them (none were online, all were taught by harvard professors in essay pathos logos, harvard buildings), i finished in 2 years, and i went on a thesis hemingway, to earn my doctorate, fully covered, in princeton (and yes, it’s the only time i listed HES next to harvard, i figured princeton would check.) i’d like to ethos logos, see someone come into my private office and tear down my harvard degree. Writing Paper! i’d love to see that. this author is a harvard graduate or student who wants us HES grads/students to feel proud to essay pathos logos, be HES grads/students, i know the psychological mind game he/she is playing. you bitch about how we put harvard in our resumes without the HES note, and yet you end with the maps graphic claim that we should “be proud”. proud? yes. i’m proud. proud enough to use HARVARD instead of Harvard Extension School on my resume. don’t whine about pathos ethos, my punctuation, i don’t care, i didn’t write this to be graded on it. It’s not that simple: BALANCING YOUR SELF-WORTH, YOUR AUDIENCE, AND THE WORTH OF THE EXTENSION SCHOOL.

I agree with “don’t care to share,” as well as “Thomas.” Like “Don’t care to share,” I am Ph.D. student for writing, Clinical Psychology (not Princeton, congratulations on that). Essay! It would be interesting to see a survey of responses from ALB and writing a thesis, ALM alumni who have gone on to incredibly successful careers (Psychologist from pathos ethos Princeton would qualify, but we also have fellow alumni teaching at sunflower essays Carnegie Mellon, Emmanuel, Berkley, as well as acceptances at Harvard Medical and essay pathos ethos logos, Law, Yale, Stanford, (apparently Princeton too). My point here is that these individuals have been HIGHLY successful marketing their ALM or ALB degree. And their choice to include or not include “extension” is american means probably less malicious than ilamont implies. The words of Ilamont, whom I appreciate for essay pathos, blogging and increasing awareness about HES IN SOME RESPECTS, mean little compared to overall success of the hemingway HES masses who have found (obviously) the best way to advertise their Harvard University affiliation (via Extension). I know the pathos professor at Carnegie simply lists ALB, Harvard University (the last time I looked a year or so ago). I think the crux of the disagreement here is hard to writing, pin down. ILamont is saying two things primarily:

1. Dishonesty is not ok. 2. To not advertise the essay logos word EXTENSION = dishonesty, and possibly a side of “shame” of our degree. (by attempting to pass as GSAS or HC grads) Thomas and others are saying these two things: 1. Writing! Dishonesty is not ok. (agreed) 2. Ethos Logos! Leaving off EXTENSION doesn’t inherently equal dishonestly or “shame.” So, since everyone agrees that dishonesty is essay maps graphic not ok, I want to share my thoughts on point 2.

I leave off “extension.” This thread is chock-full of reasons that others do (e.g., my degree really IS from essay ethos logos Harvard, blah blah… which I agree with) but my reasons are a bit more practical, and certainly considerate: 1. Being Means! I really did go to Harvard – I’m being funny here. 2. Most people outside of Cambridge don’t know the difference. 3. Pathos Ethos! Most people don’t care about the difference. Here is where ilamont will comment disagreement (admissions committees, and selective companies DO care!). So this reason deserves its own little bit of attention, which I’ll do in a second below.

4. Even though they don’t care, if they SEE “extension,” (because it’s on the resume for all to see and custom research, be confused by lol) it becomes this big (boring) explanation about the differences between the ADMISSIONS processes, followed by even more explanation (in an effort the then RE-build up the value of the degree which I seemingly just explained away) about why the person with whom you are speaking (and just convinced that admissions is non-competitive) should non-the-less STILL HIGHLY VALUE the pathos ethos degree because the professors are the same, the credits are the same, the location is essay maps (often) the same, and the research component is essay pathos ethos logos more like a small dissertation than a thesis, etc, etc. My point here, is that listing something unfamiliar or odd on my resume prompts questions from EVERYONE who sees it, even it might not matter to 95% of those who view my resume. Now, a bit more explanation about essay graphic organizers, points three and four, for me personally: So, I’ve established that I leave off “extension” for all the essay pathos reasons that others do (I can, primarily, and am proud to have accomplished the rigors of a Harvard degree, not “just an extension degree”). But what about being means essay, ilamont’s point toward POTENTIAL shame or dishonesty? There IS validity to this claim, so: We must make a professional judgement as to whether the person with whom we are speaking DOES care about the difference in competitive admissions. A. Pathos! If I have an ALM in columbia sc resume, Marketing (which, I don’t) and I’m interviewing with a top hiring firm who is interviewing me for ethos logos, the SOLE REASON that they think I met the song rigors of the essay pathos logos ADMISSIONS process, then I should be ethical enough to explain the difference given that situation.

B. Writing Hemingway! If I’m applying to essay pathos logos, med school and did pre-med studies and obtained an ALB in sc resume, Biology (which, I didn’t) and I’m interviewing at Duke (which I wouldn’t be since I’d obviously get into pathos ethos logos HMS *wink) and I feel like my notation of: “ALB, Biology, Harvard University, 2015” is writing what got me in the door for the interview, then I WOULD ABSOLUTELY take the ethos logos time to explain to the admissions committee how the AB and ALB differ – likely this would become a HUGE selling point to why I deserve a spot in their program. However, this wouldn’t be a warranted discussion for every person who sees my resume. C. If I’m a Clinical Psychologist (which I will be and “Don’t care to share” already is) or an M.D., or a Dentist, or an Architect… all in the business of bringing on new clients and custom essay research paper, forming new business relationships, and essay logos, I have an analyzing ALM in Psychology (which I do), or ALB in Biology (for the MD or DDS), or an ALM in History (for the Architect), I DO NOT want to pathos logos, spend time explaining the difference between the AB and ALB or AM and ALM. Lyrics Essay! ……..BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: this audience values my education over my competitive entrance qualities. Let’s not kid ourselves, yes, I chose HES because it is prestigious and pathos logos, looks good on my resume and my clients will love knowing I received an education from hemingway Harvard, BUT, I also chose it because it provides THE ABSOLUTE BEST FACULTY ACCESS and pathos ethos logos, research experience in the United States of America for an older working adult. Sunflower! For the folks in category C (most of those with whom I rub shoulders) the admissions process is of much less concern than the fact that my EDUCATION came from Harvard. Said another way: Competitive Achievement: Less Important. Pathos! Academic Achievement: More Important. Columbia Sc Resume! Examples A and B, are the essay ethos logos reverse, and explanation is warranted (as my fellow alum appropriately did on his Princeton application, WHERE THEY WOULD CARE… if he applied to University of State at City, such would not be necessary, and would actually invite doubt).

Should the “cost” of listing “Harvard University” on my resume be the time and confusion required to columbia sc resume, explain the pathos ALM vs MBA every time someone sees my resume or my degree? Hell no. The cost of listing “Harvard University” was 20k and even more than that in lyrics, time and essay logos, hard work, and it’s paid. If I had received a M.Div, I would also list “M.Div., Harvard University.” I wouldn’t (personally) go into “M.Div., Harvard University, Divinity School.” Why? Simply because I know human behavior and I don’t want to invite confusion and doubt where none is warranted. If someone is song essay interested or curious about the difference, I will PROUDLY discuss it.

That is totally separate from a discussion of the quality of ACCEPTANCE COMPETITION into essay ethos logos Harvard Extension (of which there is none). If the discussion centers around competitive entrance rather than academic rigor, then YES, I absolutely agree with ilamont that clarification is REQUIRED to be ethical, and lyrics, ensure all around good person-ness. Where we DISAGREE is here: I more heavily weigh when a discussion of essay ethos logos, school-difference is appropriate vs. when it’s simply confusing and inapplicable to my client/interviewer/etc… I retain the professional judgement, I do not advertise it on my resume. Ilamont more heavily weighs disclosing the detail for all to see that Harvard has many schools, and not all degrees require the same admissions competitiveness, and the time needed to explain this to every person who sees the word “extension” is worth it.

For other HES’ers reading, let me provide some go-to responses that I provide, since my resume does NOT indicate anything other than I went to Harvard for analyzing song lyrics, a Master of essay ethos, Liberal Arts degree in Psychology. “I haven’t seen you in so long! I hear you went to Harvard recently, what was that like!?” – It was incredibly rewarding, probably one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done with my life, but hands down, the best thing I have ever done with it so far. (In this situation, I’m not going to american means, invite my converser to become UN-impressed with my hard work, simply because I was admitted to an open-enrollment program, which looks easy relative to other Harvard Schools, but in pathos logos, academic reality, is not easy at all. In other words, to maps organizers, this type of comment, I would never reply with an explanation of College vs. Extension – following ilemont’s logic, I would need to reply with: Yes, but let me explain that I went to Harvard Extension, which is… xyz… five minutes later… more xyz.). “Oh my God! I hear you GOT INTO Harvard! How did you do that!?” – Well first, “Harvard” is the overall school, and you can apply to any of 13 schools. Most people are more familiar with the College, Med School, and Law School.

I got into pathos logos the evening school, which really lets anyone in who wants to attempt it, AND can meet the entrance requirements. But they are also the “weed-out” school of the 13 schools. More people get into that one, but it also has the lowest percentage of graduates. Columbia Sc Resume! People usually get the class portion done if they work hard, but can’t handle the intense research element, which is essay pathos more like a small dissertation than a thesis! Professionally it may come up like this: “Oh, yea, I heard you got your degree at columbia sc resume Harvard. I bet no other psychologists in town went to HARVARD did they!?” – First, I’m not a licensed Psychologist just yet. And actually, yes, I did get one of my degrees from Harvard. I got my Master’s degree from Harvard, and I’m so glad I did. Pathos Ethos! My doctorate degree and second masters will be from columbia sc resume X which has really provided me a good clinical grounding. Essay Pathos Ethos! However my masters at Harvard was incredibly research intensive and I think provided me with a more rigorous research experience than even my dissertation will. I should also note that if at ANY point someone seems interested to american means, talk about Harvard University admissions, or Harvard Extension I will gladly (and very proudly) explain what HES is, and why it is in my mind, the most valuable school of the ethos logos 13.

I have tried to convince numerous people to sc resume, attempt a degree at essay ethos logos HES. We cannot be so simple minded as to ignore that when we start “explaining our degree” (though 100% appropriate in some LIMITED situations) we actually end up sounding as though we devalue it. Of course, Harvard College kids don’t have this problem. Being! They simply say “Yea, I went to Harvard.” End of story. Pathos Logos! For us, because of the stigma, I think the only appropriate action is to list our degree from analyzing song essay Harvard University proudly (as I would advocate for all of the 13 except the College, in which case I would list “Harvard College” because it’s clearly the top dog). “Yes. I am a proud graduate of Harvard University.” … if a question comes up beyond that, THEN is the time to ethos logos, detail my Harvard experience, but even then I must do so with the same pride that fuels my decision to list my ALM as simply a Harvard University degree. Ilamont, you point out writing, that dishonesty and misleading tendencies may/do exist for ethos logos, some alumni.

The problems with the essay graphic organizers way you about this are: 1. You make the assumption that not listing “extension” dictates that the essay pathos resume-reviewer will (or likely will) assume we went to Harvard College (etc.). Reality: 95% won’t know the difference; the essay graphic remaining 5% will have this disclosed when/if the topic comes up, unless they know ALB/ALM=Extension, which most prestigious schools do AND value it – no explanation needed (though I’d offer it during an interview none-the-less). 2. You make the assumption that not listing “extension” correlates with the graduate’s attempt to purposely fool the resume-reviewer (and you offer no weight to pathos ethos logos, other side, which I have presented ad nauseum here: the fact that listing “extension” suggests we SHOULD/NEED to list it, which inherently equals devaluation in the long run). 3. You lump all graduates (at least such is the analyzing lyrics general climate of this blog) who choose not to essay pathos ethos, list “extension” for reasons I’ve pointed out, in the same category with those who leave it off for malicious reasons (again, leaving no room for other plausible reasons to leave it off the resume) 4. You oversimplify the way in which we identify as Harvard University alumni. I.e, we should accept that because our admissions process is open, we therefore need to disclose this fact to ALL lookers-on, even if it does invite unnecessary damage to the HES value. This point is even more problematic when you consider that admissions is the ONLY substantial difference (you wouldn’t be oversimplifying if other differences existed: easier courses, sub-par professors, limited library access, uselessness of conferred degree… but they don’t, in a thesis hemingway, fact I’d argue quite the opposite). 5. This blog in particular (as Thomas says) actually does a disservice to essay logos, the ALM and ALB for sc resume, the above reasons of 1, 2, 3, and 4… generally your view is too rigid and people Googleing the HES degree will unfortunately read this one-sided (and quite inflammatory) view on “the intent of pathos, graduates who leave off the word extension.” I hope Googlers will also read that there are valid reasons for appropriately listing “Harvard University” – with the explanation to verbally follow if appropriate in the context.

I know this has become a novel, but the HR person who commented above sadly suggested her fear that HES alums do not have access to the same world-renowned professors that the other 12 schools have. I wanted to share this: I studied creativity from Shelly Carson, an expert in this area. I took Anxiety Disorders from Richard McNally, any Psychologists knows this name and he is still a rockstar leading research, currently with a focus on PTSD, but earlier with a focus on phobias. Matthew Nock is a world expert on suicide and a thesis hemingway, self injury, I will email back and forth with him.

I hope this post has come across as genuine and essay ethos logos, both appreciative of Ilamon’s good work, but enlightening on the aspects that s/he oversimplifies. Dear God, you must drive people crazy. The day program at Harvard doesn’t offer an ALB or Bachelor of Liberal Arts so what’s the confusion? If someone puts ALB from Harvard it can easily be checked by googling that and it will take you only to the extension site as ALB is only awarded there.. Additionally, if a recruiter or employer has to ask for clarification if they went to the B-school or extension school when it clearly states “ALM” it’s obvious to anyone who can read the ALM in management isn’t an MBA from the writing a thesis B-school.

Completely different letters.. So what I’m saying is if they have to ask for essay logos, clarification that recruiter/employer can’t read and clearly not detail oriented.. truly this is all comical to sunflower essays, me as its so plain to essay ethos, see.. Song Lyrics! Too many distute of understanding these days, yikes. My understanding is that Harvard has been (successfully) sued over essay ethos, “Extension Studies” diplomas since the word “extension” does not denote any field of learning or academic discipline. I’m assuming that’s why the guidelines are “bogus.” They haven’t been sued. Extension Studies is a standard industry term in continuing education. In this case, the “Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies with a concentration in XXX” is used because of restrictions place on maps, HES by Harvard University at large.

At some point in essay ethos logos, time, it was decided that only one college on campus may offer a particular type of degree (i.e. only one may offer the M.A. American! (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences), only one the M.B.A. (Harvard Business School), only one, the M.Ed. Ethos Logos! (Harvard Graduate School of Education), etc.), the actual letters that follow the Management specialization are “A.L.M.” which is the Latin abbreviation for Master of analyzing song lyrics, Liberal Arts. It’s complete legit and equal to an M.A. Essay! It just can’t be called an M.A. So the verbiage is truly a weird formality. HES administrators realize that some employers are confused by what an A.L.M. means and they are actively working with the university to get this changed so that they may offer an M.A. degree. I don’t know when that will happen, but I feel confident that it will at essays some point. More on the HES history that brought us to this point as well as their rigor in essay logos, other posts… This blog post is a little offensive by using the term “BOGUS”; even though I am not associating with Harvard Extension School or having an intention to columbia sc resume, attend. I think it is perfectly fine listing as the ethos following in a resume: College: Harvard Extension School. Degree: Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) in Software Engineering.

If listing Harvard University in your resume is bogus, then Harvard University’s board of directors should shutdown the extension school. My degree at Georgetown University does denote School of Continuing Studies in Latin. Listing Extension School is essay graphic better than not listing it! As a student in Harvard Extension far my experience is whenever i say that I am doing my Masters/ALM from Harvard University “Extension” school ; they assume I am from “THE Harvard university”; and then questions how you got admission , how much it cost etc. etc. and so I had to clarify..well its a part time course ; different from ethos logos others. I have a cousin who completed her masters from HES and wrote her degree as “in Extension Studies”, and in interview she got responses like ..”oh thats misleading…we thought you are from “Actual Harvard” etc. Now we can argue, debate and pity the general understanding of general public but lets face the fact; unless we got interested in this HES program , how much we know about it? If somebody told us i have ALM from writing a thesis Harvard University ; would anyone of us really known he did it from Harvard Extension School ; part time?

You can do more harm to yourself by trying to hide word Extension than do any you can thought as someone who is deliberately trying to fake something ; even though it may not be technically true ! And how much good you can do yourself by trying to prove to your potential employer that you are “technically correct” and your employer is misinformed..lets face it ; you are not fighting a fact but perception. And we should know whats general perception is. And I think it is essay pathos ethos logos also time to be little honest . Do all students who are part of HES , really would have got into Harvard College or Harvard Law or HBS? Lets not fool anyone. Anyone can listen to lectures of Princeton Professors who got Nobel prize online , that doesnt make them their students. And I say this knowing , fully well , that HES is no easy task …its difficult , requires hard work and writing a thesis hemingway, commitment but I will still be honest that requirements for HBS are even more and essay pathos logos, most didnt make it and so doing this. There is nothing to be ashamed of about it.

I think HES students do themselves harm by custom trying to logos, compare themselves with HBS students . As a footnote this debate feels like something of Identity crisis of analyzing song, some HES student, they want to be recognized as IVY league but knows inside they arnt so have an inferior complex. Having known many “full time day students of ethos, both Harvard Princeton , I can say most “decorated students and faculty” of Princeton Harvard are extremely low profile and dont really care what HES students write on resume; the people who care are general public who dont know anything about sunflower essays, it , who never went there (and that includes your recruiters ) and go by ethos general perceptions perception of sc resume, a “Harvard University student” is essay pathos logos still (rightly or wrongly) is columbia of a “Harvard College Student” so i would always mention I studied in Harvard Extension School and essay ethos, I feel no shame in it as I completed my studies by earning supporting my family ; taking time off big student debt to do full time course is a not a luxury everyone can have but its also a fact that I dont envy those who are students of HBS. I respect their talent hard work. Met an analyzing alumini of essay, HES who later on became full time day student at HBS , and he is proud to sc resume, be part of both , always proudly says he did Bachelors from HES and pathos ethos logos, then Masters from HBS. If you hide HES you may have to face more questions instead try converting it to an asset , highlighting your struggle , hard work commitment for song essay, learning and some may see you as more valuable than a rich kid born with silver spoon. HES or Harvard degree doesn’t define what you or your life is worth of ; instead what you do with it gives meaning to your degree. I have a question: Do the transcripts for HES graduates say ‘extension’ or anything about it? I see the degree does say it but wondering about the transcript?

How does that read? Do all the colleges at logos Harvard list the american college name on the transcript? It’s common sense rule that people forget. If you get schooling at Harvard University extension college you have yo mentioned extension on ethos logos, your resume. The degree has value as a normal traditional way in getting the degree on a full time basis. The school allows a non traditional way in gettting a harvard degree. There is a public misconception or prejudice to custom paper, a non traditional way. When it comes to resume you have yo put extension so you don’t mislead a prospective employer. This is a hoot. I left a high quality university early and headed into essay pathos ethos logos executive land before most people graduated and never finished my under grad degree. The earned Harvard badge is more important these days for obtaining a $400,000+ job then before because each position has 40+ applicants.

If Harvard extension uses Harvard School of Business Professors and being american essay, you graduate with good grades then who cares about placing “extension school” in a resume. Logos! I am certain many Harvard “school of business” graduates do not title their resume correctly either. For me, Harvard and my degree title is what will be used. The degree title for extension school is different than a “school of business” degree title. Columbia Sc Resume! My resume goes into essay ethos logos the interview stack without hesitation of a CEO seeing the extension school addition and saying “wtf is extension” and I am happy to explain in interviews if asked about my degree. Good question about the essays transcript. Does it mention anything about the extension school or just the university? Yes. Pathos Ethos Logos! Extension School transcripts show the division in which they are granted from. So the transcript’s letterhead shows “Harvard University Division of Continuing Education.” Then the transcript lists whether the essays class was taken through Harvard Extension School or Harvard Summer School (both in essay, that division and both with courses that may be used toward the being degree in essay, HES).

Lastly, when your degree is recorded on the transcript, it shows that it is research specifically awarded by the Harvard Extension School with the full title of the essay pathos degree. So, does that mean the transcript explicitly says “Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies” ? I think the only people that would have an issue with this would be the on campus students because they clearly want to think they are better than all others and if you didn’t endure the privileged life which allowed many to accomplish certain goals set by their parents, then you don’t deserve the same as they have. Then there’re individuals that didn’t attend and wish that they could’ve had that opportunity and wouldn’t take the time to consider the Harvard extension school due to their lack of real time ambition to successfully acquire self actualization. I’m here to say, congratulations to all graduates of the extension school. If it were up to me, I would give higher recognition to graduates of the extension school because it is a known face that online school is considered more strenuous than on campus. Being American Means! I hold a job that many Harvard graduates will aspire for but in reality, the Harvard degree will only pathos logos, be an upper hand to getting into graphic organizers the door, hard work and dedication (what is expected of a Harvard grad ) is what makes executives of the world.

I didn’t have the privileged life to go to Harvard but I’m at the same board meeting as they are. What this means is pathos that you can do the same without the Harvard degree so you don’t need the on campus degree, the extension which is a lower cost because there’s no real estate will teach you the same information as an on campus classroom. Thank you and hold your head up high. Furthermore, just say Harvard Online, it’s the same degree as someone sitting in custom writing paper, class. I doubt they would have a shortened masters for the extension school! One last point, if an on campus student chooses to take one of their classes online, they will be taking the same extension course as you are. Columbia University has a School of Extended Education. I’ve never seen anyone at Columbia list their affiliated college to be sure to distinguish themselves from the pathos extended education school’s graduate degrees. Columbia is Columbia.

I’ve never seen anyone list any college on analyzing lyrics, a resume. The standard for a resume includes the university, not the college within the university. Ethos Logos! I don’t list my degree from Columbia including “Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science”. That’s just nonsense, and hemingway, reeks of insecurity. It seems best to just say what is on the diploma: MLA, Extension Studies, Harvard University.

For clarity, if you want to elaborate a field…perhaps MLA, Extension Studies (History), Harvard University. Just go to Johns Hopkins University. They offer online, part-time master degree programs. You can get a M.S. in areas like computer science, system engineering, bioinformatics, etc. And while these degrees are offered thru the Engineering for Professionals division, your transcript and essay ethos logos, degree do not distinguish your degree from the essay writing research paper traditional degree programs. My son if finishing up his Associates degree at a regionally accredited college. He has completed most of essay pathos logos, his general eds this way. He is now interested in HES to complete his Bachelors. He is an actor and american essay, would like to pathos ethos, concentrate in Drama. From the being american essay looks of it, he would have to take most of his drama/theater courses on pathos, campus (as one would expect). Does anyone have an american opinion of essay pathos ethos, HES’s drama concentration?

Naturally I have concerns that some people think this is a “bogus” program, but he will be on campus taking courses from the columbia best and making strong connections (hopefully) that a smaller, not-so-well-known college could never offer. Essay Ethos! Input? Hello, I think HES is essay maps a fine option to continue undergraduate studies, especially if the courses are being taken on-campus — it allows for direct interaction with faculty, including many Harvard faculty who do not teach online courses. Browsing the drama offerings in the course catalogue, I see that several of the instructors are part of the Harvard faculty or instructor corps, which I think is a wonderful opportunity for your son. There are also many options on campus and in essay pathos, the Boston/Cambridge area to get involved with serious theatrical productions. Writing A Thesis Hemingway! I would try to ethos logos, contact the Extension School staff member responsible for writing, the program to learn more and see if he/she can put you in contact with current students.

Whether you got your degree from hard University or a bubble gum machine, what matters is how well you perform in the cooperate the world. The former CEO from essay pathos ethos best buy had a high school diploma, but manager to raise to the top. @ilamont, thank you for sunflower, this blog post. It seems it has been a helpful resource for many people from the time you wrote it until now. Pathos Ethos Logos! What would be your advice to someone who lives out analyzing song lyrics essay, West and is considering either pursuing the ALB at ethos HES with an emphasis in custom research, philosophy ethics or pursuing a fully online BA in logos, Philosophy from ASU that is the same exact degree as on-campus? While the “name” of extension school is of little consequence to me I do want to pursue further graduate and essay organizers, possible doctoral work with the hopes of potentially teaching.

The allure of a Harvard education is tantalizing but all of the drama surrounding the stigma makes me wonder if the ASU program is just as solid of an option with less travel headaches as well. What are your thoughts? Jason, thanks for your message. The Harvard Extension School stigma matters most to people who are concerned about the name of the pathos ethos school on essays, their resumes. What should be most important to pathos ethos, a prospective student is the quality of the education. For what it’s worth, many Harvard Extension School ALB and ALM graduates have gone on to PhD programs elsewhere, and I believe an Extension School degree with a high GPA is an asset to applicants applying to a thesis, advanced degree programs.

I heard this from my thesis advisor (a Harvard FAS professor), and pathos ethos logos, experienced it when I successfully gained entrance to graphic, a competitive graduate business program a few years after earning my ALM. The stigma becomes a problem in certain employment circles, especially when people misrepresent themselves and their exaggerations are uncovered. This is logos not likely to happen in essay writing paper, an educational setting, not only because official transcripts contain the full name of the school, but also because the essay pathos logos Extension School is a known entity in higher education circles. I believe the degrees are generally pretty well respected when evaluated along with other admissions materials (grades, essays, graduate test scores. etc.). An Extension School ALB degree won’t hold the same weight as a 4.0 AB degree from Harvard College, but it nevertheless reflects serious study.

Regarding the ASU program: I don’t know anything about it, but here are the questions I would ask to evaluate any online program: Does the online program have a cohort experience? How do students bond/stay connected? Is it possible to interact with faculty? How responsive are they to lyrics essay, remote students? What other resources are available for remote students? Do the faculty in your intended field offer classes/research opportunities that truly interest you? Are there opportunities to have a hybrid experience?

What do graduates say about the program? The distance ed offerings at Harvard Extension School fare well on essay, some criteria (hybrid experience) but poorly on others (cohort, faculty responsiveness to online students). As I have said on other blog posts, the course offerings in a few areas are superb and involve real Harvard faculty, but in other fields there are few courses and many faculty are from other universities. Good luck in essay, your studies! Jason, one other comment: If you want to talk with students who have recently taken classes at HES, you should visit the forum located at I am not sure if non-students can register; if they can’t you can try to pathos logos, contact them via email or Twitter. I previously worked at Harvard’s Division of Continuing Ed (i.e. Harvard Extension School’s division) and maps graphic organizers, I will say two things: 1. Ethos Logos! There is no concentration in essay, Philosophy at ethos logos HES. Being Essay! I considered continuing my education at HES while working there by seeking a special exception in concentration, but it’s a very clear rule that you can’t seek out a specialized degree. Essay Pathos Ethos! This is because of the “Harvard Instructor” requirement that you can read about on their website.

They believe it is too difficult to complete all requirements unless they have set up the degree in advance…etc. So if you are okay with concentrating in sc resume, another area while taking some of their philosophy courses as electives toward your degree, that’s a great idea. It really is a great option. 2. I want to pathos ethos, be clear to you (and anyone else reading this) that you cannot complete any degree within HES (undergraduate or graduate) completely online. In classroom learning is something HES refuses to compromise on. Though proposed by sunflower various administrators throughout the pathos years due to the continuing demand for online education, HES honors the idea that there is an american means essay in-classroom experience that is necessary to provide a truly rigorous, complete degree.

A completely online degree lacks some essential graduate pedagogy when there isn’t face-to-face interaction. I respect that, too. And, frankly, it gives the degree more clout. In summary, if you can manage the on-campus requirements, you’ll get great prep for ethos logos, a PhD degree. Analyzing Song! I certainly recommend going this route if you’re looking to take the first steps toward a PhD. Just keep in ethos, mind that you’ll have to concentrate in another area. This will be fine for writing hemingway, graduate admissions offices for a PhD program who will be more interested in your performance in essay, a humanities field than they will be concerned with your total coursework in sunflower essays, Philosophy particularly. I state it as a preference for you. Should you go with HES, I recommend concentrating in Religion, History, or English for your purposes. Interesting article and comments. Is there no objective way to evaluate the pathos ethos HES curriculum and its graduates?

Relying on personal opinions only reflects the biases of either Harvard College students or HES students, both who have some ground to protect. Can we measure, for example, how many HES undergrads end up at traditional graduate programs at competitive universities, or how many HES grad students end up at medical or law schools or other professional programs? Are there other ways to begin a process of evaluation. Possibly against other continuing education programs? I think the sunflower essays best way to position HES is that it is open to almost anyone, but to get to the finish line is difficult, and pathos ethos, requires commitment and essay, dedication—all things I see at true. Much like a special forces selection course in the military: anyone can try, based on certain initial standards. Ethos Logos! Many less complete selection. I’m not sure if it’s a perfect analogy, but in order for HES students to remove this unfair stigma, that we somehow have found a side door into Harvard and that the academic standards are laughable, a better narrative should be approached, and backed up by custom writing a refusal to lower standards and to maintain the integrity of the curricula and quality of faculty (another way of establishing exclusivity). Seems Harvard takes a very cautious approach when attempting to describe the ethos program.

Dean Lamberts comments on a recent article, “Extension Granted,” makes a neutral statement about the academic standards: We don’t particularly compromise on the integrity of the course just because they’ve been out of school for a long time, or are very young, or are much older.” With respect to the “worth” of the degree, Lambert says: “I think it’s very clear to essay, employers what it means. Ethos Logos! The Harvard College degree is an intensive, highly selective, four-year residential learning experience. That’s pretty well reputed. I think employers understand that the people who come and do the undergraduate program at the Extension School are older … They come back to do that degree because they discovered later in life they have high intellectual capacity, and they desire to get ahead. And I think employers are very clear on what that is as opposed to a Harvard College degree.” That’s hardly a vote of confidence. These comments make me feel less confident that the dean of the school thinks that HES has much value in the real world. Either his lukewarm opinions are based in reality, or they are not.

If they are, let’s call the program what it is: a degree of marginal quality. If these opinions do not give enough credit to essay maps graphic, the value of the degree, I think it makes sense to find ways to add objective value to ethos logos, both the degree and the curricula and faculty behind it. Not gonna lie, I’m disappointed by Dean Lambert’s comments. I think they’re misleading. And individuals who work at DCE will tell you that Dean Lambert’s not the sc resume greatest rhetorician in ethos, the world. Keep in mind, Hunt came from Colorado College where he implemented, from the ground up, a completely online degree model that could be used as a template for state school’s across the U.S. He’s a business man. And after a gazillion years with a Dean that was merely a figurehead with no operational value and a fear of progressing with the times, this is exactly what DCE needs. Essay Research Paper! Still, it’s a learning curve. He’s got work to do and other DCE administrators are doing a great job of getting him up to essay pathos logos, speed with the mission and standards.

Like when he suggested that we make the masters degrees completely online, DCE administrators were foursquare against it and writing hemingway, stood by pathos the mission that there must be a residential component to all degrees to honor the complete learning experience, elite pedagogy, and, well, to legitimate them. And they are legitimate and rigorous, with one exception I’d say.* All degrees require a “Harvard Instructor” requirement. This is what that means: Harvard Extension School does not make faculty appointments. In other words, think of all professors as contracting course-by-course like adjuncts…even if they teach full-time there. Writing A Thesis! that means, a significant number of pathos ethos, courses are taught by esteemed visiting professors or adjuncts in other Harvard University schools. Then, there are “Harvard Instructors” who are those faculty members who hold an writing appointment in logos, another Harvard school where they teach in addition to the Extension School. For example:

I ran into him at Starbucks one day and columbia sc resume, he was friendly enough to strike up conversation. Essay Ethos! We realized that we both knew the analyzing director of HES’s Biotechnology program (who is a badass) and essay ethos logos, we ended up getting lunch so he could tell me about his research. IT’S AWESOME. In order to sunflower essays, graduate with a masters degree from HES’s Biotech program, you’ll have to take a specific number of courses from Harvard instructors like him. Seriously, look at that link and tell me that the quality of education isn’t legit.

But, in all seriousness, there are more quantifiable statistics available from essay ethos logos HES’s degree programs. They certainly track their graduate students the columbia same way that other graduate programs do. Pathos! They can give you percentages on candidates who make it through the program and alumni who go on to X field. I think you’ll find that students are very successful, but, of maps graphic organizers, course, it looks different for every graduate. *The exception to this “Harvard Instructor” requirement is for the graduate program in pathos ethos logos, Management–and that is a huge disappointment. Harvard Business School DOES indeed want to essay research, separate itself from the Extension School so it does not allow any HBS professors to teach at HES. So the instructors you get through the HES Management program can be sub-par. I’ve heard from friends who have completed the program that it is too heavy on the faculty from essay pathos ethos logos “the industry” and light on those from academia leaving much to be desired from the actual Managment degree. In fact, I’ve heard it referred to sunflower essays, as “a joke” by some graduates, but I must say that I have not attended those classes myself.

It could be a mixed bag. WootWoot: Thank you so much for sharing an essay logos insider’s perspective of the Harvard Extension School and a thesis hemingway, its degree programs. Ethos! I would like to maps graphic organizers, follow up with you on the “Harvard Instructor” issue. As I have noted elsewhere on essay ethos, this blog, it’s not just the ALM in Management program that lacks this requirement. Writing! It seems that many (if not all) “professional” programs have ditched it.

I would expect this to be the case for programs that don’t have any equivalent FAS/SEAS departments or faculty such as Digital Media Arts, but I see that even the software engineering degree does not require any HI courses even though Harvard has a pretty robust slate of CS courses. Pathos Ethos Logos! My question is: Do you see the school continuing to diverge from the writing HI requirement, not only in the professional degrees but also in the liberal arts degrees? What does that mean for Extension School if so many students never step foot (virtual or otherwise) in a classroom with a Harvard faculty member at the helm? Ian (author of the blog) I have another question, relating to pathos, online education. We’ve heard for years from students and some Extension School faculty that the lack of research, interaction with faculty is a huge problem (Professor Sandel: “I don’t believe that it’s possible fully to replicate the in-person classroom experience using new technology”). I have seen Harvard Extension School students complain about ethos logos, this (“The professor was not accessible and this was not explained prior to the start of the class. It might not have mattered if the TF was great, but he wasn’t.”) My question is, what is the Extension School doing to alleviate this issue? This is obviously an analyzing song essay area of essay pathos, great concern for writing a thesis hemingway, hard-working students who want a Harvard experience, and also an essay logos issue for Dean Lambert who seems focused on writing hemingway, pushing online education as much as possible over traditional in-class education.

Is the best students can hope for a faculty member who responds to email, or a TF who cares? Are there distance education technologies used by HES that can make a difference? Those who are critics of the HES program need to go do some research. I think this alone will straighten things out. Here is my interpretation of the facts based on my own research. I hope it will help enlighten others out there. 1) HES is a charity program. This is something nobody in this blog seems to be taking into essay ethos account.

The tuition is much lower and the courses are accessible to common people from custom essay writing research paper any age or background. Candidacy for degree programs is merit base alone. Harvard University wants to provide a “taste” of tier-1 education to the masses along with “some” of the prestige, and quite honestly should be commended for this as they don’t “have” to do it. We are lucky they still think it’s a worthy endeavor. As someone who has read The Gates Unbarred this is my view. 2) Two Thirds of the ethos students at Harvard University are graduate students transiting through eleven other degree-granting schools. Columbia Sc Resume! Only one third of students (a minority) attend the College which most people associate with Harvard’s perceived prestige. Do you really think graduates from Harvard’s Seminary School will go on essay logos, to make seven-figure salaries at Fortune 100 companies? No offense to Seminary students (maybe some will), but I don’t think they’re in it for essay research paper, the money or prestige. 3) HES is over ethos, 100 years old. Do you really think Harvard forgot there was a accidental back-door hole in their otherwise exemplary university through which thousands of “commoners” have snuck in, and will shut it down as soon as some clerk figures it out?

HES came before the Design, Public Health, Education, Government, Engineering Schools, and only two years after the Business School. I’m pretty sure it is still there because it provides a vital function and is viewed as such by every Administration since. 4) HES graduates are Harvard Alumni. Anyone who says otherwise needs to check their facts. 5) Harvard is custom writing research paper a research college (hence the essay logos $40 billion endowment).

As such, they are always looking to the future and want to be a part of developing it. I think the Division of Continuing Education, of which HES is a part, is writing hemingway constantly looking to “Extend” the Harvard experience, whether by video or internet or whatever will come next. I think they understand the essay pathos logos tranditional brick mortar approach to american means, learning will be heavily infused with online convenience in the future and ethos logos, they are constantly evaluating how to continue delivering a tier-1 offering in essay, parrallel. Essay! To be fair, I don’t think any other University has figured out the best “extension” balance yet, however many who have graduated from writing hemingway HES praise Harvard’s unique approach. 6) Is an HES degree the same as a BA from Harvard College? Of course not!! Anybody who has done even a little bit of research into essay ethos Harvard University (previously called “New College”) would understand this. HC students are undergraduate students fresh out of analyzing song essay, High School and, while extremely intelligent, many are still lacking the pathos ethos logos wisdom which comes with living life. With the single exception of HES AB students, most of being american essay, Harvard University students (approx.

14K) are graduate students who got their undergraduate degrees somewhere else and are attempting to include the “Harvard” brand on their resume along with many other prestigious institutions. 7) Should a graduate of HES put Extension on their resume? Yes, I believe so. You have a “Liberal Arts” degree. This reflects that your program is bit more “diversified” than others at Harvard.

The word extension on your resume simply reflects that your degree came from the essay pathos ethos Division of Continuing Education so you are part of a program designed for essays, people who want to continue learning beyond just a bachelors degree in a very “open-minded” less rigid way. Liberal Arts degrees are designed to pathos logos, reflect diversity by giving many expanded options for building your degree plan. Sunflower Essays! If you aren’t proud of this or think that a future employer will see you as less focused then go enroll in something a little less liberal. Simple as that. I have the greatest respect for anyone who attempts to essay pathos ethos, become an HES degree candidate and, given the very small number of song lyrics, actual graduates from HES, believe they are “The Few and Proud”.

I agree with you that HES is sort of like a charity program. It was established as a kind of Boston area outreach program to provide higher education to pathos ethos logos, those who had obligations that kept them away from traditional schools. In addition to that, HES acts as a kind of employee-incentive program. A lot of being means essay, Harvard employees pursue HES classed and degree programs because they get a VERY discounted tuition ($40 a class). It lets employees pursue higher education, without having to open deal subjecting employees to the competitive admissions standards of Harvard’s non-HES schools. Excellent addition, Junko. Given Harvard’s roots as a training school for essay pathos, Unitarian clergy, I think they will always have some sort of custom essay, accessibility program by ethos logos where you can experience Harvard through merit alone. Besides, the prestige of Harvard is really just a recent phenomenon (maybe the last 60 yrs.?) given it’s long history of service in a thesis, the American colonies. If you think about it, Harvard was originally designed to essay, be an “Extension School” of it’s own since it was simply an extension of the English Oxford Cambridge educational systems.

Some of the ironies of maps graphic organizers, it’s history are really quite entertaining. Did you know that a good portion of the HC dorm space (The River Houses) were built by a grant from a rich Yale alumnus? You won’t hear that one come up very often at essay ethos logos “The Game”….. This post is not accurately reflecting the ALM. degree. In fact, 40% of the classes (up to columbia sc resume, 80%) is ethos taught by custom essay writing research paper the same professors. Exams are the same or harder for the remaining classes.

Generally, there are more exams at HES due to specialized classes. There are very few online classes available, in summer none. The ALM is a continuing education program for older students. The age group is 28-45. Not 21-26. This means that you can expect to essay pathos ethos, get a lead into another company when you graduate. You are not paid 55-60K, but 80-85K. Employment is close to a thesis hemingway, 100%. Ethos! HKS grads find it harder to get jobs. The university is trying to sell students a second degree once they graduate.

Graduates receive a Master in Liberal Arts. The university is trying to cash it. That is what this is all about. When you employ a HES grad, you get amature student that has all thebenefits of a Harvard education. Sunflower! Visited classes, completed written exams and is able to get in touch with other Harvard grads. Agree, I think what really chaps people are the undergrads who are supposedly borrowing the exceptional reputation of Harvard College. Pathos Ethos! It isn’t as much of a problem at the graduate level because many of the graduate programs are not-elite (engineering) or not that difficult to get into (divinity, education, HKS’s MPA). The real problem is Harvard University’s administration. It is just wrong to ask HES students to caveat their degree with a bunch of qualifiers which are not so subtle reminders that “yes, technically this is a Harvard degree… but, you know, not the Harvard, Harvard”. Custom Writing! It is just petty and essay ethos logos, ridiculous. Columbia! No one is forcing Harvard to have a Cont Ed school, but, if they are going to have one (a very rigorous one at that, see thesis), they should accord the graduates full Harvard status.

What Harvard is logos doing is totally out sunflower essays, of the norm for elite schools. Penn, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern all have Cont Ed programs. They do not ding the graduates by offering them a non standard degree, ALM, in a non-existent field, extension studies. I am looking into getting a second masters degree. One of HES’s masters programs looks great, but I don’t want to be accused of being a phony every time I apply for a job. That is on Harvard’s admin.

Either embrace HES or get rid of it, but pick one. Sam, I think this is a great point. I would take this thinking a step further — what can Harvard do to bring HES degrees more in line with the degrees offered by other schools? Certainly it’s not possible to essay logos, do this in columbia sc resume, fields where there is no equivalent (e.g., digital media) or resistance from the other tubs (HBS). But can it be done for HES undergraduate degrees (ALB) or liberal arts graduate degrees in social sciences, physical sciences, computer science, and other fields? What would it take to better align the curriculums? I think the best approach is the obvious approach: Give the graduates a regular degree from the regular school.

JHU, and Stanford’s cont ed engineering masters programs operate in this manner. Johns Hopkins and Stanford’s engineering programs are a lot more prestigious in engineering fields than Harvard, so it is not as though Harvard is some superior institution in engineering with more to protect. Just offer the degrees through the regular channels at night. Digital Media Design goes into pathos logos Harvard’s Eng school. Harvard can tighten the american admissions standards for these degrees, although there seem to only be a few hundred people actually graduating from HES anyway so not much of an issue. HES is just an ethos logos odd initiative for Harvard. It appears that Harvard is being pulled in two directions. They want to be democratic, extend their resources as far as possible, educate as many people as possible and other things that sound good, but, at the same time, they want to protect their elite brand and other things which don’t sound as good.

The result is sc resume this compromised school called HES. I don’t think they are really doing the graduates any favors though. HES grads are going to pathos, be having conversations like the one on this blog for the rest of their lives. Analyzing Song Lyrics! It is also odd that the logos choice seems to be that HES is sc resume either fully Harvard, as good as the College or the medical school, or a total fraud. Pathos! The reality is that it is somewhere in between (much like, btw, Harvard Ed, HKS, Divinity, etc). Still would you rather go to HES and essays, constantly be accused of being a poseur or just go to BU or Northeastern and have people think, “Oh, that’s a pretty good school” without the drama.

The whole thing just makes Harvard look bad regardless of which way you look at it. Either Harvard is pathos ethos logos taking peoples’ money, granting them degrees and writing a thesis hemingway, then subtly sneering at their own graduates or, from the essay ethos other perspective, Harvard is dilluting their brand. It is also odd that the choice seems to be that HES is either fully Harvard, as good as the College or the medical school, or a total fraud. The reality is that it is somewhere in between (much like, btw, Harvard Ed, HKS, Divinity, etc). I get what you’re saying but Harvard GSE is one of the writing top ranked educational programs in the nation. The same goes for essay, HKS but in government/policy. Columbia Sc Resume! I can’t speak for Divinity since I haven’t researched that school. The prestige of Harvard mainly derives from its graduate professional programs (Harvard GSE is ranked #2 behind Stanford; HKS is essay ethos ranked #3) and its single digit percent acceptance rate in organizers, the College. The reason that GSE and HKS may get flack is pathos logos because of the large enrollment in each of their respective master’s programs.

If one did the research GSE master’s programs are of quality, which is impressive because they’re only one year, and within the field of education a Harvard master’s can make an impact on employment (elite/strong high schools love to flash a fancy faculty) and essay graphic organizers, educational entrepreneurship (many have started their own start-ups). Essay Pathos! Many from HKS are living in D.C. Maps Organizers! working in politics (think tanks) or leading non-profits. HES is unique specifically for its structure and its original mission. Is it pseudo-Harvard? No. It’s real Harvard, just a different path to the institution itself. If it was pseudo-Harvard then they wouldn’t be included in commencement and essay pathos logos, given Harvard degrees conferred by the university (as number have stated already HES is one of the 13 schools of Harvard). Essays! If there were rankings on logos, top extension/distant programs I bet Harvard would be in the top five. Also, how absurd are Harvard’s own instructions on how to list your degree on a resume? You can either have an ALM in sc resume, extension studies from Harvard University or an ALM in history (insert your field) from Harvard University Extension School.

Harvard is giving you permission to completely change your field of study, not a minor change, just so long as you blackball yourself somewhere on your resume. Would it be acceptable to write “ALM in history from Hravard University”, or does that not get the point across that you’re not as smart as the essay pathos regular grads? Wow, does Harvard allow other grads to acceptably take their pick on a field of analyzing essay, study? […] ridiculous and confusing designation has bedeviled Harvard Extension School graduates for decades. It does not correspond to any real […] After reading these comments, I am now debating whether HES will be an expensive burden on my resume. Essay Pathos! I have little doubt of the quality of the HES degree or the students enrolled, but have now been slightly introduced to means essay, the stigma and ignorance of others towards HES grads. The idea that HES students are just those who “couldn’t get in” is very unsettling. It seems to essay logos, be the norm of writing, ideas of the essay logos general public or those with knowledge of the hemingway school. Growing up across from WTC during 9/11, I joined the military for ethos, five years directly after high school.

Now in my last month of a traditional B.A. at almost 27, i don’t have the liberty of a 21-22 year old out of college with no responsibilities or extensive bills. I have a high GPA, amazing references, and a stellar LSAT score (was originally contemplating Law school), but I have to work. We all take different paths in life and no one should belittle anyone else because it is different than yours. I have worked AND interned continuously through my B.A. and it is not easy and requires skills and maturity not many traditional students have. Research Paper! In the logos future, we must all work to remove this stigma in the public eye and help many recognize that when you get a graduate from HES, you not only get a quality education but also an experienced individual. Writing Hemingway! The school, of all parties, should be promoting this instead of worrying about what they put on their resume and essay pathos logos, hardly acknowledging HES grads. And until Harvard puts out a press release that they are making HES classes easier, stop having traditional professors teach at HES, no longer require you to take classes on campus, make HES syllabuses different than their identical traditional classes, and lower the credits required for HES degrees, Im putting HARVARD UNIVERSITY! This is sunflower what annoys people. When HES students pretend not to know the difference between HC/GSAS and essay pathos ethos, HES.

HES is a good school and lyrics essay, I’m sure a fair amount of pathos ethos, their students are smart, capable, etc. The overwhelming aspect of Harvard (College, GSAS) that impresses people that it is extremely difficult to be admitted. Custom Research! You don’t have to be smart, you have to be one of the smartest people in the world. When people find out essay ethos logos, that you did not go through the admissions gauntlet (and people will look into it if you drop the H-bomb), they are going to think you are a poseur if you just write Harvard University with no mention of Extension. If you had just said I went to sunflower essays, Harvard Extension School and explained what you just wrote, they would think it is impressive and an achievement. They won’t think you are, necessarily, a genius, but they will be impressed. I think it’s important to look at the History of ethos logos, HES and the root cause of the fear of a growing number of HES degree candidates. In this way we can give some “context” to the problem. Sunflower! Firstly, when the Lowell Institute was created in the 1830’s (later HES in the 1900’s), the goal was to pathos, “extend” a tier-1 educational opportunity to columbia, those non-traditional students who couldn’t otherwise afford it, or meet the schedule requirements of the traditional classroom. Since Harvard only charged 2 bushels of pathos ethos, wheat and didn’t make any money off the deal, it was seen as a charitable outreach program which the school didn’t necessarily need to american means, provide, but at that time Harvard still had strong influences from their original charter as a training seminary for Unitarian clergy so “giving selflessly” was still a big part of the ethos logos institution.

Secondly, nobody has had much of an issue with using “Extention Studies” on a diploma until just recently with the analyzing lyrics essay advent of automated processes for pre-screening job applicants. Pathos! Algorithms now filter 10,000 resumes or web-forms for 1 job postition based on keywords. These algorithms for example expect someone who claims to essay research paper, be an engineer to have graduated with a major or degree in “engineering” or from an “engineering school” (not in extension studies or from an extension school). Just 20 years ago, when job applications were read by essay pathos human eyes and interviews were conducted in person instead of “Skype’d”, you had enough time to explain the essays differences. Now, with the advent of pathos ethos, automated screening and being american means, knee-jerk reactions to pathos, resume’ fraud by columbia HR recruiters who just finished attending 1 seminar too many on the topic, the previously assumed “face value” of a Harvard degree is coming into question when “extension studies” is pathos ethos observed. So now, you have an entrenched Harvard Corporation Board who looks back at the +100yr. of wisdom behind running this charity program (HES), and you have real-world prospective degree candidates who are debating the custom essay commitment/time/money to ethos, invest in what could turn out to be a bit of a foley if the board doesn’t step in columbia sc resume, and take action.

Since the logos board probably doesn’t think this is a “real” problem just yet, and the degree candidates are just now starting to amass momentum (again), I think we are possibly looking at essay organizers decades for final resolution (or in the blink of an essay pathos ethos logos eye by Harvard’s clock). American Essay! Not much solace for today’s degree candidate. However, I think I have a solution (at least for graduate students) which could possibly satisfy both sides. This solution has to do with the way in pathos logos, which Harvard uses Latin on their graduate diplomas. You’ll notice on the HES graduate diploma, the “Master of Liberal Arts” is writing hemingway actually ALM or abbreviated backwards from “magistri in artibus liberalibus”. Pathos Ethos! More details on that here - So it turns out being means essay, that the only schools at Harvard University that produces “Liberal Arts” degrees is HES (containing the word Liberal).

This is only fitting since your school is essay pathos logos giving you a more liberal way to columbia sc resume, design your degree plan. So this means you could say something like “Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) in essay pathos ethos, CONCENTRATION NAME, Harvard University” and custom research paper, the “traditional” Harvard community could derive from the required (ALM) parameter and logos, the word “Liberal” that this is an sc resume HES degree. Also, wording it in this way would not trip up algorithms and essay ethos, most likely would be overlooked by +98% of clueless HR recruiters. If they asked about the (ALM) you could simply say it comes from how MLA is being american essay abbreviated in pathos logos, reverse from the Latin (without lying). Custom Writing Research Paper! So why can’t the board treat HES students exactly the same as traditional students? Answer: Because you are not a traditional student. You are participating in essay pathos ethos, a “limited” Harvard experience with different entrance requirement and, most importantly, you wont pay as much for essay, it. What makes up the difference? Well, try to put a price on essay pathos logos, prestige and writing a thesis, you’ll know the answer.

Because your an HES student you were never considered all that prestigious to pathos logos, begin with, otherwise you’d have found your way in through the “Front” door. Harvard is remaining true to it’s original charter for essays, the Extension School and is selflessly serving the poor or disadvantaged. They’re doing something nice for the masses, yet the masses are complaining that the $35K degree isn’t the same as the pathos ethos logos $400K degree. It’s kind of like when your filthy rich brother-in-law pulls up in a new Lamborghini, and you say to him, “Yeah, but my KIA gets me there just fine, and LOOK!! It even has a HARVARD bumper sticker on it”……..I cant see you right now, but I’m pretty sure you know what I mean…..and you’re laughing…….. Hey, that’s the American way unfortunately because where would we be if we couldn’t say sally so and so despite being underprivileged and attending college later in life can achieve the hemingway same level of success with hard work and sacrifice as susie so and so whose parents groomed her from the womb? Harvard definitely wants to prove the point that you cannot get in through the hard work door and obtain the same credentials, what a shame. As a working adult who had no other choice than to essay pathos ethos logos, attend classes through online courses, I get the debate. My school, however, simply allows me to sunflower, put their name on my resume without all the politics of dealing with rich folks who may not want to feel as if their kids will have to essay pathos logos, share the same status with others “less fortunate”. Do I feel bad sometimes about essay paper, saying I graduated from the school because I went online?

No, never and essay pathos ethos logos, my school never made me feel bad about it. I know I’ve worked hard and did more research than many who partied their way through their college life on campus. I think that those who attend HES should recognize it for what it is-the unofficial Harvard. They should list it as is Harvard Extension School, Harvard University and essay writing paper, not worry about essay pathos ethos, what anyone thinks if they’ve worked hard and are proud of their hard work. If they have any reservations about it then simply do not go there and deal with this fight the columbia sc resume rest of their lives. It is very unfair of Harvard to cause such a distinction amongst its own. It definitely points to elitism and division. In the end Harvard should just let graduates list their school and be proud of how hard they’ve worked and stop all the political nonsense in appeasing rich folks.

Dropping my mic here. Not really. If you get into Harvard College and essay, you are from sunflower a poor/not wealthy family, Harvard covers the entire bill… the “Harvard College is for essay pathos ethos, the rich kids, not the hard working kids” doesn’t make sense. Harvard College is for the scary smart kids. The Extension School is for song lyrics essay, everybody else. Harvard College is for the scary smart kids. You’re mistaken. Ethos Logos! That’s more so MIT, that other institution of higher education down the road from Harvard, and University of Chicago. Frankly, the whole Harvard is better to me is bogus, I’ve worked with and had working form me Harvard grads and they are no better or worse than say Umass or SUNY Binghampton grads.

At the end of the year, it is all about work ethic and sunflower essays, ability to adapt and get along with your peers. I have hired hundreds over the years and ethos logos, your schools pedigree is sunflower way down on my list although it is worth something, I’m just not sure how much. I always dreamed of going to Harvard…who hasn’t? No way on earth would I have been able to get into the “real H” with my grades and study habits. But once I became aware of HES, it did cross my mind to shortcut the process and essay ethos logos, get the being means same salary and recognition perks from unsuspecting recruiters or employers. However, I doubt not for second that my fictional employers would gain bragging rights to essay pathos, having employed “Harvard” graduates in their company. After I woke up from daydreaming I realized that the ‘xplaning to be done incessantly for the rest of my life was not worth the potential gain. I would be looking over my shoulder every minute of the day fearing someone would out a thesis, me. On the essay ethos logos other hand, chiropractors have no shame in calling themselves “doctors” and massaging that fictional doctorate to extract value from unsuspecting “patients” in particular or from other organization where the essay maps graphic organizers title “Doctor” carries weight—like reservations at a fancy restaurant, hotel, etc.

The world has plenty of fakery all around. The fact people are reading or commenting on this blog is evidence of how uncomfortable they are and want reassurance of some sort. Sorry, I not with you on this one. HES should be scrapped. Essay Ethos! It’s like Harvard admin says “We’ll let you believe you went to the “real Harvard” as long as you keep it to yourself and don’t tell anyone”…forget it. As somebody who has personally on-boarded somebody claiming an HES degree as a HGSAS degree, I can tell you that this is pure bullwack.

What a complete waste of time and energy her fraud was. I wasted a ton of time looking into custom essay the issue. Harvard’s own standards have always made it clear to essay pathos logos, grads that their HES degree is not a Harvard College degree. Period… It’s willful ignorance on the part of HES grads that it will be overlooked. Maps! Anyone who doesn’t know how to represent an essay HES degree on a resume is analyzing song lyrics essay a liar. HES is non-selective, except that you have to maintain a 3.0 GPA. That means the level of essay logos, selectivity is columbia not the same. You also have a very self-determined, interdisciplinary approach to coursework. This is NOT the same thing as an academic major that is essay ethos logos defined under the supervision of an essay organizers Ivy League Dean. HES seems to attract people wanting to pathos logos, misrepresent themselves on their resumes, like dog crap attracts flies. Essay Writing Research Paper! That’s unfortunate, because I think HES is a great service and a proud accomplishment.

That said, Harvard may want to logos, eliminate the program just to control the lyrics essay flies. Representing an HES degree as “Harvard College” or “Harvard University” is resume fraud, period! Anybody smart enough to get an HES degree would know that. Ted, I strongly disagree with your suggestion to eliminate the Harvard Extension School because of alumni misrepresenting their degrees. Extension School courses and degree programs provide a wonderful educational option that allows nontraditional students to study under Harvard faculty and conduct real research in various fields. That said, you have every right to be frustrated by someone who apparently misrepresented her credentials. Was it a case of someone actually stating she received a degree from Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences on a resume, or going with “Harvard University” and implying it was a GSAS program in pathos, interviews? How did you uncover the columbia truth? This really is no surprise. People simply look for a reason to pathos, not enroll in being american means essay, continuing education programs. The mistake Extension, like online programs, make is essay ethos logos when most people know they will be admitted, can afford it, and can do the courses after work the only excuse remaining is the program is somehow inferior to a person of their obvious intellectual greatness. Custom Paper! “I would go, but it isn’t really Harvard.

There, problem solved!” What it comes down to, is: The more advanced, accessible and economical from pathos logos of education, the one that is and will be promulgating into all forms of columbia, education and life, is downplayed by ego of old fashion graduates and I beleave professors alike of Harvard itself, thus undermining basics on which Harvard was created. To be afraid of an opportunity that opened to others, is not a mark of traditional Harvard graduate. Havard graduate, he’s the best, so why is he afraid?

If his fears are legit, then HES is great or greater, if his fears are irrational, what did he learn at Harvard? If anything, HES has to be named Harvard Advanced School, HAS, while Harvard old type education can be called Harvard Traditional School, HTS. Who in their right mind will fight the fact that computers and technologies will prevail? One can live in the dorm at Harvard and have online classes. One can sit in class and work mostly on computer.

Are we moving forward or are we holding unto tribal cosiness? If anything, HES students should be embraced by Harvard graduates and logos, be first to be hired into their respective companies, thus gloryfying even farther the powers of Harvard as one of hemingway, US best Univercities. More so, Harvard can create and pathos ethos logos, propagate field where Harvard degree is earned completely online and the compnaies where those particular graduates work are designed for them and are completely computer based. There is no lunch room, no college’s elbow nearby, you work the analyzing essay world or global science project, or secret service theme exlusively through online sources. I think that be a great experiment and pathos ethos logos, successfull one. Plus, the financial pay back would be coming from those companies earnings! It’s like landing your intellectual product to a company for percentage. So far expensive colleges squeese students for money, thus loosing enormous pool of talent, who can not afford, and know in advance that efforts of educators and educated will largely go wasted. What an enormous leackage of countries resources.

80/20. does that proportion scream at essay us that only miserly 20 % of those who got great education acheave something in life, instead of 80%. Pathos Ethos! Because the way we utilize our educated population is to turn educational system around. After browsing the Harvard Continuing Education (Extension Studies) website the following quotes were observed, I think it says enough, assuming graduates are properly representing/notating their credential. “We are Harvard—extended to the world for every type of adult learner. Our students come to sunflower, us from every time zone, every culture and career background, every age from 18 to pathos ethos, 89” “As one of custom research, 12 degree-granting institutions at essay pathos ethos logos Harvard University, we teach to the largest and most eclectic student body” “We are a fully accredited Harvard school. Research Paper! Our degrees and certificates are adorned with the logos Harvard University insignia. Essay Organizers! They carry the pathos weight of that lineage. Our graduates walk at University commencement and become members of the Harvard Alumni Association.”

It happens every few years where my firm gets an HES grad misrepresenting their degree. The latest “MA Anthropology – Harvard,” which after a little checking (we have learned to ALWAYS be suspicious), ends up being an MLA with a concentration from HES. When confronted they always plead ignorance and make the sunflower essays same BS argument about how they took classes on campus at Harvard taught by faculty and blah, blah, blah. Essay! Some are otherwise good candidates, but they are still committing resume fraud. I would take an honest UMass or UConn grad over sunflower essays, HES any day. Had they listed their true HES credential on essay ethos, the resume and sold it in the interview, they would be fine. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, HES grads. You get the stigma, because some of hemingway, your alums create the stigma. Pathos Logos! HES is great education and a great springboard to grad school, but when you present it as a terminal degree in the job market, you need to be honest.

HES does not have selective admissions. Writing! It is not a formal academic major. It does not confer professional credentials the pathos ethos way a terminal HGSAS degree does. It is maps graphic organizers what it is. Period. Wow some serious snobbery in these comments. It makes me so happy to know that with my GED and technical certifications I make 80k a year at 25.. to pathos ethos, all of american means, you hating on the extension school (something I’ve considered multiple times and have since said **** it), please… please throw yourself off of essay pathos ethos, that ivory tower that you so erroneously hold dear. Honestly, id rather invent a job than apply for one, id hope all colleges at being american Harvard would incentivize that!

The (HES) is simply one hybrid college at Harvard out of 12 other schools which is not as “puritanical” as the essay ethos logos traditional models. Personally i think its cool, and writing a thesis hemingway, will probably see other types of essay pathos ethos logos, schools pop up in essay, the future at Harvard. Ex: Maybe artificial intelligence will become downloadable and education will be purchased, dowloaded, and directly integrated physiologically. I don’t know, do we keep computers out ethos logos, of the “think tank” and writing hemingway, commit to brick and pathos logos, mortar? Id rather avoid the crazies personally on essay maps, my way to school.

The (HES) reminds me of California Schools which “thinks outside the box”. Pathos! The school none-the-less will not let you graduate without attending brick and mortar classes so, save-up.

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The Value of Homework: Is Homework an Important Tool for Learning in the Classroom? Homework continues to be a controversial topic. The debate over homework is an old one, with attitudes shifting throughout the essay debate over the years. Proponents and opponents make cases to support their views on the necessity and columbia sc resume importance of homework in ethos logos, the development of the student and the construction of knowledge. Good and being american means Brophy (2003) indicate that many view homework as, “An important extension of in-school opportunities to pathos ethos logos, learn” (p. 393). While some proponents of homework believe in its purpose, a question still persists about the role of homework in writing hemingway, determining the student’s grade. Essay Pathos Ethos Logos! Should homework be assigned and graded on a regular basis, or should it be viewed as an educational means to an end? As a means to an end, should one centralized school or district policy govern homework, or should some flexibility exist? Education consultant Ken O’Connor (1999) suggests eight guidelines for essay graphic organizers successful assessment, which includes a directive to not mark every single assignment for grades, but rather take a sampling of essay student efforts in order to assess how much they have learned. His approach pushes for a more standards based approach in determining grades, combining formative assessment to track students’ grasp of lesson concepts as they learn, enabling adjustment of teaching practice on-the-fly, and summative assessment in the form of a test or quiz, which measures the level of student knowledge and understanding after the learning process.

This is also a valuable tool for the teacher, as they may be better able to gauge the efficacy of their lessons and unit. In a study conducted by sunflower Hill, Spencer, Alston and Fitzgerald (1986), homework was positively linked to student achievement. Logos! They indicate that homework is an inexpensive method of improving student academic preparation without increasing staff or modifying curriculum. “So, as the being essay pressure to improve test scores continues to increase, so does the emphasis on homework” (p. 58). 142 school systems in North Carolina were contacted. Of the initial 142 schools, 96 responded, and were sent three-part questionnaires seeking information about the existence, scope, development and evaluation of homework policies in their schools. The researchers cite several general conclusions based on their findings, including the importance, and apparent lack, of homework policies in existence. Despite the pervasive nature of homework in every participating school, only 50% of the schools indicated the existence of essay pathos logos a written homework policy. Amongst the policies reported by the other half of the participating schools, most of the policies specified the type or quality of homework to be assigned, and allowed some flexibility in being, the assignment and evaluation of homework.

The authors indicated: Particularly encouraging signs were that a variety of types of homework were suggested, and the focus of homework assignment was toward meaningful, creative, and essay ethos high-level thinking endeavors. and away from tedious busy work and drill . (Hill, Spencer, et. al, 1986, p. 68) Homework is seen as a valuable resource for teaching, allowing students to practice, and in doing so, learn the essay organizers unit material. This study documented the importance of flexibility in the assignment and evaluation of quality homework assignments, but also the alarming lack of essay pathos ethos logos a written homework policy in a thesis, 50% of the participating schools. It can be drawn from this study that some type of homework policy is necessary, as is the assignment of higher cognitive types of homework and the flexible assessment and grading of that work in order to foster and track student learning.

Cauley and McMillan (2009) define formative assessment as, “A process through which assessment-elicited evidence of student learning is gathered and instruction is modified in response to feedback” (p. 1). The authors suggest the use of feedback in the process, but suggest a steering away from performance-goal oriented extrinsic motivators such as grades. Essay Pathos Ethos! Emphasis on performance and grades during the formative process can be detrimental to eventual student achievement because it might shift student focus away from their goal of mastery of course material to concern over sc resume, the way their abilities might be judged by their peers (Cauley McMillan, 2009, p. 3). Constructive feedback throughout this process maintains the focus on mastery goals created at the outset, and provides the student with the support necessary to make connections between new learning and prior knowledge. Homework, ongoing formative assessment, and feedback are all considered to be part of the instruction process. Grading and recording the work completed throughout this time would not accurately create a record of the student’s level of ethos understanding and knowledge because they are still in the process of learning the material. McMillan, Myran and Workman (2002) conducted a study of over 900 teachers in order to investigate the assessment and grading practices in practice.

The authors used surveys returned by a sample of 901 participating teachers of sc resume grades 3-5, representing a total population of 1,561 teachers of those grade levels from ethos 124 schools near Richmond, Virginia. The surveys featured a 6-point scale for participants to rate the emphasis they placed on different assessment and grading practices, with 1 being not at all and 6 representing completely. The findings revealed relatively low emphasis on homework grades, but also a positive correlation between the importance of homework and sunflower increasing grade levels. The authors state that: Given the relatively low emphasis on pathos, homework, comparisons with other students, other teachers’ grading, and the infrequent occurrence of borderline cases, these results suggest that teachers conceptualize two major ingredients actual performance, and effort, ability, and improvement. Being American Means! Of these two, academic performance clearly is most important, but effort, ability, and improvement remain as fairly important, especially for some teachers . (McMillan, Myran, Workman, 2002, p. 209) This study documents the pathos ethos logos importance of homework in the construction of knowledge, but also identifies the fact that there was little emphasis placed on the grades for that work. The majority of the assessment for the students was derived from test and essay writing paper quiz scores, or other forms of summative assessment. O’Connor (1999) begins his list of eight guidelines for successful assessment with the indication that the only acceptable basis for student grades is their own individual achievement. He goes on logos, to specify that grades recorded must measure the student’s achievement of the learning goals established at the outset of the unit. This suggestion is writing paper aligned with the information provided by Cauley and McMillan (2009), which emphasizes the importance of pathos setting mastery goals prior to the instruction process.

They also convey the idea that feedback, and not grades, should be used during the learning process, as formative assessment takes place. The true measurement of what the student has learned comes at the end of that learning process, in the form of a summative assessment, which McTighe and O’Connor (2005) suggest also be used at the outset of the unit to establish realistic performance goals: This practice has three virtues. First, the summative assessments clarify the targeted standards and benchmarks for teachers and learners. Sunflower Essays! Second, the performance assessment tasks yield evidence that reveals understanding. Third, presenting the authentic performance tasks at the beginning of essay pathos logos a new unit or course provides a meaningful learning goal for the student . (McTighe and O’Connor, 2005, p. 2) Waiting until the end of a unit, however, to sunflower, measure student learning is a mistake, since the time for instruction and learning of that material has ended.

It is in the course of the instruction and learning process that McTighe and O’Connor also place importance on the formative assessment process. Homework is a form of formative assessment, along with draft work, ungraded quizzes and other exercises used with the essay ethos logos intent of guiding and instructing the student to promote higher-level cognitive connections. Placing little or no emphasis on sunflower, grades on those types of exercises and essay ethos activities allows for focus on song lyrics, the mastery goal, and pathos keeps feedback constructive. “Although teachers may record the results of formative assessments, we shouldn’t factor these results into summative evaluation and custom research grading” (McTighe O’Connor, 2005, p. 1). This philosophy could be seen in the low levels of emphasis placed on essay pathos ethos logos, homework grades in the study by McMillan, Myran, and Workman. Effort, ability, and improvement remained important factors in that study, and McTighe and O’Connor echo that idea in their discussion of replacing old student achievements with new ones. A Thesis Hemingway! They take into consideration, the varying learning curves of different students, and their progress toward goals set at the beginning of the unit. A student will likely have a greater mastery over the unit material at the end of instruction, than at the outset of instruction.

That point, at the end of instruction is the appropriate time to essay pathos ethos, measure what the student has learned, allowing improvements to columbia sc resume, replace previous difficulties or failures. McTighe and O’Conner (2005) note, “Allowing new evidence to replace old conveys an important message to students that teachers care about their successful learning, not merely their grades” (p. 6). The material reviewed has established the importance of the essay ethos existence of a flexible, written homework policy on a school or district level. Song Essay! Mr.

O’Connor presents a total package, in this respect, to schools and districts that are seeking to establish a policy, or re-evaluate their current one. Essay Pathos Ethos! Following my research and analysis of the relationships between the literature, and american essay Mr. O’Connor’s work, questions still remains unanswered, possibly to be addressed in further study: Will students be motivated to complete homework and/or classroom activities that they know will not be graded? If there were a problem with student motivation in this respect, what would the impact be on achievement in a setting where the same, or similar type of policy is in place? If a teacher wishes to pathos ethos, use homework for the purposes of ungraded formative assessment, they must be certain that the work is sunflower essays truly that of the learner him or herself, with no outside assistance coming from family members or tutors they might see outside of school. This is essay ethos a major problem related to the use of homework in this way, as homework results may not truly be indicative of the student’s acquired knowledge. Cauley, K., McMillan, J. (2009).

Formative assessment techniques to support student motivation and sunflower achievement. Clearing House, 83(1), 1-6. Retrieved from Professional Development Collection. Good, T., Brophy, J. (2003). Looking in classrooms, ninth ed. Boston: Allyn and Bacon. McMillan, J., Myran, S., Workman, D. Essay Ethos Logos! (2002). Elementary teachers' classroom assessment and grading practices. Journal of Educational Research, 95(4), 203 . Retrieved from Professional Development Collection database: . McTighe, J., O’Connor, K. (2005).

Seven practices for effective learning. Essays! Educational Leadership, Vol. 63, No.3. Cauley, K., McMillan, J. (2009). Formative assessment techniques to support student motivation and achievement. Clearing House, 83(1), 1-6. Essay Pathos! Retrieved from Professional Development Collection.

Good, T., Brophy, J. (2003). Looking in classrooms, ninth ed. Boston: Allyn and Bacon. McMillan, J., Myran, S., Workman, D. (2002). Elementary teachers' classroom assessment and grading practices. Writing! Journal of pathos logos Educational Research, 95(4), 203 . Retrieved from Professional Development Collection database: . McTighe, J., O’Connor, K. (2005). Custom Essay! Seven practices for effective learning. Educational Leadership, Vol. 63, No.3. Carbone II, S. A. (2009).

The Value of Homework: Is Homework an Important Tool for Learning in the Classroom? Inquiries Journal/Student Pulse , 1 (12). Essay Pathos! Retrieved from Carbone II, Steven A. Columbia! The Value of Homework: Is Homework an Important Tool for Learning in the Classroom? Inquiries Journal/Student Pulse 1.12 (2009).

Carbone II, Steven A. 2009. The Value of Homework: Is Homework an Important Tool for Learning in essay pathos logos, the Classroom? Inquiries Journal/Student Pulse 1 (12), CARBONE II, S. A. 2009. The Value of essays Homework: Is Homework an Important Tool for Learning in ethos logos, the Classroom? Inquiries Journal/Student Pulse [Online], 1. Available:

Utilizing Technology for Learning STEM Subjects: Perceptions of Urban African-American Middle School Students. Race, Class, and Oppression: Solutions for Active Learning and Literacy in the Classroom. Timed Writing Assessment as a Measure of Writing Ability: A Qualitative Study. 2017 Student Pulse . All rights reserved. ISSN: 2153-5760. Disclaimer: content on this website is for sunflower informational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical or other professional advice.

Moreover, the views expressed here do not necessarily represent the views of Student Pulse, its owners, staff, contributors, or affiliates.

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Alcohol Addiction Essays and essay ethos logos Research Papers. Columbia? Alcohol Addiction It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the problem of addiction , which affects many . individuals, families and communities everyday. This essay is going to look at the prevalence of pathos ethos logos, addiction in Scotland and columbia sc resume what the Scottish Government are proposing to ethos, do to reduce the damage caused by addiction . There are many other stakeholders in the scheme to make Scotland a better place these are: individuals themselves, friends, family, communities, local governments and the National. Sunflower? Addiction , Alcohol , Alcohol abuse 2380 Words | 7 Pages. ?Alcoholism addiction What is ethos logos alcoholism? Alcoholism is when you abuse alcohol , you continue to drink even though you know your . drinking is causing problems. If you continue to abuse alcohol , it can lead to alcohol dependence. Alcohol dependence is also called alcoholism. Sunflower? You are physically or mentally addicted to alcohol . You have a strong need, or craving, to drink. You feel like you must drink just to get by. For more than millions of people have been affected by an addict that destroyed their.

Addiction , Alcohol , Alcohol abuse 1341 Words | 3 Pages. not healthy. Essay Ethos Logos? The problem of alcohol and writing research paper drug abuse is of central concern nowadays. It is pathos ethos especially acute among the youth and this fact . horrifies most of custom essay, all. Today the statistics shows deplorable numbers of young people, drinking and taking drugs. Essay Pathos? Alcohol abuse is maps graphic itself very harmful for a human organism, especially for a young one as it destroys brain cells and other organs. However, the harmful effect on different apparatuses is not the only harm brought by alcohol abuse.

The consequences of alcoholic. Addiction , Alcohol abuse , Alcoholism 1032 Words | 3 Pages. Alcohol Addiction Alcohol is everywhere in our culture and society, sharing a bottle of ethos, wine over columbia sc resume, a meal, going . out for drinks with friends, and celebrating special occasions with champagne. Alcohol is such a common popular element in essay pathos, many activities; it can be hard to custom essay writing, see when your drinking has crossed the line from moderate or social use to problem drinking. Having a drinking problem has many effects in ethos logos, your life.

If you are not aware of your problem you can have many physical, economic, social. Addiction , Alcohol abuse , Alcohol withdrawal syndrome 915 Words | 3 Pages. Alcohol Addiction Laurie Evans COM/156 August 4, 2013 Alcohol Addiction Is alcoholism a . disease of addiction ? This is the question you will find answers to in the following paper. Let’s start by custom essay writing paper, defining what a disease is. A disease can be defined as any harmful, depraved, or morbid condition, as of mind or society. Pathos Logos? Alcoholism can be defined as a disease because if one consumes more than the custom essay writing recommended amount you can have memory loss, become violent, and in ethos logos, some cases become depraved. Addiction , Alcohol , Alcohol abuse 1711 Words | 5 Pages.

How much alcohol do teens use? Alcohol is the most frequently used drug by teenagers in the United States. Custom Research? About half of junior . high and senior high school students drink alcohol on a monthly basis, and 14% of teens have been intoxicated at least once in the past year. Nearly 8% of teens who drink say they drink at essay pathos ethos logos least five or more alcoholic drinks in a row (binge drink). Analyzing Essay? What are the essay ethos dangerous effects of alcohol use in teens?

Just a few of the many dangerous effects of alcohol use in teens. Alcohol , Alcohol abuse , Alcoholic beverage 1360 Words | 4 Pages. Song? Alcohol Addiction and Tlr4 Receptors. linked to the cause alcohol addiction Alcohol has long been known to increase the essay ethos activity of the ?-aminobutyric . acid (GABA) receptor but recent studies have shown that the custom essay writing paper Toll-like receptors (TLR) also play a significant role in the long term effects of alcohol on ethos the brain (Szabo et al., 2007). Excessive drinking is a big killer in the United States today, taking an average of columbia sc resume, nearly 75,000 lives a year (Liu et al., 2011). Binge drinking, defined as having a blood- alcohol level ? 0.08 g% in. Alcohol abuse , Alcoholism , Binge drinking 1692 Words | 5 Pages. Addiction Addiction Abstract Addiction knows no prejudice; it does not care what . race, religion, sex or orientation. You can be addicted to drugs, gambling, x-box, shopping and eating. Addiction is an illness that requires, for most, professional help and that once you are an ethos logos addict you are always an addict. Addiction is everywhere, from celebrity tabloids, to television, and maps possibly to a family member or close friend.

There is alcoholism, drug abuse, and gambling. Addiction , Alcoholism , Drug 2636 Words | 7 Pages. ? The Cause of Addiction COM/156 Each year, there are more deaths and essay disabilities in the U.S. from substance abuse . than from any other cause. In the United States alone, it is reported that roughly 18 million Americans have alcohol problems; 5 to 6 million have drug problems, and more than 9 million children live with a parent addicted to alcohol or illicit drugs. American Means? Drug addiction continues to be a growing concern, prompting medical and scientific research on essay ethos a global scale. Addiction , Alcoholism , Drug 1663 Words | 5 Pages. ? ALCOHOLS , ETHERS, AND PHENOLS Juris Marie G. Garcia Institute of Chemistry, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City Date . Performed: February 27, 2015 Date Submitted: March 06, 2015 Answers to Questions: 1.) Balanced equations: A. Lucas Test Test Sample Equation Ethyl Alcohol C2H5OH + HCl + ZnCl2 ? C2H5Cl + H2O Isopropyl Alcohol (CH3) 2CHOH + HCl ? (CH3) 2CHCl + ZnC2 + H2O Tert-butyl Alcohol (CH3) 3COH + HCl + ZnCl2 ? (CH3) 3CCl + ZnCl2 +H2O Benzyl Alcohol C6H5CH2OH + HCl + ZnCl2. Acid , Alcohol , Carbon dioxide 431 Words | 2 Pages. Addictions can be something scary for everyone involved. Maps Graphic? There are several different types of pathos, addictions that are dealt with . American? every day in our society. When someone has an addiction to something it not only affects them, but also anyone around them that could be impacted.

There are many different treatments depending on the specific addiction . As well, there are many different causes to various addictions . This is an important topic to understand whether you are the one addicted or someone looking. Addiction , Alcoholism , Drug 2157 Words | 6 Pages. ?Genetic explanations for the Initiation of addictions Heritability of addictions such as alcoholism and gambling can be studied . Essay? through family and twin studies. Writing Research? The presumptions of essay, twin and family studies are that if family members share similar behaviours, then the degree to which the behaviours are caused by genetic factors can be examined. There are two types of being american means, twins, identical and non-identical.

Identical twins are monozygotic (MZ) as they came from the same egg, and therefore share an identical. Addiction , Alcoholism , Dopamine 1414 Words | 2 Pages. ? Alcohol Facts and statistics ( ) Global Burden of alcohol abuse, In 2012, 3.3 million deaths, or 5.9 . percent of all global deaths (7.6 percent for men and 4 percent for women), were attributable to alcohol consumption.. Alcohol contributes to over 200 diseases and injury-related health conditions, most notably alcohol dependence, liver cirrhosis, cancers, and injuries. In 2012, alcohol accounted for 5.1 percent of disability adjusted life years (DALYs) worldwide. Pathos Ethos? Globally. Alcohol , Alcohol abuse , Alcohol dependence 838 Words | 3 Pages. Writing Hemingway? does alcohol addiction break family apart. Parents who suffer with alcohol addiction can disrupt a family’s life and essay cause harmful effects that can last life long time.

The . Custom Essay? effects that are experienced by the members of a family may be different from one to another. Children of alcoholic parents are defined as those who grow up in essay logos, a home with at custom paper least one alcoholic parent (, 2008). According to essay pathos, Berger (1993), most children with alcoholic parents have many common symptoms such as low self-esteem, loneliness, guilt, feelings of helplessness. Addiction , Alcohol , Alcoholic beverage 998 Words | 3 Pages. these understandings on addiction to social care practice. The word “addict” originates from Roman law where an individual is compelled to . his or her creditor place of columbia, payment of debt (Ross et al, 2010). Essay Ethos Logos? As Dunnington states that addiction is defined a number of different ways. Addiction is defined as a “brain disease” personifies by “compulsive use of drugs” this definition comes from the Institute of Medicine (2011). The National Institute on Drug Abuse defines addiction as a “chronic, relapsing. Essays? Addiction , Brain , Drug 996 Words | 3 Pages. Addiction The Tabers medical dictionary defines drug addiction as a compulsive and essay logos maladaptive dependence on a drug that . produces adverse psychological, physical, economic, social, or legal ramifications(5).

In the U.S., the abuse or misuse of prescription drugs has been identified by the Centers for lyrics essay, Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a growing problem. In 2007, for example, the CDC reported that more than 27,500 Americans died of drug overdose, an increase of essay pathos ethos logos, more than 100% in the preceding. Addiction , Drug , Drug abuse 1324 Words | 5 Pages. Addiction and Addictions Internet Addictions. Writing A Thesis Hemingway? damaging today's society. Addictions are a fast growing concern, it has branched off and caused many problems whether it be related to drugs, . alcohol , gambling, sex, Internet, or eating. Addictions are something society faces everyday. Pathos? Although there are many reasons behind why addiction are growing, and where they stemmed from, today's society has focused primarily on essay organizers how someone with an addictions problem can seek help. Also the many Gaps and Barriers around addictions are enabling people who wish.

Addiction , Alcohol withdrawal syndrome , Alcoholism 1328 Words | 5 Pages. Alcohol : Past, Present, and pathos Future Karl Ballenger Mrs. Hines Communication Arts 200 period 7 February 20, 2007 . The beginning of Alcohol While no one knows when alcohol was first used as a beverage (or even created) we do know that it has been used for over ten thousand years. Sunflower Essays? Archeologists to this day are discovering old beer mug containers from the essay logos B.C period. Some other archeologist and a few scientists believe it was created in an experimental. 1920s , Alcohol , Alcoholic beverage 1871 Words | 6 Pages.

Cultural History of Alcohol Alcohol has been around for a very long time, and it is custom writing research clear to see the culture impact it has . Essay Pathos Logos? made throughout history. People perceive alcohol in many different ways; depending on gender, age, religious background, or social upbringing (Hanson 11). Throughout history alcohol has affected different cultures and various demographics. Drinking alcohol is very exciting in many cultures, along with being one of the oldest rites of columbia sc resume, passage, especially in modern day American. Alcohol , Alcoholic beverage , Alcoholism 940 Words | 3 Pages. positions commonly viewed about alcohol . The first view is that alcohol is okay if used in moderation and the second view is . that there is to be complete and total abstinence from the essay pathos ethos logos use of alcohol , and I will explain why the writing Bible teaches us total abstinence.

The alcohol found in beverages such as wine, beer, and essay ethos whiskey is ethanol, a clear, highly flammable liquid that has a burning taste and a characteristic odor. When a person consumes an excessive amount of alcohol , enough to reach a five percent. Alcohol , Alcoholic beverage , Alcoholism 1224 Words | 3 Pages. NICOTINE ADDICTION Nicotine addiction is a serious mental disease and illness. Being American Means Essay? There are currently 1.35 billion smokers in the . world today and that number is increasing at an alarming rate. Ethos? Nicotine related diseases are the number one killer in the world. It is responsible for more deaths each year than drug and alcohol abuse, car crashes, AIDS, murder and song suicide put together. There are few ways to fight this addiction , like rehab, the pathos nicotine patch, nicotine gum, or the new drug, Chantix. Nicotine.

Addiction , Cigarette , Dopamine 882 Words | 3 Pages. The awareness of addictions is analyzing lyrics growing at pathos an alarming rate in the United States. Sc Resume? Many health care professionals are working overtime in . treating people with disabling addictions . Essay Pathos Ethos? But within the mental health care profession, many are divided as to custom essay writing paper, the arising issue and cause of addiction . Deaths caused by drug overdoses have risen drastically over the pass decade. Many health care and essay pathos drug treatment professionals are working overtime in being means essay, treating people with disabling addictions . Pathos Ethos Logos? Within the mental. Addiction , Drug , Drug abuse 1732 Words | 5 Pages.

Phobias and Addictions Joe Blow General Psychology University of Phoenix PA10BSP03 Phobias and Addictions With extensive . research over the years in the field of psychology, people have a better understanding of how the human mind works and how the columbia mind affects ones behavior. Phobias and addictions are two emotional situations that have in one way or another, occurred in the lives of everyday people. Essay Pathos Logos? Different theories expose behavior through an understanding of thought processes. The theories. Addiction , Alcoholism , Behaviorism 885 Words | 3 Pages. Internet addiction Title: The problem of Internet addiction is clearly a serious problem and the group most susceptible to it . are university students. Discuss Nowadays Internet takes up an important place in our society. Since its invention it has a big influence on our private and working life. Sunflower Essays? Especially university students pass their spare time surfing the internet without knowing their limitations. Internet is a dangerous trap for young people.

In this essay the pathos ethos focus will be on the factors. Addiction , Internet , Internet access 723 Words | 3 Pages. Effects of Alcohol Alcohol can have some good benefits and then some bad ones, for example when you drink you can encounter . Sc Resume? yourself having a good time laughing and joking around with your friends, or you can find yourself angry wanting to essay, argue and start fights with everybody. If you’re a “happy drunk” you probably don’t have bad alcoholism in your family, and analyzing lyrics you can control your drinking with the attitudes it may drag along. While on the other hand if you’re an “angry drunk” you may not be. Addiction , Alcohol , Alcohol abuse 965 Words | 3 Pages. ?E Nicotine Addiction Nicotine addiction . I am sure that everyone heard about it or had contact with addicted person. . Nicotine addiction is one of the ethos logos biggest problems of modern society. According to columbia, the studies nowadays there are about 1.3 billion smokers in pathos ethos, the world. According to the scientists is: 1000x more potent than alcohol more than 5 x stronger than cocaine or morphine What does it mean for writing a thesis hemingway, us? Well basically is one of the most addictive substances in the world.

In other words if. Acetylcholine , Addiction , Dopamine 1580 Words | 5 Pages. ?Abstract Alcohol is one of the most readily available and most misused substances. Teenagers are going to experiment with drugs and . Pathos? alcohol , but they don’t seem to see the link between what they do today and the consequences on tomorrow. Alcohol abuse in teenagers is on the decline but it is also still the leading cause of teenage death. There are also long term and short term health effects that come along with abusing alcohol as a teenager. Children of alcoholics are a lot more likely to analyzing, abuse. Addiction , Adolescence , Alcohol 1100 Words | 5 Pages. ?INTRODUTION Drug addiction is the ethos chronic disease affecting the writing a thesis hemingway brain, and just everyone is different.

Drug affect different ways. One . person can take and abuse drugs, yet never become addicted, while another merely has one experience and is immediately hooked. Essay? Addiction explain and essays is charactererized by a person having to used the drugs repeatedly, regardless of the damage it does to essay logos, their health, family career, and their rrelationshipwith friends and the community. Addiction is essay graphic organizers not limited to. Essay Ethos Logos? Addiction , Alcoholism , Drug abuse 810 Words | 3 Pages. Discuss biological approaches to addiction (9+16 Marks) The genetics of addiction : * People who have an addictive . Essay Maps Graphic? personality are likely to be predisposed to it because of their genes. * Family and twin studies have demonstrated that genes contribute towards the development of alcohol dependence, with heritability estimates of between 50 and essay ethos logos 60 % for both males and females. McGue, 1999 * Fowler et al, 2007 – found that in a study of 1,214 twins genetic influences played a role in the. Addiction , Alcoholism , Dopamine 664 Words | 3 Pages. Adolescence and Addiction Nelly Leenman Liberty University Adolescence and Addiction Using alcohol , illegal . drugs and tobacco among adolescents has become very common and is therefore a serious public health problem. Though the number of adolescents who smoke tobacco has declined, this too remains a problem of serious concern. Alcohol , tobacco, and illegal drugs are addictive which means that the body can become dependent on being essay them in essay, order to function properly. Means Essay? “Use of alcohol as well as other.

Addiction , Alcoholism , Brain 2332 Words | 10 Pages. Understanding Addiction Limestone College Abstract As early as 1939 with the publication of the essay logos first edition of the Big Book of . Alcoholics Anonymous the sunflower essays medical community was aware that addiction was more than a moral shortcoming. Essay Pathos Ethos? In the writing first addition of the book in the chapter The Doctor’s Opinion, Dr. William Silkworth (1939) wrote the following, “We believe, and so suggested a few years ago, that the logos action of alcohol on these chronic alcoholics is a manifestation of an allergy; that. Addiction , Alcoholics Anonymous , Alcoholism 1317 Words | 2 Pages. ALCOHOL ABUSE Health Education May 21st , 2014 Citations National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Gale . Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Essay? Detroit: Gale, 2014. Essay Logos? Opposing Viewpoints in means essay, Context. Logos? Web. 21 May 2014. Alcohol Abuse and Addiction . Essay Maps Graphic Organizers? Alcohol and Tobacco: America's Drugs of Choice. Detroit: Gale, 2006.

Information Plus Reference Series. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 21 May 2014. Drunkard Attacks Wife. Family in essay, Society: Essential Primary Sources. Essay? Ed. K. Lee Lerner. Alcohol , Alcohol abuse , Alcoholic beverage 1010 Words | 2 Pages. Neurobiology and Addiction Drug and alcohol addiction is a huge problem that Americans have been battling to solve . for many decades. Essay Ethos Logos? Although this issue is hidden and ignored, it is a growing prevalent issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

In August 2002, Harvard school of sunflower, public health conducted a study on “Americans views of the seriousness of health problems”. Out of the 36 problems noted, the number one problem with 82 percent of the public vote was drug abuse. In our current society. Addiction , Alcohol abuse , Alcoholism 2092 Words | 6 Pages. Essay Logos? Effects of custom essay research paper, Addiction to essay pathos ethos logos, Drugs and Alcohol. Effects of Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol Drug is a substance used as a medication or in the preparation of medication. An . alcoholic beverage, on the other hand, is a drink that contains 3 to 40 percent alcohol (ethanol). Reading these definitions sound trivial right? However, abusive usage of both the former and the latter may result to severe effects on both physical and psychological aspects of the human body. But what exactly are the things that drive a person to obsess with the writing research paper two? The causes.

Addiction , Alcohol , Alcoholic beverage 341 Words | 2 Pages. already done by essay ethos logos, their friends and establish their own identities. Seventy percent of high school students have had at least one alcoholic beverage, and they . are often with their friends when they drink. Teenagers and young adults get involved with alcohol and drugs for many reasons. Some examples include: • Curiosity: They want to hemingway, know what it feels like to get high or be drunk. • Peer pressure: Their friends are doing it. Logos? • Acceptance: Their parents or role models are doing it. . Addiction , Adolescence , Alcoholic beverage 359 Words | 2 Pages. that an addiction is a moral problem and not a disease. To better understand the reasons why an additicition is in fact a disease; I will . identify several types of addictions , and the problems associated with them. I will examine reasons why certain people are more susceptible for developing an addiction . Being American Means? Also, I will determine why many addicts deny their problems and many recovery methods addicts use to fight their illness. Researching these issues, will help aid my claim that addiction is a disease. Addiction , Drug addiction , Heroin 1406 Words | 5 Pages. Essay Pathos Ethos? Addiction is a dependence on a substance in which the affected individual feels powerless to stop. Millions of Americans have . addictions to drugs, alcohol , nicotine, and essays even to behaviors such as compulsive gambling and shopping.

Our recent studies suggest that millions of Americans are addicted to food, as well. An average American is bombarded daily with random propaganda to logos, try to sell what some would consider perfection. Most American citizens try to emulate those fictional characters in celebrity. Addiction , Anorexia nervosa , Binge eating disorder 1528 Words | 4 Pages. Columbia Sc Resume? Technological Device Addiction Technology has become a great benefit to us but many people have taken it too far.

According to researcher and pathos ethos . surveys taken all over the world shows that a large number of people may have become addicted to their technological devices and are not able to make it through a day without their cell phones or other technological devices. American Essay? Many have concerns that people would rather use these devices than to have a face to essay pathos logos, face conversation. The addictions of technological. Custom Writing Paper? Addiction , Bluetooth , Cellular network 1898 Words | 5 Pages. Addiction Addiction is a chronic relapsing disease that affects the brains reward, motivation and other related . systems. Essay Logos? It is a relationship you have with an object or substance. Most addicts come to depend on that object or substance to meet emotional needs. Song Lyrics? Individuals struggling with addiction are unable to control their actions and make rational decisions about their behavior. There are two main forms of addiction , physiological and psychological. Psychological is an emotional. Addiction , Alcoholism , Drug addiction 1392 Words | 4 Pages. Essay Pathos? ?PFC Georges, Alexander Alcohol Use Essay Alcohol Use and the Army Alcohol related incidents in essays, the Army As . Essay Pathos Logos? stated in AR 600-85, The Army Substance Abuse Program, consuming and sc resume abusing alcohol , as well as the consumption of alcohol as a minor, is considered inconsistent and in direct contradiction with the core Army Values.

The consumption of essay, alcohol disrupts any Soldier’s ability to be combat ready, perform efficiently, and perform any given task with any sizeable gauge of success and writing accuracy. Alcohol , Alcoholic beverage , Central nervous system 796 Words | 3 Pages. Alcohol and pregnancy When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol , the . alcohol travels through her blood and into essay ethos logos, the baby's blood, tissues, and essays organs. That means when a pregnant mom has a glass of wine, her baby has a glass of wine, too. Drinking alcohol can harm the baby's development. Alcohol breaks down much more slowly in the baby's body than in essay pathos, an adult. That means the sc resume baby's blood alcohol level remains increased longer than the mother's. Essay Ethos? This. Alcohol , Alcoholic beverage , Alcoholism 907 Words | 3 Pages. In her essay, Tv Addiction , Marie Winn compares television addiction to graphic, other harmful habits, and tries to convince the . reader that heavy television viewing is as harmful as drug and alcohol , and it should not be viewed differently than other serious addictions . In fact, the logos most important factor that backs up her argument is her simplified definition for the word addiction , which is a tendency to overindulge in some pleasurable activity. (608) However, thinking logically, we could see. Addiction , Alcoholism , Drug addiction 807 Words | 3 Pages.

ALCOHOL : SHOULD IT BE ABOLISHED? Malaysia is known as the tenth largest consumer of alcohol in the world and very . few studies have been done to find the accurate magnitude of the problems caused by this consumption. Although not many studies have been carried, the facts and figures show that it is columbia sc resume increasing each year. Pathos Ethos Logos? Malaysians spend about USD$500 million on alcohol yearly and being american means essay among the drinking population, the Malaysian Indians who are 8 per logos cent of the country’s population are. Alcohol , Alcoholic beverage , Beer 2068 Words | 6 Pages. Properties of Alcohols and Phenols Experiment #3 Objectives: To observe the solubility of alcohols relative to their chemical . structure, to perform chemical tests to distinguish primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols , and a color test for phenol. Introduction The general formula of an sunflower alcohol is ROH in which the R is an aliphatic hydrocarbon group. Alcohols may be looked upon ethos logos, as derivatives of writing research paper, water, HOH. One hydrogen of water is substituted by an alkyl group, R. Like water, alcohols show hydrogen. Alcohol , Alcohols , Alkane 1559 Words | 7 Pages. Alcohol abuse in the society.

A review of the literature . Abstract Alcohol abuse is essay ethos also a serious medical and social problem, but is not the same as alcoholism. Custom Essay Research Paper? Alcohol abuse is. Essay Pathos Ethos Logos? Addiction , Alcohol , Alcohol abuse 1503 Words | 6 Pages. Being American Essay? Addiction Bilan Barbadaes COM 156 April 2013 RICHARD GUTIERREZ Abstract Addiction is something that millions of . individuals are suffering from either being a user or a victim to a user of an addiction . Ethos? Addiction is a wide subject that includes much more than drugs and has various different effects on people. In this paper I intend to ask and essays answer questions like what is addiction truly. What is the root cause to it? Are there any ways to kicking a habit? There are many books, posts and website.

Addiction , Alcoholism , Drug 2157 Words | 6 Pages. Drug Addiction for Dummies Your Name Here School Name COM 150 Expository Essay Allison Howry February 3, 2008 Thesis . Addiction is defined as an overuse of any substance that changes the natural chemical balance of the brain. It is generally agreed upon essay, that addiction includes biological, psychological, and behavioral factors. Introduction Addictions are very dangerous emotionally, psychologically, and physically. There are three main points to an addiction - the actual addiction and. Addiction , Alcoholism , Drug abuse 1942 Words | 6 Pages. pathological gambling. There are generally speaking two different types of problem gamblers; action problem gamblers and escape problem gamblers. Being American Means? Gambling . addiction is just as valid of an illness as addiction to alcohol or drugs. Essay Ethos Logos? Its prevalence is linked directly to the ease of access of gambling in sunflower, our society. However, just like drugs and alcohol , only a small percentage of the population is pathos logos prone to this illness. Gambling addicts in general either lose all of their money, accumulate massive debt.

Addiction , Alcoholism , Casino 883 Words | 3 Pages. Addiction : The Disease HS 101: Addiction Pharmacology amp; Physiology Instructor: Wanda Urban November 23, 2013 I have . Columbia? often wondered why I turned out the ethos way I did, an addict. I wonder if circumstances in my life influenced or contributed to that first time I decided to alter my state with a drug. Honestly, I don’t think it did. I had a normal childhood, in a loving family. We did not have a lot of money, but we had enough. Writing Hemingway? We ate dinner together every night, we went camping in the summer. Addiction , Alcoholism , Drug 1424 Words | 3 Pages. Gambling Addiction Gambling affects the person doing it and anyone who is close to them. Through personal experience getting hooked on . gambling is essay mainly from the action and thrill of essay, everything associated with gambling.

When gambling they are part of the action and pathos not just watching people play a game for analyzing lyrics, money. If one is pathos truly a pathological gambler, just like lying they cannot stop unless they are helped. Essays? When gambling it is very difficult to come to the realization that one is addicted. They. Addiction , Gamblers Anonymous , Gambling 1775 Words | 5 Pages. Ethos Logos? ? Experiment 5: Properties of Alcohols Purpose The purpose of this experiment was to understand the . comparative solubility of alcohols , as well as perform qualitative tests for the identification of alcohols . Theory Part I relies on the fact that different alcohols have different solubility in either water or hexane depending on song lyrics essay both the number of hydroxide functional groups and the number of carbons in the molecule. The shorter the hydrocarbon chain. Alcohol , Carbon , Carbon dioxide 709 Words | 5 Pages. Ethos Logos? ?Drug Addiction A drug addiction is an sc resume ongoing need to use drugs. It is also called substance dependence, because the person . may depend on drugs to continue functioning normally. Like any addiction , it involves a craving, or strong want, that is very hard to pathos, control.[1] When the addict is writing a thesis hemingway no longer able to use the drug, they will suffer from withdrawal.[2] A person usually become addicted to specific kinds of drugs, the use of which may or may not be against the law. A person who may easily become. Addiction , Drug , Drug addiction 1798 Words | 5 Pages. Essay Pathos Ethos? culture Alcohol is a seemingly moderate drug, that over the years, became a key part of columbia, our Australian culture.

This essay will examine how . our society has turned a blind eye to the dangers of alcohol consumption, and in turn disregarding the numerous health issues. The Australian culture has normalised and legitimised binge drinking. It has become an expectation that alcohol is an accepted part of most social occasions. Pathos Ethos Logos? However, a society with a drinking culture, ignores the impact that alcohol has. Alcohol , Alcohol abuse , Alcoholic beverage 1223 Words | 3 Pages. Analyzing Lyrics? ?Drug Addiction Causes of Drug Addiction Peer Pressure Boredom of a previous high Environmental factors . Addictive personality Genes Addictive brain pleasure Stress Availability Use by essay, Parents Psychological Problems Personality Ages Mostly Effected By Drug Addiction Age Range 15-24 Symptoms of Drug Addiction Neglecting your responsibilities Taking risks while high Extreme. Addiction , Drug addiction , Heroin 386 Words | 4 Pages. Popular Culture 29 July 2013 Alcohol and Teens Alcohol has been a part of our global society, for better of worse, since . the beginning of time. Writing A Thesis? Its early role of alcohol has been for essay pathos, therapeutic, medicinal or religious ceremony. “Why doesn’t Jesus drink alcohol ? Because he already got hammered!” This joke serves solely as a respite from a complex and difficult subject in analyzing song essay, today’s American society, that of Alcohol and Teens. In what ways, does the advertising of alcohol to our adolescent youth correspond. Alcohol , Alcoholic beverage , Alcoholism 1682 Words | 5 Pages. Pathos? being on top of columbia, your game both mentally and physically. However many athletes tend to underestimate the way in which alcohol use, even a few . Essay Pathos? drink, nullifies one’s hard work by erasing the hemingway effects of workouts, reducing endurance, and essay ethos logos compromising the mental game.

The goal of any athlete is to sunflower, be at the peak of performance. Alcohol is socially accepted all across the world; annual alcohol use by intercollegiate athletes is about 80%. Athletes tend to get sucked into essay ethos, the social drinking atmosphere and. Alcohol , Alcohol abuse , Alcoholic beverage 2089 Words | 6 Pages. different circumstances that lead to addiction and analyzing song essay keep it a reoccurring issue. Logos? Addiction is a mental issue and has physical and . psychological side effects. Analyzing Song Lyrics? Many people experiment with drugs. Addiction is a very common issue. Essay Ethos? The majority of Americans sample drugs at least once in maps, their life. Not all use of substances is considered an addiction . While there is essay pathos ethos a great deal of effect on the brain, it is also necessary to know the difference between use and addiction . Analyzing Lyrics? Drug use in America is a. Addiction , Dopamine , Drug abuse 1081 Words | 3 Pages.

Overeating: Addiction and Binge Eating. think it is just an unhealthy attitude towards food, compulsive overeating disorder is not just about a food problem, but an illness with underlying issues . and emotions. Overeating is an ethos logos addiction to food. An addiction is continued repetition of a behavior, despite the negative effects, or consequence. Addiction is considered to be an illness. Overeating, therefore, is an illness.

Overeaters share the mindset of others with eating disorders. Custom Essay Writing Research Paper? Anorexia and bulimia aren’t the only eating disorders. Addiction , Alcoholism , Binge eating disorder 956 Words | 3 Pages. Pathos Ethos? ?INTRODUCTION Persons with addiction remain one of the major groups that the social workers encounter frequently. Social workers play . instrumental roles in helping individuals, families, educational institutions, workplaces and communities to address addictions . Addiction affects people from diverse backgrounds, and helping professionals in virtually every area of practice encounter people with these problems. Writing? This essay discusses addiction in generic terms, and the methods that social workers. Addiction , Alcohol withdrawal syndrome , Alcoholism 1058 Words | 4 Pages. 28th 2011 Research Paper Final Draft Addiction Does Not Discriminate Addiction does not discriminate; it does not . care if one is rich, poor, famous, unknown, man, woman, or even a child. Addiction is an equal opportunity destroyer not only preying on the homeless living on the streets or the people who struggle economically but also the white collared, financially secure, and pathos ethos middle class.

Addiction to any substance, including drugs or alcohol , is more than capable of taking control. Writing Hemingway? Addiction , Alcoholism , Drug abuse 1743 Words | 6 Pages.

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SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips. “Parts of pathos ethos logos speech” is a fancy way of song lyrics essay saying that every word in the English language can be put into one of eight categories, depending on pathos, how it is used. Of these eight parts of speech, only columbia sc resume, 7 are tested on the Writing SAT and on ACT English. Understanding the different parts of speech is absolutely essential to having a firm grasp of essay pathos logos English grammar, and in succeeding on a thesis, the SAT and ACT. Unfortunately, nowadays many schools no longer focus on pathos logos, teaching this type of grammar. Are you a bit unsure about what, exactly, a preposition is, or can’t tell the difference between an adjective and adverb? Feeling a bit rusty after learning this years ago? This article will provide the foundational information you need before moving on to more complex grammatical concepts. I'll also go over a few important SAT/ACT grammar rules. This guide is designed to help you brush up on the basics before you tackle some of the custom essay writing paper more complicated grammar guides that we have written for the SAT and ACT. Many of the concepts covered here are things you'll already know if you've studied grammar in school.

Even if you haven't, many (but not necessarily all) of them will seem natural to ethos logos, native English speakers. However, if you haven't studied grammar extensively, you can use this as a reference to help understand the basic ideas that our other guides will not cover. Check back here if you come across some terms you're unfamiliar with, or if you need to remind yourself of what something means. Many of the concepts in this guide are not directly tested on the ACT and SAT. Instead, these concepts are building blocks that are important for graphic organizers understanding the essay pathos ethos why? behind the concepts that are tested. Therefore, do not worry about memorizing the names of the sunflower grammar terms in this guide, just use the pathos concepts.

What Parts of Speech Are on SAT Writing and ACT English? The seven parts of speech that are tested on essays, the SAT and ACT are: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions. Once you understand the different rules for each Part of Speech, you will see that these are relatively straightforward concepts, and they can be used to pathos, help you understand more difficult concepts. Nouns are words that are people, places, things, or ideas. If you are not sure if something is maps organizers, a noun or not, try putting a or the in essay pathos logos front of it and see if it sounds correct. If it does, then it's probably a noun. A cat and the cat sound correct. Therefore, cat is a noun. A him and song the him sound incorrect.

Therefore, him is essay pathos, not a noun. Common Nouns refer to non-specific people, places, or things. Proper Nouns refer to specific people, places, or things. Common nouns: girl, city, bridge, university, company. Proper Nouns: Mary, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, University of columbia Notre Dame, PrepScholar.

Concrete Nouns are people, places, or things that you can physically touch. Abstract Nouns are thoughts, subjects, games, or ideals. These are things, but they cannot be touched. Love is an essay pathos logos, abstract noun. Concrete nouns: water, air, street, person, concrete. Abstract nouns: freedom, love, justice, hockey, biology. Nouns have several possible functions in a sentence. They can be used as the subject, predicate nominative, appositive, direct object, indirect object, or object of the preposition. Essay Maps Organizers. There are other uses for essay ethos logos nouns, but we won't go into them now. Note: Remember that it is writing research paper, not important that you know the names of these functions. But it is important to understand how nouns can be used, so you can recognize when one is being used incorrectly.

The subject of the sentence is the essay pathos ethos person or thing that is doing the action of the verb. Mary is the writing hemingway subject of the pathos logos sentence because she is sc resume, doing the action. A predicate nominative comes after a linking verb (see the verb section for pathos logos more info) and re-states the subject of the sentence. Mary is the subject. Friend is the predicate nominative. In this sentence, Mary and sc resume friend are the same thing, or Mary = friend. An appositive is a noun that re-states or gives more information about pathos logos, another noun in a sentence. Unlike a predicate nominative, it does not come after a linking verb. Instead, it's usually right next to the noun it's describing, and song lyrics essay is set off by commas.

Because appositives are set off by commas from the rest of the pathos sentence, it usually works to remove the appositive and still have a grammatically correct sentence. My friend, Mary , is an exceptional human being. Here, Mary is an appositive because it gives more information about who the friend is. If you remove the appositive the a thesis sentence still makes sense: My friend is an exceptional human being. A Direct Object is essay, a noun that receives the action of a transitive verb (more on these here) I got a perfect score on the SAT. Ask yourself: I got what? Got a score . Therefore, score is the direct object.

An Indirect Object is a noun that receives the essay maps graphic Direct Object. Being the pathos ethos logos indirect object of brownies is always a good thing. Ask yourself: I made what? Brownies. Custom Writing. Therefore, brownies is the direct object. Who received the brownies? Kim . Therefore, Kim is the indirect object.

All prepositional phrases consist of at least a preposition (see below) and a noun. The noun that comes after a preposition is essay pathos logos, called the writing research object of the preposition. I got a perfect score on the SAT . Here, the preposition is on. On what? On the essay ethos SAT. Therefore, SAT is the object of the preposition on. This is another concept that is not directly tested on the SAT and maps graphic organizers ACT, but occasionally you will need to recognize if a noun is singular or plural in order to essay pathos, match it with the correct verb. Add -es if the noun ends in -s, -x, -z, -sh, or -ch. This is sunflower essays, simply because of pronunciation - it's really difficult to make these sounds followed by essay pathos ethos -s If the last two letters of columbia sc resume a noun are a consonant followed by -y, drop the -y and add -ies. Some nouns that end in -f or -fe form the plural by essay pathos ethos logos dropping the -f/-fe and adding -ves.

Once again, this is all about ease of pronunciation, as it's really difficult to make the -fs sound at the end of a word. Some nouns form the plural irregularly. Unfortunately, there are no rules for how to form these, and you just have to memorize these words. Fortunately, most of these words are quite common and you should know most of writing them already. Some words don't change at all in logos the plural. NOTE: NEVER FORM THE PLURAL BY ADDING -'S (apostrope +s). This should only be used for song lyrics showing possession. The people of Leeds are appropriately passionate about essay pathos logos, misused apostrophes. The possessive is how we show ownership. To form the maps graphic organizers possessive of a singular noun, always add -'s. To form the possessive of a plural noun that ends in -s, just add an apostrophe.

To form the possesive of a plural noun that is irregular and does NOT end in -s, add -'s. Are you a grammar pro? If you already knew all of the above about nouns, here are a few special categories of noun you may have been unaware of! The -ing form of a verb can be used as a verb as long as it has a helping verb. But did you know that if it's standing on its own, it's called a gerund and pathos ethos logos is used as a noun?

Baking is a pleasurable hobby. Here, baking is a noun and is the subject of the sentence. Similarly, the infinitive form (the to form) can be used as a noun. Here, to essays, run is the direct object of the verb likes. Essay Pathos Ethos Logos. Therefore, it is being used as a noun. This man loves to run. for president. Pronouns are words that can replace nouns. Unlike nouns, pronouns have different cases.

This means that the essay organizers form the pronoun takes can change depending on what purpose it has in the sentence. Essay Pathos. Above, we saw that nouns can be used either as a subject/nominative, or as several different types of objects. Personal pronouns have one form when they are used as a subject or predicate nominative, and analyzing lyrics another form when used in any of the object functions (direct object, indirect object, or object of essay preposition). NOTE: This actually is tested on the ACT! The nominative case forms should ONLY be used when the american personal pronoun is being used as the subject of essay pathos a clause or as the custom essay paper predicate nominative . (Don't remember what these are? Check out the Noun section above!) Michael and essay pathos ethos logos he are my best friends. Many people would say “Michael and him”, but this is incorrect because “he” is a subject of the clause and therefore must be in the nominative case.

When you are not sure, try crossing out the other subject. Columbia Sc Resume. You would never say, “Him is my best friend.” The winner of the race was he. This construction does not sound correct to pathos ethos logos, most people, but it is. Try flipping the sentence around: He was the winner of the race. This is an example of a personal pronoun being used as as predicate nominative. The objective case of means pronouns should be used for direct objects , indirect objects , and objects of prepositions . He gave us a great present. The presentation will be given by Tom and me. For more on essay pathos logos, how to use pronouns in different cases, see our guide.

These include but are not limited to: this, that, both, some, few, many, either, which, who , and one . These pronouns do not change form between the nominative case and the objective case. Some people do not think that these pronouns look correct standing on their own, but they are. I have two dogs. Writing A Thesis Hemingway. Both are very lucky. This rose is beautiful. This is pathos ethos, my favorite flower. Many people went to writing, search for ethos logos the treasure. Only some returned. These pronouns can be tricky to use with verbs because it is essay research, not very obvious whether they are singular or plural.

A good way to figure this out is to try to add the essay pathos word “one” after the pronoun. Does it make sense? If so, use a singular verb. This (one) is my favorite. CORRECT. That (one) is my sister. CORRECT. Few (one) succeeds.

INCORRECT. If adding “one” does not work, mentally add “of them”. Essays. If this makes sense, use the essay pathos plural verb. Many (of them) try to get a perfect SAT score. (CORRECT) Few (of them) succeed. Means Essay. (CORRECT) Exception: The pronoun one is always singular, even though one of them sounds correct. Always use a singular verb.

Forming the Possessive of Pronouns. The possessive forms of the personal pronouns are: Because these are pronouns (not adjectives), they can be used independently. Hers is the chocolate dessert. That report card is logos, yours . Main Rules for graphic organizers Pronouns on the SAT and ethos logos ACT. The SAT and ACT both frequently test pronouns. Here is a brief summary of what you are most likely to see tested. A Thesis Hemingway. For more detail, see our article on pathos logos, pronouns on the ACT English and SAT Writing. Always make sure a pronoun has a clear antecedent . The antecedent is the noun that the pronoun is replacing. If there is writing hemingway, not an essay pathos ethos logos, obvious antecedent for the pronoun either in the same sentence, or a sentence very nearby, it is being, considered an error.

Mary and Eileen both like strawberries, but she likes them more. This would be considered incorrect because it is not clear who she is referring to. Sometimes the antecedent will be in a previous sentence. In this case, it should also be very clear. John Wallach, an pathos, award-winning journalist who covered conflicts in custom essay research paper the Middle East for two decades, founded Seeds of Peace in 1993. He chose the pathos logos campsite because it is a beautiful natural setting far from the places of conflict. It remains unaffiliated with any nation, organization, or peace group, and although countries may select their campers, they cannot pay for analyzing song essay the camp.

Here it appears that “it” refers to “campsite” in the previous sentence - really it should refer to “Seeds of Peace” in the first sentence. This would be considered an unclear and essay pathos logos incorrect use of a pronoun. Pronouns should always be consistent. For example, if you are using second person pronouns in a sentence, you should use them all the way through the sentence. Before one starts a new class, you should always read the syllabus.

INCORRECT. Before you start a new class, you should always read the syllabus. CORRECT. Before one starts a new class, one should always read the syllabus. CORRECT. Before people start a new class, they should always read the syllabus.

CORRECT. Pronouns should always match their antecedents in gender (masculine or feminine) and number (singular or plural). For more examples of this rule, see our guide. The boys all asked her out, but she didn’t like him . INCORRECT. They boys all asked her out, but she didn’t like them . Essays. CORRECT. One of the children painted this portrait. Essay Ethos. Art is a great talent of essay writing research theirs. INCORRECT.

One of the children painted this portrait. Essay Pathos. Art is a great talent of his or hers . CORRECT. Each of the actresses was considered most beautiful when they were in graphic organizers their prime. INCORRECT. Each of the actresses was considered most beautiful when she was in her prime.

CORRECT. Verbs are words that show actions or states of essay pathos logos being . For a more complete guide on essay graphic, how to essay ethos, use verbs on being american, the SAT and ACT, read our grammar guide. Linking verbs are verbs that show a relationship between the subject and pathos logos the predicate nominative or predicate adjective. Writing Hemingway. We can think of them as an equals sign. The most common linking verb is the verb “to be.” Action verbs are verbs that show an pathos ethos logos, action. Many (but not all) of these verbs will take direct objects. A verb that takes a direct object is called a transitive verb ; a verb that does not is called intransitive. Remember, you do not need to analyzing song lyrics, know these terms for the test. The car rolled backwards. (No direct object)

I ate wonderful toast. (I ate what? I ate toast. Essay Ethos Logos. Toast is the custom research direct object.) Most verbs follow a simple pattern in the present tense: Notice that only the third person plural (he/she/it) is different. This will become very important on the ACT and SAT because of… When you have a singular noun or pronoun as the subject of a clause, it must be matched by essay pathos ethos a singular verb. When you have a plural noun as the subject of a clause, it must be matched with a plural verb. While subject-verb agreement seems simple in theory, the custom SAT and ACT will try to trick you on this by essay pathos ethos logos adding extra words and phrases to sentences. This can make it more difficult to custom writing research, see if the verb works with the subject, as opposed to another noun in the sentence.

My sister, despite having to carry three children, walk five miles every day. The test will try to essay pathos ethos, trick you with questions like this by putting a plural noun that is NOT the subject next to essay maps organizers, a plural verb. To avoid falling for this, find the verb, and then ask yourself, “who is doing this action?” In this case, who is walking five miles? It is my sister , which is a singular noun . Therefore the sentence should read, “My sister, despite having to carry three children, walks five miles every day. Maria and ethos Joe likes to dance.

Here you have two subjects: Maria and writing Joe. Essay Ethos Logos. Therefore you need the plural form of the verb. Correct: Maria and Joe like to dance. Tense tells when the action of a verb is taking place. The present tenses tell about things that are happening now: no helping verb. to have + past participle. to be + present participle. The past tenses express actions that have already happened. no helping verb.

had + past participle. to be + present participle. The future tenses express actions that are going to happen. will or shall + verb. will have + past participle. he will have sung. will + be + present participle. he will be singing. You should always try to keep tenses consistent in one sentence. Essay. This is something the SAT and ACT will frequently test . After Mary had eaten the soup, she eats the main course.

This sentence matches past perfect with present, and therefore would be considered incorrect . After Mary had eaten the soup, she ate the main course. This matches past perfect with past, which is pathos logos, ok for showing progression of time within a sentence. The olive oils we tasted yesterday are delicious. This sentence mixes past tense (tasted) with present tense (are). Research Paper. This would be considered incorrect. The better way would be: The olive oils we tasted yesterday were delicious.

Adjectives are descriptive words that modify nouns and pronouns . Like nouns, adjectives can be common or proper. Some common adjectives include beautiful, short, angry, obese . Proper adjectives are formed from proper nouns. Like proper nouns, they must be capitalized. These adjectives are formed from the personal pronouns and are used to describe objects that belong to a certain person. Unlike the essay pathos ethos logos possessive pronouns discussed above, these possessive adjectives must be used with a noun . Running is a great skill of his . vs. Running is his great skill . Ours constantly leaks. vs. Our faucet constantly leaks. Demonstrative adjectives include this, that, these and those. When these words are used as adjectives instead of pronouns, they must be modifying a noun. That is the person I hate. Hemingway. vs. Logos. I hate that person . These are my best friends. vs.

My best friends are these people . Adjectives that are formed from american essay, verbs are called participles. The present participle is formed by essay pathos ethos logos adding -ing to a verb stem. American Essay. The past participle is formed by adding -ed to a verb stem. The burned chicken did not taste very good. The chirping birds woke him up. Sometimes you will see a noun being used as an adjective: The basketball player is tall.

Normally, basketball is a noun . Essay Pathos Ethos Logos. But here it is being used as an adjective to tell you what kind of player the person is. You will occasionally see this on the SAT or ACT, usually to describe a person by his or her profession. Remember that when a noun is being used as an adjective, there is sunflower essays, no need to put a comma in between it and the noun it is describing. The basketball , player is tall. INCORRECT. The basketball player is tall. CORRECT. Adjectives are usually used to describe nouns, and are usually placed before the essay ethos noun they describe.

The beautiful girl walked down the street. If more than one adjective precedes a noun, they should be separated by writing a comma if the order of the adjectives is not important. The slobbering, feisty dog wagged his tail. The feisty, slobbering dog wagged his tail. If you have a sentence in which the order of the adjectives IS important - meaning if you reversed them, the sentence would not make as much sense - then do not use a comma . She went to ethos, the store to purchase spreadable chocolate frosting.

CORRECT. She went to purchase chocolate, spreadable frosting. INCORRECT - ORDER MATTERS. Do not sit in columbia the broken wood chair. CORRECT. Do not sit in essay the wood, broken chair. INCORRECT - ORDER MATTERS. Adjectives are also used as predicate adjectives . Like predicate nominatives , this means they come after a linking verb and sc resume they describe the subject of the sentence.

The cake smells delicious . Delicious describes cake. That runner is very fast . Fast describes runner. Adverbs are words that describe or modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs . Note: Use of adverbs vs. use of pathos logos adjectives is tested on the SAT and ACT. Being Essay. Therefore, it's important to pathos logos, be able to sunflower, understand what the adverb or adjective is modifying, to make sure that it is being used correctly. He ran quickly down the street.

Quickly describes how he ran . (Adverb describing verb) She was very happy with the present. Essay Pathos Ethos Logos. Very describes how happy the girl was. (Adverb describing adjective) Stop talking so loudly! So describes how loudly the person is talking. Essay. (Adverb describing adverb) Many adverbs are simply formed by adding the ending -ly to an adjective. However, some adverbs are formed irregularly: wrong OR wrongly. Good is an adjective describing the noun girl ; well is an adverb describing the ethos logos verb drives . This is one of the most commonly confused adverbs, so make sure to columbia sc resume, memorize it.

Remember if you see good in a sentence, it must be describing a noun, not a verb. I did good on essay ethos, the test. = INCORRECT. I did well on the test = CORRECT. Of course, nobody would really speak this way because it’s redundant. But it shows that daily can be an analyzing essay, adverb describing the logos verb receive, and also an adjective describing the noun newspaper. He woke up late and then had to take a hard test. Late is an adverb describing the verb woke up ; hard is an hemingway, adjective describing the noun test . Late is an adjective describing the essay pathos ethos logos noun boy ; hard is an adverb describing the verb worked. Challenge question : what is the error in this sentence? The answer is (A).

Why? This could be confusing because “badly” is a correctly formed adverb. However, we don’t need an adverb, we need an adjective. “was smelling” is here used as a linking verb, and therefore we need a predicate adjective to tell us what it smelled like. “Surprisingly” is being american, ok as it is because it is an adverb that should be modifying an adjective. Here is how it would look when corrected: “Because our casserole was smelling surprisingly bad as it baked…..” If left as is, badly would have to be describing “was smelling”, which would imply that the casserole has a poor sense of smell. Prepositions are words that show where someone or something is, or tells when something is happening. They can also be used to show a few other relationships, such as to pathos ethos, whom you give something, or if you do something with or without something else.

Here are some of the most common prepositions in the English language: but (meaning except) A prepositional phrase is a phrase (group of words) that includes AT LEAST a preposition and a noun or pronoun , which is known as the object of the preposition . Organizers. It is not important to know this terminology, but this is an important concept to understand. When using a pronoun as part of a prepositional phrase, make sure that it is in the objective case . Give the cake to me! CORRECT. Give the cake to I! INCORRECT. Usually this kind of mistake will sound incorrect to native English speakers - hopefully the above example did. But some are trickier, usually those involving I vs. me as part of a compound object. He went to the mall with Sarah and I . INCORRECT. He went to the mall with Sarah and me. CORRECT. The report was given by him and I . Essay Pathos Ethos. INCORRECT.

The report was given by him and me . CORRECT. If you're having problems, try taking out the other part of the analyzing song essay compound object. This can help make the ethos logos correct form of the pronoun more obvious. He went to the mall with Sarah and me. Maps Graphic. CORRECT.

Often the SAT and ACT will add unnecessary prepositional phrases to sentences to try to make errors less obvious. Feel free to cross out prepositional phrases in essay pathos ethos order to make sentences easier to analyze . Here is an custom essay paper, example SAT question. Identify the error in this sentence: Now look with a prepositional phrase crossed out: After crossing out the prepositional phrase, it becomes much more obvious that “obsession are absurd” is incorrect.

Many prepositions have to be used in a certain way with certain phrases. Pathos Ethos. This is not because one preposition is grammatically more correct, but because certain phrases in English are idiomatically correct because they have always been said a certain way. For example, we would say: “She fell in love with him.” We would never say, “She fell towards love at him.” We would say, “He is hard at work.” We would never say, “He is essays, hard in work” with the same meaning in mind. For a full breakdown of the how the essay pathos SAT uses idioms, see this guide. Conjunctions are words that link ideas together . There are three main types of conjunctions: coordinating, subordinate , and paper correlative . Coordinating conjunctions are probably the conjunctions that you are most familiar with. There are seven: for, and, nor, but, or, yet , and so . You can remember these with the acronym FANBOYS: Coordinating conjunctions can be used to ethos logos, join similar words, phrases, or clauses . Maps. The most commonly used conjunction is “ and . Joining words: John and Kim went to the store. Joining phrases: The mouse ran out the door and essay pathos ethos logos through the garden.

Joining clauses: The mouse ran out the essays door, and I followed it. Joining clauses: I love him, but he hates me. A different kind of fanboys (and girl) Coordinating conjunctions can also be used to join two independent clauses . An independent clause is something that can stand on its own as a sentence. subject+verb +CONJ + subject+ verb. The professor paced, but the student sat quietly. “The professor paced” and “The student sat quietly” could both be independent sentences. Subordinating conjunctions are used to join a dependent clause to an independent clause.

An independent clause is a clause that can stand on its own as a sentence - it expresses a complete thought. A subordinate clause is a clause that cannot be a sentence on its own. Usually, a subordinate clause will describe either the background circimstances of the pathos ethos logos independent clause or will give more detail about one part of the independent clause. There are a lot of subordinate conjunctions , but some of the more common ones include: You can use the following structures to form sentences with dependent and independent clauses: ( subordinating conjunction + dependent clause) , (independent clause). Since she loved chocolate , she ate the whole box of candy. (independent clause) + ( subordinating conjunction + dependent clause). She ate the whole box of candy because she loves chocolate. Sometimes, a subordinate conjunction and dependent clause can come in between parts of the independent clause. Sonja, because she loves chocolate, eats it every chance she gets. These are very similar to coordinating conjunctions, but they must always be used in pairs . These pairs are worth memorizing because occasionally the SAT and ACT will test these to see if you know which words belong together.

not only. Essay Writing Research. but also. Do you either want to go dancing or go to the gym? The soup contains neither onions nor garlic. Best Overall Tip for ethos logos Conjunctions. The SAT and ACT like to sunflower essays, test parallel structure in sentences. When two or more things are linked by a conjunction, remember that they should have the same general structure . For more information on parallel structure and essay ethos how it is custom essay paper, tested, see this post. She searched outside and under the stairs . INCORRECT. She searched outside the house and ethos logos under the stairs . CORRECT. You’ve refreshed the basics of grammar, so now it’s time to sunflower essays, dive into the harder concepts: See this guide for all the other grammar rules tested on the ACT and on essay logos, the SAT. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points? We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to essay organizers, have a shot at improving your score.

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Download a Resume Template That Employers Will Love. Are your Resume and online job search profiles not yielding you the results you need to find gainful employment and finally afford to pay your bills? No doubt about it; it’s tougher to pathos ethos logos find a job now than it’s been in decades. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t give yourself every fighting chance of snagging the next available job. While there is plenty to be said for effective interviewee skills, the absolute most important step for getting hired is american means essay writing a winning Curriculum Vitae. Ethos Logos. Without a highly attractive C.V, you’re just one of dozens or more applicants that begin to blend together after a while. You want your most relevant skills and experience to jump off the page and analyzing song essay grab the attention of the person responsible for reviewing the group of CVs in which yours is stacked or filed online. Direct access to resume templates advices. 1. Choose your favorite Curriculum Vitae. 2. Download selected resumes on essay ethos logos your desktop.

No front page content has been created yet. How To Write a Winning Curriculum Vitae. Understand What Makes a Great Resume. Many job applicants are under a misconception that a great Curriculum Vitae means fluffing up terms, adding lots of jobs and experience, listing as many skills as possible, and engaging in sunflower essays other overkill tactics. Excessive and essay pathos logos irrelevant information only clutters the page and makes it more difficult to find the skills and lyrics essay information for which your prospective employer is searching.

The best resumes are those that are concise and specific to the job being sought. As such, a separate resume should be used for each job if the essay pathos, required skills, education, and experience are different. At the end of custom essay writing paper, this article, we will review a few time saving tips building each specific Curriculum Vitae. First, though, let’s take a look at how to write a winning CV. Review All Job Description Material and essay pathos More (If Necessary) While some employers seem to be in the habit of posting as little information as possible, others provide a great deal of valuable information relevant to not only the skills, experience, and custom essay research paper education of a desired employee, but also the description, expectations, and demands of the job itself. Acquire as much information as you can about the position. If the employer provided you with pages and pages of descriptions, read them before building your resume. If the employer posted minimal information about the job, you may find information by reviewing the website or even calling and asking for details.

The more you know about your prospective employers, the more power you have to essay logos show them a picture-perfect employee on paper. If you read terms you don’t really understand, see requirements for education levels you haven’t reached, or find any other indication that you’re not a good candidate for the job; don’t waste your time applying. Also, understand that it may be very difficult to find a job that matches your education or the bulk of your experience. You may have to begin at custom essay writing paper, an entry level position in a company that seeks supervisory and upper management applicants from essay ethos logos, within. If this is the case, be extremely careful about essay, divulging the extent of your education, experience, and salary history as you may be viewed as ‘overqualified’. However insulting or degrading it may feel, the reality is that at some point you just have to accept that options are limited and be willing to essay pathos logos ‘dumb it down’ a bit to secure employment.

Just think, though: In the next few months after you’re hired, you’ll have a chance to excel beyond expectation and increase your odds of recognition and columbia promotion. Use Only Relevant Terms, Skills, and Experience. If you feel the need to add more information to your curriculum vitae than what’s absolutely relevant, make sure that the most compelling details are on the first page and that it’s not crowded with words. In addition to your contact information, you should have: Relevant skills, relevant experience, and essay ethos relevant education. If you have multiple jobs dating back for a number of years, try to list only the sc resume, most relevant jobs within the past 5-7 years on the first page and either make a note that a more extensive job history is pathos ethos available upon request or attach a separate sheet with a complete history in case the reviewer is so inclined to writing a thesis hemingway read it. Whatever you do, DO NOT let a full page of outdated and irrelevant details take away from the razzle and dazzle of the logos, first page of analyzing song lyrics essay, your resume. Remember that your developed skills are more important than your experience.

Yes, you need experience to demonstrate the essay ethos logos, fact that you’ve had time to hone those skills, but employers need to know the capabilities you have that are relevant to the job for which you’re applying. The Verbiage of Your Curriculum Vitae. You want your C.V to sound professional, but it doesn’t have to song lyrics essay sound like it came out of the Oxford Dictionary. Remember, it’s not as though you’re writing a dissertation; you’re listing bits and ethos logos pieces of concise and relevant information to maps organizers present a snapshot of what you have to offer. Refer to essay pathos the job description and other material posted by your prospective employers. If they used industry-specific jargon, use the same jargon wherever applicable.

Review their posted list of american means, required skills and job duties and use it as a guide for listing all of your valid and essay pathos ethos applicable skills and job duties with previous employers. If you have additional skills or job skills than are not posted on the job description by your prospective employer, consider leaving them out. If you feel you must include them somewhere, follow the same rule as job history: Keep them off the first page. Instead, attach them at the top of the page containing your extensive job history. You have 2 primary goals for american essay your curriculum vitae: Make it easy to essay logos read and make every word count. In order to accomplish this, you need to essay organizers use a font of at least 10-12 and make each section of your document stand out from the next by staggering blocks of information that take up different levels of horizontal space. For example, you may place your name, physical address, phone number, and email address at essay ethos, the top in the center.

For contrast, you would place a sentence outlining your objective; perhaps something like: To obtain consistent and long term employment with a company in which my skills and talents will be utilized and appreciated. Because that sentence will take the entire width of the page, your next sections should be small and centered. This would be a great place to list your skills. If you place your employment in the next section, that would be a great contrast to your skills. Make a table with 2 columns and a few rows (just enough for your most relevant jobs). Add your title, previous employers, and their contact information in the left column and your job duties on the right. Finally, underneath your employment history, enter your education information centered on the page. Employers may or may not be interested in speaking with your personal references. If there is any reason why your prospective employers shouldn’t speak with your previous supervisors, try to avoid putting their contact information on your Curriculum Vitae. Otherwise, there should be plenty of being american, professional references in essay pathos logos your format for them to review.

You can post a sentence on the bottom of your Curriculum Vitae either inviting your potential employer to call contacts from a thesis hemingway, your employment history and/or letting him/her know that you have a list of personal references available if requested. If you have room on pathos ethos the page after leaving plenty of space in between each section, increase the font size of being, your name. If you have adequate or advanced linguistic skills, consider writing a short cover letter (3-5 small to moderate paragraphs) introducing yourself and outlining your skills, dedication, ambition, work ethic, and any other relevant piece of pathos ethos logos, information that increases your appeal to an employer but may not have a proper place on sunflower your Curriculum Vitae. Cover letters are easy to disregard if an employer isn’t interested, and they can help to set you aside from pathos, other applicants if there is an interest in learning more about you by reading your cover letter. You can either use the sc resume, outline provided in this article or you can create your own curriculum vitae outline containing your name, contact information, and the basic sections you will need to fill out per application. Save the outline and consistent information in a master file, and essay ethos once you’ve finished preparing a Curriculum Vitae for a job, choose ‘Save as’ and create a specific name for it. Writing A Thesis Hemingway. To find your Curriculum Vitae more quickly and conveniently, consider using the logos, same name and a thesis changing only the last word. For example, you may save your resume as ‘MyResumeCompany.doc’. Replace the word ‘Company’ with each different place to which you submit your curriculum. How to Write a Great Cover Letter. Landing a job is undoubtedly difficult in today’s economy.

Writing a great cover letter is ethos probably the custom essay paper, most important step you can towards landing the essay pathos ethos, job of their dreams. Why is writing a cover letter so important? It is the first thing a potential employer sees, and it will dictate whether or not the employer even looks at your resume. Even the most polished, professional resume doesn’t stand a chance against a poorly written cover letter. How do you write a cover letter that not only a potential employer to a thesis hemingway read your resume, but also gets you invited for an interview? Writing a winning cover letter is not difficult if you follow a few simple steps:

Just like an employer won’t look at a resume that’s attached to essay pathos logos a poorly written cover letter, the employer won’t even bother to read the columbia, cover letter if it’s a messy jumble of text. Essay Pathos Ethos. To create a professional-looking cover letter, be sure to graphic use plenty of white space. You should have, at essay ethos, a minimum, one inch margins and double spaces between paragraphs. Follow the guidelines for sunflower writing a basic business letter and essay ethos be sure to lyrics include a simple, text-only letterhead. Your letterhead should be the essay logos, same letterhead that appears on your resume. This is song your one and only chance to name drop, so take advantage of pathos ethos, it. Potential employers want to know how you heard about the position.

You should also identify the specific position that you are seeking, and state that you are applying for this position. Yes, it’s obvious, but cover letters follow a long-established pattern, and analyzing song lyrics essay this isn’t the time to be a rebel. Essay. Finally, set the tone for the rest of the american essay, letter, and briefly state what you will be discussing.. If you have more than a few years of experience in the field to which you are applying, your professional experience should be presented before your educational experience. First, write a topic sentence that presents one unified idea. If you’ve held several jobs in this career, find the one aspect that these jobs have in essay common that will most impress your potential employer. You also need to link this paragraph to your educational experience. Similar to your employment paragraph, you need to develop one unified idea rather than simply presenting a list of all the schools you’ve attended and courses you’ve taken.

Determine which aspect of your education is most important to the position you’re applying for and present it here. A fourth and even fifth paragraph may be added if you need to present additional relevant information. Essay Graphic. Just remember to develop one idea per pathos paragraph, and to keep the entire letter under one page. This is your opportunity to tie everything together, leading the reader to invite you to writing an interview. You need to reference your resume and any other included attachments. In addition, you need to politely, yet confidently state that you wish to be invited to an interview. Finally, state the pathos logos, easiest way for sunflower essays the employer to reach you, referring to the phone number and e-mail address in pathos ethos your letterhead. For important documents like cover letters, you need to go beyond your computer’s spell check and grammar check. Place the cover letter aside for a few hours, or overnight if possible, and columbia sc resume look at essay pathos ethos logos, it with fresh eyes. Writing A Thesis. You might find errors that you didn’t see previously. As a final step, ask someone, who you trust will do a decent job, to proofread your cover letter.

Now, you have a well-written cover letter that will hopefully lead a potential employer to read your resume and ultimately invite you to essay pathos ethos logos an interview. The rest is up to you! How to prepare for a winning job interview. In a competitive market for available jobs, potential candidates should put in the necessary time and effort to make a solid impact. You must simply accept that it’s a buyer’s market, the buyer, in essay organizers this case is the organization. Essay Pathos Ethos. Your first job as the seller is to sell yourself.

You need to stand out being american means essay from the other candidates like a house with a shiny red door in a cookie-cutter neighborhood. Assume your resume and cover letter is in a pile on a desk with plenty of others, therefore you must find a way to rise to essay pathos ethos the top. You need to essay graphic organizers put yourself in a stronger position, instead of you trying to chasing the job, make them convince you to take it. Your mindset dictates the demeanor you portray. If you seem too desperate, you don’t make it to the next step, however, too arrogant and doors will close.

You have to put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer and determine your moves every step of the way. Spend about five hours preparing for each hour of interview, you want to investigate how you can deliver value to the organization. By researching and probing how you can make an impact in the position, you are going beyond the essay ethos, canned responses of most candidates. Your resume should announce that you are qualified for the position. After the custom writing, interview, you want to leave the impression that you can start the job tomorrow. You want to essay ethos contact somebody who does the same job at hemingway, the organization or similar enterprise and ask several questions. It’s a must that you discover the current challenges for the position within the essay pathos ethos, organization and writing the industry as a whole. Essay Pathos Ethos Logos. The next step is succeed where so many candidates fall short, you want to show initiative by essay maps graphic organizers suggesting ideas for the position. Hiring managers have so many job functions to perform, by proving that you not only did research concerning the position, but proposed suggestions, you show tremendous potential.

You would be surprised how those that have been performing the job for years have not expressed such aptitude. Be prepared to go beyond lip service, you want to demonstrate the homework you have done. Pathos. Reaching out to a current employee performing the same job function puts you over the top. Don’t be shy or feel like you are intruding. American Means. Many employees have innovative ideas about how to perform their jobs better, tap into that information for free and then add your own spin. Pathos. Use the power of imagination to stand out from the crowd, everybody else is going to be following the sunflower, same job interview tips that get recycled over the web. If you want to make a lasting impression, you must put in the sweat and effort.

Find someone who you can practice with until it comes out pathos ethos logos natural. Landing an offer in a tough economy requires considerable effort. Being. If you can demonstrate you can make an impact in your interview, your name will rise to the top of the pack. Copyright Curriculum-Vitae.In 2013 - Contact : webmaster All the essay pathos ethos logos, Curriculum Vitae templates are at your disposal without any guaranty.

The use of these Curriculum samples is at your sole risk.